10 Best Sports Leggings That Don’t Fall Down –Reviews In 2020

When looking for good exercise leggings, you should suggest our list with the Model with a Net in the first place . The pants are all black, and on the sides have a translucent mesh that makes the legs look slimmer and emphasizes their shape. 

Users like the fact that the model adapts well to the body and adheres to it all the time. Thanks to this, during exercise, you don’t have to worry about leggings falling suddenly or getting tucked up badly. Pants match many sports tops and blouses. 

Exercises in the presented pants are comfortable. Model Fitness is in second placewho also received many positive comments. Pants can be found in many interesting colors and in several sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you. 

Users like the fact that during exercise, the skin can breathe and the user doesn’t sweat.


10 Best Sports Leggings That Don't Fall Down –Reviews In 2020

Sport is not only equipment and activity in itself, it is also the right outfit. It must be comfortable, breathable and practical. Once everyone used to put on tracksuits. However, for a long time women have decidedly more often reach for leggings. 

First of all, they are more tailored, more comfortable and better emphasize the figure than tracksuits. So we have prepared a ranking of sports leggings , containing the most interesting models available on the market.


 The Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Pattern Leggings  model is often chosen by people who exercise at home. These are very nice leggings in which you can do various types of exercises. The model is entirely made of polyester. On the sides of the legs there is a panel with a mesh that looks interesting. In addition, thanks to it, the skin can breathe.

Leggings stretch, as a result they do not restrict movement and you can conveniently perform various exercises. Pants do not roll up, and thanks to the wide rubber they do not fall even when making sudden movements. Pants adhere well to the body at all times.

It is also worth adding that the leggings are airy, which emphasizes many wearers and of which they are very happy. In addition, the leggings look very nice. Mesh panels emphasize the shape of the legs while slimming them. Pants are available in several sizes.

 Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Pattern Leggings  are leggings made of polyester. On the sides they are equipped with mesh panels. Leggings are available in sizes from S to XL.




Leggings cling to the body but do not compress it. That is why you feel comfortable while exercising, as if you were not wearing any heavy clothing.


The pants have a nice black color and mesh on the sides. Thanks to it, leggings look interesting and stand out from other products of this type.

Ability to perform all exercises:

Thanks to the wide rubber, the pants don’t fall off the hips. You also don’t have to worry that the legs will rise up during sudden exercises.

Size selection:

The product is available in several sizes (from S to XL), it is stretchy, so every woman will feel comfortable in the clothes.

Breathable material:

Due to the fact that the material is quite thin, the skin can breathe. Therefore, during training, you will not sweat and you will feel comfortable.



Poor mesh quality:

We do not recommend exercising in difficult conditions, for example running in the woods, because you can easily damage the mesh.


 One of the most popular pairs of leggings for exercise is FETY Women’s Workout Leggings . It owes its popularity above all to the comfort it guarantees. The pants are made of polyester, which is elastic, so it won’t restrict movement during very demanding exercises. You will not worry that holes or abrasions will form on your pants at some point.

It is worth adding that the leggings look very nice and are available in several colors (the most popular ones are gray and black). At the top of the garment there is a white stripe that gives the body fuller shapes. In turn, the leg has a fairly large white inscription. The pants look interesting and match various types of t-shirts and tops.

Users are pleased that the leggings are available in sizes from S to M. They also add that the clothes are easy to put on and, most importantly, they are well made. As a result, even intense workouts are not able to destroy the presented product. Consumers praise the pants for stretch.

 FETY Women’s Workout Leggings are pants made of polyester. They are available in many colors and sizes.



Solid construction:

During intense exercise, leggings are not damaged. Tests have shown that even as a result of a fall or abrupt exercise, there are no chafing or holes on the pants.


The product looks very interesting and looks nice. Leggings emphasize feminine shapes thanks to the contrasting stripes.

Slow sweating:

Due to the thin material and fairly large gaps between individual fibers, the skin does not sweat too quickly during exercise.


Pants stretch easily so there is no problem to perform more complicated exercises.

Easy cleaning:

Pants stains can be easily removed. It is enough to wash them in the washing machine even at low temperatures. Frequent washing does not affect the durability of leggings.



Narrow rubber:

Some users don’t like the narrow elastic waistband.


Rank #3: Lululemon Align Full Length Yoga Pants

 If you want your exercises to go comfortably, be sure to choose Nike Wmns NSW. These are classic-looking exercise leggings. At the beginning it is worth noting that the pants are mostly made of cotton (91%). Cotton is a breathable material, so you don’t have to worry about sweating, on the contrary, exercise will be a pleasure for you.

The remaining 9% of the material is polyester, thanks to which they are elastic and stretchable. Whether you’re practicing yoga and trying complicated positions, or just running, your pants will stay in place and adapt to your body. Users note that leggings do not fall off or curl.

It is also worth noting that leggings perfectly adhere to the body and emphasize the shape of the person exercising. Pants are available in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. Users also believe that the product is resistant to damage and is not wiped anywhere.

Nike Wmns NSW can be purchased in all the most popular sizes, from XS to XL. The pants are black, they only have an ornament in the form of the manufacturer’s logo.




Leggings are solidly made. Cotton is a material that is resistant to mechanical damage and is breathable. In addition, the reinforcement in the form of polyester affects the durability of clothing.


The pants are elastic, thanks to which they adapt to different shapes. When exercising, they stretch with your body and remain in place.


The product is aesthetic, and what’s more, it fits a large number of shirts and tops. It is available in black with a white manufacturer’s logo.



Graying ornament:

Over time, as a result of frequent washing, the ornament on one of the legs loses its snow shade and becomes gray, which does not suit everyone.


Rank #4: CW-X Women's Stabilyx Insulator Joint Support leggies

 If you dream of a comfortable, yet good-looking sports outfit, we encourage you to read the detailed description of CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Insulator Joint Support TIGHT. These sports leggings have a black color and white stripes on the sides of the legs. One of them has the manufacturer’s logo. The lack of colorful patterns makes the pants easily match the rest of the wardrobe.

Leggings were made of cotton and elastane. Both of these materials are characterized by remarkable durability and resistance to destruction. Pants can be washed in a washing machine at 30 degrees C. This means that their care does not take much time. In addition, the material dries quickly.

From online reviews of Adidas 4 STR TIGHT it can be concluded that these are recommendable women’s sports leggings. Consumers confirm that the material is pleasant to the touch and adheres perfectly to the body. Our legs look neat in them and nothing restricts their movements.

CW-X Women’s Stabilyx Insulator Joint Support TIGHT are women’s sports leggings made of cotton and elastane. This model is available in sizes S, M, L and XL. The pants are black.




Leggings are made of pleasant to the skin materials. They guarantee adequate comfort during exercise and adhere perfectly to the body.


Clothes are easy to care for – they can be machine washed at 30 degrees C.


The product has a classic look, so many women will love it. It’s easy to choose a matching T-shirt or sports bra.




Some people noticed that the manufacturer’s logo placed on the material is destroyed relatively quickly.

No pockets:

Leggings are not equipped with a comfortable pocket. For this reason, they may not work for people who train in the gym and want, for example, to have a locker key in the locker room.


Rank #5: 2XU Women's MCS Run Compression Tights

2XU Women’s MCS Run Compression Tights are leggings that you can wear not only for training, but also simply wear every day. This is possible because they are very comfortable. The pants do not hold the body, so free blood flow is enabled. In addition, leggings are made of soft material.

The pants are distinguished by the classic design used by Adidas. Leggings are all black and have 3 stripes on the sides. The clothes are made of 93% cotton, as a result breathable and the user does not sweat. It is also worth mentioning that cotton is a strong material. 7% of the material is elastane.

The pants stretch during exercise. People who often wear a model find it comfortable, not stretchy, and flexible. Leggings’ elasticity and the fact that they are breathable and do not block blood circulation are also appreciated.

Often exercising women choose 2XU Women’s MCS Run Compression Tights. These are leggings made of cotton and elastane. The pants are black and have white stripes on the sides, they are also decorated with a large company logo.




The pants are very comfortable because they stretch with every movement of the body, and then immediately return to their place. After exercising, the pants are not stretched and look just like they did at the beginning.

Simplicity of appearance:

Leggings are all black, only on the side have 3 white stripes that visibly slim the legs. The pants look good, which pleases the users.



Wide legs:

Some people have noticed that the trouser legs are wide. During some exercises they can sometimes disturb.

Aesthetic appearance:

Unfortunately, after some time, the deep black of pants begins to fade. We advise you to wash the product in good liquids for black fabrics from the very beginning.



Why choose sports leggings?

Body-fitting sport leggings are increasingly replacing loose sweatpants and shorts. Ladies who wear them think they are comfortable, do not restrict movement, and also allow you to emphasize the figure. Why should you decide to buy sports leggings?





During exercise, the most important thing is that our outfit provides full freedom of movement. We must not feel discomfort and pressure. Increasingly, we can see that women no longer wear loose material pants. They do not look very fashionable, in addition, wide legs often interfere with focusing on exercises, because e.g. they still get caught on the shoes or prevent you from making a big step. Sports leggings adhere well to the legs and many women argue that this is their “second skin”. They are universal enough that you can do various activities in them. Leggings are great for running, cycling, fitness training, zumba, and gym. They are usually seamless, so nothing should bother us or rub the skin. As active women argue,


No unrestrained movements

Although sports leggings are very well fitted to the body and hold the legs, they do not restrict movement. We can easily jump, do push-ups and squats, stretch, etc. Although women wanting to get rid of unnecessary kilograms complain that leggings can emphasize the imperfections of the figure, but if we train at home, this should not be a big problem. In addition, the fact that leggings cling to the body can sometimes be an advantage. There are activities where it is very important to constantly monitor your posture and make sure that the movements are performed correctly. An example would be yoga. In loose pants, it will not be easy for us to check that we have put ourselves in the right position.




Sweat drainage

Sports clothes are sewn from special materials that provide air circulation, while draining excess sweat to the outside. It is true that we can practice in ordinary cotton leggings, but then after a few minutes of intense training we will probably start to feel discomfort. All due to the fact that the material will begin to absorb moisture and will not be able to drain it quickly. Sports clothes are sewn from thermoactive fabrics. They not only provide us with comfort of exercise, but also prevent the feeling of cold when we train outside. Many people do not give up on outdoor activities even in the autumn and winter. By putting on sportswear, we can avoid colds as a result of predicting the body.


Fashionable look

It is impossible not to mention that sports leggings that you can find in stores look fashionable and aesthetic. We can choose from many different colors and designs, so surely every woman will find something for herself. In fact, sports clothes are so comfortable and nice that you can also wear them every day. Ladies are happy to put together exercise leggings with tunics or longer sweaters, because such styles provide comfort and allow you to feel confident. In addition, they may feel more feminine than in loose tracksuits. Due to the large availability of sizes, we should not be afraid that we will not find a model suited to our figure. What’s more, some leggings provide a push-up effect, i.e. they shape and lift the buttocks, while others have a high waist and mask a protruding tummy.

As you can see, exercise leggings have several important advantages. We will certainly notice them during the first training in a new outfit. So there is nothing else but to go shopping and look for the perfect model. As a reminder – about which sport leggings are recommended for exercise, we wrote in the previous part of the article.


Shopping guide

Regardless of whether you run, go to yoga, aerobics classes or do other sports, you have to remember about the right outfit. Leggings are certainly the most important element. They are matched to our body structure, they do not oppress, and the pleasant material ensures proper breathing of our skin. Such clothing may differ in cut, leg length or workmanship. Therefore, to facilitate the purchase of such a product, we have prepared a guide that will tell you which sports leggings to buy.


Before you decide to buy a specific pair of leggings, you should carefully look at the options available in sports stores. Depending on the discipline, we distinguish several types of such clothing. Each of them is tailored to specific exercises and will provide us with comfort during their performance. The basic models of leggings include products:

For running – pants suitable for jogging and climbing. Most of these models have a small pocket at the back, zippered. In this way, we can fit keys, a payment or credit card, as well as a small phone. It is a very convenient solution, especially for those who do not like to run with a special type of sachet.

For yoga – this model of leggings is distinguished by a fairly high waist. This style allows you to perform any position in yoga, thus providing great comfort.

Cycling – this type of pants is intended only for bicycles. They have a special stiffening in the crotch, so that the ride will be more pleasant and as a result less painful.

Thermoactive – these are leggings that are great to wear on cold, autumn and cold winter days. Such clothing is made of a special material that warms the body. So they are great on the slopes, as an additional protection put under ski pants.

Training – is a model designed for people attending the gym. They usually don’t have any pockets. The material is delicate and perfectly breathable, ensuring our skin’s breathability. Such pants are distinguished by fashionable design.

Universal – these are sports pants dedicated to all types of exercises. They will be great for those who are planning to buy their first pair and are not entirely sure what type to choose.

Leg length – which sports leggings are the best?

The length of the legs is important when choosing such pants. Good sports leggings are ones that will not in any way restrict our movements and cause discomfort. Also, their length has a big impact. Therefore, when choosing such a product, you should carefully take into account such factors as the type of discipline and place of exercise, as well as the time of year. Among the available models we distinguish long leggings, 7/8 reaching to the ankles and ¾ or shorts. In the summer, we advise you to buy a model with shorter legs.


One of the most important issues that should be carefully looked at is the waist circumference of a given pair. It should be remembered that sports leggings do not have any zippers or strings that allow adjustment at the waist and hips. That is why it is so important to choose the right pair that will not oppress us, and at the same time slide off our body. It is best to carefully check the size of the model or ask the seller.


Another important issue is the quality of sports leggings. First of all, check whether the material used to manufacture the model is breathable, which will ensure adequate ventilation during exercise. Such pants will drain moisture well and protect against swelling. A good pair of sports pants is one that will give us a feeling of a second skin.


The quality of the seams is another thing to look for when choosing sport leggings. The quality of workmanship and our comfort during the exercise depends on them. When training, we make many movements and stretch the muscles, which also tightens the material itself. The best sports leggings are those that fully withstand any type of exercise.


Although the most important issue is the quality of workmanship, but you should also pay attention to the design of a given pair of sports leggings. There are many models available in stores that differ not only in color, but also in the motif. That is why we distinguish plain leggings with geometric or floral patterns, inscriptions etc. Many of them also have translucent mesh inserts.


Joggers are strongly advised to buy a pair with reflectors. These sports leggings will give us visibility when running in parks or on the dimly lit sidewalk. Reflectors can be in the form of stripes, inscriptions or other geometric shapes etc. Such a pair is also recommended for cyclists.

Sports leggings at good prices

Sports leggings are a comfortable item of clothing that every sport practitioner should have. However, the price of such a product depends primarily on the manufacturer, as well as the design or quality of workmanship. Therefore, the cheapest models are those with a purchase cost of around PLN 70. Such a universal pair is made of low quality material. We will definitely pay more for leggings from a known brand. The price of such a product ranges from 150 zlotys to even 600 zlotys


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