10 Best Sports Watches For Triathletes-Reviews In 2020

The Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos sports watch was at the top of our ranking. It is very popular among athletes (both beginners and experienced), because it is equipped with a pedometer, heart rate sensor, calorie counter and sleep monitor. This model is suitable for people practicing cycling, running, mountain climbing and even triathlon. The equipment looks elegant and is comfortable to wear. Importantly, the water resistance class 5 ATM means that we do not have to remove the watch before showering or taking a long bath. However, if this product is not available or simply has not met your needs, we recommend you Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire . This is a GPS watch. This model has a large display and is characterized by solid workmanship.


The best sports watches in 2020

When running, cycling or doing other exercises, a comfortable watch can be very useful. However, the usual model is not always useful during training, it is not resistant to shocks or water. Therefore, buying a special sports model with additional functions will prove necessary. Our ranking of sports watches , containing the best equipment, is a great hint for everyone looking for such a device.


Our recommendations

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Rank #1: Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos

 The Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos sports watch has a 1.34-inch display with a resolution of 320 pixels x 300 pixels. Equipment will certainly be useful during exercise, because it allows you to control your heart rate, number of steps, calories burned, as well as the distance traveled. This model is equipped with a GPS and Bluetooth module.

The equipment has several different sport modes, so it is perfect for both runners and cyclists, as well as people who like swimming, walking or climbing. The smartwatch has a carbon fiber case and a scratch-resistant glass. It’s a model with a silicone strap that allows it to fit perfectly around the circumference of the wrist.

According to physically active people, the watch is extremely useful during training. It can be an additional motivation to continue working on yourself and overcoming your weaknesses. The watch is stylish, so you can wear it every day for work. Notifications from the phone are shown on the display, so we will certainly not miss incoming calls and new SMSes.

Xiaomi Amazfit 2 Stratos is a smartwatch with a 1.34-inch display. The model is equipped with a pedometer, sleep monitor, heart rate monitor and calorie counter.




The housing is made of fiberglass. The display protects the non-scratch glass.

Several sports modes:

Due to several sports modes, the model is ideal for cyclists, runners, swimmers or people practicing triathlon.

Clear display:

The large display with a resolution of 320 pixels x 300 pixels allows you to quickly read notifications from your smartphone and check your training parameters.

Water resistance:

Water resistance at 5 ATM allows you to bathe safely in the bathtub without worrying about a breakdown.

The ability to play music:

The model has a built-in 4 GB memory and allows you to listen to music on Bluetooth headphones.



No Polish menu:

The menu has not been translated into Polish. People who do not speak English initially have a problem with operating the smartwatch.


Rank #2: Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire

 Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is a sports watch that Internet users are very positive about. The product will definitely improve our trainings. It is conditioned by the fact that the watch shows us a lot of useful information for us. Some of them include heart rate, altimeter, compass and distance meter.

The watch also has a built-in GPS. That is why we do not have to worry that we will get lost while running through the unknown to us. Using the equipment, we can easily check our running dynamics, training load, and climbing mode. When it comes to making the watch, the sapphire crystal is very strong and resistant to scratches. We can choose a leather, silicone or metal strap depending on your preferences. The back of the envelope is made of steel. The water resistance of the equipment is 100 m.

The watch display has a 1.2-inch diagonal. It reflects the light in such a way that the information is legible even in the event of very high sunlight. Many users think that the watch is suitable for people practicing various sports. They also praise the possibility of connecting the device with a smartphone.

Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire is a sports watch with a 1.2-inch display. The product is made of steel and sapphire glass. There are several variants of the belt to choose from.




The described equipment shows us a lot of information about our training and health. With the help of the watch we will find out what our heart rate is and what distance we have traveled. We can also set the mode associated with the sport.


The back of the watch is made of steel. In turn, the slide is a sapphire that is resistant to scratches. As for the belt, we have a choice between several materials.


The device has a built-in GPS. It shows us colorful maps of all of Europe. So we don’t have a chance to get lost while discovering new places.


The display of this watch is relatively large, so reading information will not be a problem. And the displayed information is visible in all conditions.




Some users have noticed that the gadget sometimes stutters. Thus, the waiting time for information and connecting to a smartphone increases.


Rank #3: Polar M430

 Polar M430 is a watch with a GPS function that will be useful to any athlete. It is made in such a way that it can serve in any situation. The model is waterproof up to 30 m. During training during rain the watch will not be damaged. The strap is made of plastic and the display is rubber.

The advantage that many users talk about is very high sensitivity of the equipment. It even reacts to light movement of the wrists, so the measurement while running and performing other sports is very accurate. The watch has many functions, including: training load measurement, the possibility of choosing a running workout, calorie counter, GPS, and most importantly, heart rate measurement only from the wrist.

The program creates a special summary for us and we can compare our results with those of yesterday or a few days before. Users also like the ability to monitor sleep through the watch, as a result of which we can improve its quality. The operating time of the equipment after charging is about 30 hours.

Polar M430 is a watch with several functions that allow you to observe strength, sleep and effort during everyday activities. It is a device with a rectangular shield and the ability to connect to Bluetooth.




The equipment has many functions and gives the owner a lot of information about his health, training and even sleep. As a result, you can lead a healthier lifestyle and also improve your sports results (because they can be compared).


The watch is very well made. You can use it even when it rains because its water resistance is 30 m.


This is one of the most sensitive equipment available on the market, so you can count on very precise results of your exercises.




Some may be disturbed by the strap, which is entirely made of plastic. People who are not used to such material may experience some discomfort, the issue of habituation is very important in this case.


Rank #4: Suunto Ambit3 Peak

 Suunto Ambit 3 Peak is the fourth product in our ranking. The device is equipped with the latest solutions that will be appreciated by all social media fans. This is a special package for tracking and sharing activity on Facebook and similar sites. Of course, the watch also has many other interesting solutions. For example, thanks to the Suunto Movescount application, we can connect to the watch and read the data, as well as check changes in settings.

It is an ideal proposition for people who love climbing, running, cycling and even swimming. The model is often chosen by triathletes. This is due to the ability to change the sport mode with a single button. As a result, fans of this sport during training do not have to set up the device every time. Thanks to water resistance, we can safely cover the next lengths of the pool in the watch, and after the training we will find out all the important information about its course.

The product has been recognized by users for its durable construction and great GPS transmitter that gives the exact location. This model also has a built-in heart rate monitor. It is also worth mentioning that the reviews about sports watches from this manufacturer are extremely flattering.

Suunto Ambit3 Peak is a GPS watch that has many interesting features. Due to the possibility of connecting it to Facebook, it is an interesting proposition for all those who like to share their achievements on the Internet.




This model has many attractive features. It measures our results, compares, allows you to analyze, check the position, slope of the ground and many other important issues for athletes.

Change sport mode:

With the help of one button, we can choose another sport during training. Therefore, the product is recommended primarily to triathletes.

Water resistance:

It is a fully waterproof device. You can swim with him without fear.


Users note that this equipment is not the best value for money.

Only one user:

Although it is quite expensive and advanced model, unfortunately only one person can use it, because we cannot create a profile of two users.



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Rank #5: Casio W-S220-1AVEF

 Casio W-S220-1AVEF Sport with a heart rate monitor is a men’s watch, made of black plastic. It is a great proposition for every athlete. Electronic display with LED backlight facilitates the use of the device. It displays information such as time, date and battery status. The device also has an automatic calendar, 5 alarms and many other functions, including snooze, stopwatch and timer.

The memory in the watch allows you to save up to 100 split times, so we can view our results. This model is waterproof up to 100 meters. Therefore, without fear of flooding or equipment failure, we will do training in the pool or in the lake. The hesalite slide is very resistant to damage, which is extremely important when performing exercises, especially strength exercises.

This good and cheap sports watch has gained a lot of favorable user feedback. Consumers have appreciated the durable housing of this model, interesting design and the variety of functions it has.

Casio W-S220-1AVEF with a heart rate monitor is a sports watch with a backlit display. The device is waterproof up to 100 m, so you can also swim with it. This is a very good sports watch up to PLN 400.




The watch has a display with LED backlight, which makes using the device pleasant.

Water resistance:

It is a fully waterproof product (up to 100 m), so you can swim and even dive without fear. Therefore, it is a suitable proposition for swimmers.




Users note that this is not a very solid model. Unfortunately, it can be quite emergency and is susceptible to mechanical damage.


Due to the plastic bracelet this is not the most convenient proposition. May cause burns.


How to set up a sports watch

A sports watch is a useful gadget for anyone who likes to spend time actively. The devices offered in the stores give the user many possibilities. The number of available options often makes setting a sports watch a real challenge. What should you remember when using the equipment?




User manual

Undoubtedly, the instruction manual included in the set turns out to be the most helpful when configuring a sports watch. It’s worth reading it carefully before using the gadget. The manual contains valuable information, including about the use of the product, available options, charging method and purpose. Usually, the manufacturer explains what steps should be taken to adapt the equipment to our needs. What if the package does not find the instruction or the one contained in it turns out to be difficult to read? In this case, it is worth taking a moment and find on the Internet information about the sport watch we purchased. Often, users who have invested in a given model show how to use it – they advise how to set up the device or explain how the functions available in it work.



To start using the watch, you must turn it on. Usually a button near the screen is used for this. However, it’s a good idea to check whether you need to charge it first before starting the gadget. Information on this subject can be found in the manual. Sometimes it happens that we also need to set the clock time as well as the date.


Pairing with a telephone

It is also important to pair the sport watch with our smartphone. Usually a Bluetooth wireless connection is used for this purpose. Configuration takes literally a moment. After it is done, we will not have to repeat it. The devices will remember each other and thus will be automatically detected.


Information about us

If we decide to buy a sports watch, we usually want it to be a kind of motivation, as well as a reliable source of information about our sports achievements. Therefore, it is so important to enter the necessary data about us into the device. This is particularly about sex, height and weight. This basic information allows the gadget to work better. Thanks to this, the device better calculates, among others calories burned. Thus, the results presented on the equipment are reliable.




Routes and alarm

Most of the sport watches available on the market have preloaded maps, and thus interesting routes to overcome. However, users often set the bar high and want to discover new places. So if you want to personalize your purchased sports watch more, put your favorite routes into its memory at the beginning of use. If you plan to use the gadget every day, it’s also worth taking a moment to set the alarm.


Free application

After thinking about which sports watch is recommended by athletes, it is not difficult to conclude that models compatible with sports applications are very popular. Many of the equipment offered by manufacturers has their own software for smartphones and computers. Mobile applications allow you to better monitor the effects of our work, as well as share your own achievements with your friends. If we start using a sports watch, it is worth combining it with a dedicated application. You must also remember to decide whether the routes to be traveled should be visible from the application level for everyone, or if we care about privacy. You can also indicate what training data should be made available – whether we want to share information about calories burned or heart rate, or maybe we prefer to leave it to ourselves.


Shopping guide

Sports watches have been designed to make our workouts more effective. They are usually small and fit to the body, so they do not disturb during exercise. Watches can be equipped with a number of functions that will ensure that our workouts bring us the most benefits. Among the infinite number of devices of this type, it will be difficult for us to choose a model that will be solid and meet our expectations. That is why we present a guide on which sport watch to choose.



The first thing you should do before buying a watch is to pay attention to the display. The best will be one that is large and transparent. It is important that the numbers displayed on it have the right size. For some, small stamps will suffice, but older people or those with poor eyesight will need larger markings. Thanks to this, we won’t have to focus on trying to read them during our trainings. It is especially difficult when we are tired of exercises and we just want to look at our result.

Some manufacturers make sure that the numbers are large, but they forget about seconds. Therefore, we should look more closely at this. The display should be backlit. Without this function we will not be able to use the watch after dark.

Some models have a backlit display only for 2 seconds. It may be too short to read the time. It is worth choosing a display that has the ability to adjust the intensity of its backlight. It should also be uniform throughout its entire surface. In traditional sports watches, we manage the display with buttons on the sides of its case.

In this case, it is important that they are soft and do not resist when setting the device. Modern technologies allow the use of touch screens in sports watches, which are easy to move. If it is also equipped with a flat slide, it will help us read information in the bright sunlight.



The belt itself is very important. The device should be equipped with a strap that is attached to it with a pin. While on the road, when the watch falls or slips from your hand, this element is very often damaged. That is why it is worth investing in a device with pins. They will facilitate a quick replacement of the belt and replacement with a new one. The material from which the watch was made is also of great importance. If we choose a model that has a slide that will not scratch, we can be sure that it will stay with us for longer.

The same applies to the housing and the strap itself. They should be made of flexible and soft material. Thanks to this, the strap will stick to our skin. Remember that choosing a model equipped with a slide that will not scratch, we are sure that it will not be damaged during training. An additional advantage of the watch is certainly its weight. Training with a heavy device on your hand can be very tedious. It is therefore important that most of the time it is not palpable.


With or without GPS – which sports watch is the best?

The GPS function is created for all who do not like the designated paths and prefer to explore new areas. Thanks to it we can also be controlled by our trainers or other people. It is a useful solution when we go for a long, many hours of training. It is important to be able to watch our new route on your computer. So let’s choose a model that we can connect to a computer. It can be via USB, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Devices of this type have many other attractive functions. Among them we will find:

Accelerometer – will provide us with information about the time of contact of the foot with the ground and about the running rhythm,

Rest assistant – on the device we determine how long we rest, and the watch subtly lets us know about the end of our break,

Chronograph – will show us a very accurate time. Thanks to it we can easily track our progress,

Pedometer – allows us to calculate the number of steps from a given workout,

Calorie burner counter – a great motivation for people who want to get rid of unnecessary kilograms. It will allow us to see how many calories were burned during each workout,

Split times – ideal for rhythm and interval training. Thanks to this function we can display the lap time. If the watch only shows us the general time, then we will also have to play calculations while running. Split times make it easy for us,

Training load – shows the extent to which a given workout puts pressure on your body. It helps to set our limits and adjust the intensity of exercises to our predispositions. In the event of too much effort, he will notify us by vibration,

Heart rate monitor – it is useful for beginners. After analyzing the results of the heart rate monitor you will know at what maximum speed you can run so as not to overload the heart. It is worth investing in a model with all information on one display.

Barometric altimeter – can give us the weather for the next few hours. Thanks to this, we will shorten training and return home before it starts to rain. Its basic function, however, is to measure the current altitude, atmospheric pressure and current temperature.





If you want to train regardless of good or bad weather, the ideal option will be to buy a waterproof sports watch. These devices usually have a waterproof rating of up to 30 m or up to 50 m deep. This means that despite the rain or even falling into a puddle, the watch will remain operational. There are also specialized sports watches for surface swimming. In this case, their resistance is up to 100 m deep.



It is worth choosing a watch with durable batteries. The more functions the equipment has, the faster it will discharge. The GPS function consumes a lot of energy. Usually, such equipment works from 10 to 60 hours. If we do not use the function often, they keep up to 8 weeks. Alkaline and lithium batteries may not be a good option. They can make us an unpleasant surprise in the middle of a longer route. Silver batteries last the longest. By using them we can be sure that they are safe because they do not ignite. They also have the best weight to capacity ratio. There are also watches powered by solar energy. Of course, their choice is associated with a higher price.



Most sports watches have a modern and professional look. We can also find them in every color. To be able to wear the watch every day, it’s worth choosing one that has been made in a more classic color.


Sports watches at a good price

The prices of sports watches depend mainly on the functions they have. If we know that we can not do without many options, we will pay more. Especially models with GPS can cost up to around PLN 2,000. However, if we prefer a simple device, we will find one for no more than PLN 150.


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