10 Best Steppers For Home Use-Reviews In 2020

You are at the stage of searching for a good stepper, but you do not like many hours of searching in stores? In that case, be sure to check out our website, where we have prepared a compilation of the best products of this type in 2020 especially for you.

We decided to check which model received the most favorable opinions from consumers and it turned out that this is the Goplus StairTwister 2 in 1 Step Machine (#amazon ad).Due to the small dimensions, it can be freely set even in a small room, and if necessary, hide it in a closet, for example. This equipment has been equipped with a display.

You can observe the number of calories burned or steps taken, and this allows you to conduct more effective training and get rid of unnecessary kilograms faster. The

EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Step Machine (#amazon ad) came second in terms of popularity . As he is able to work on two planes simultaneously (up-down and out-in), with his help you can perfectly sculpt your figure and improve your body condition and fitness.


10 Best Steppers For Home Use-Reviews In 2020

Regular visits to the gym are often out of our reach, and even without a gym membership you can take care of your appearance. The simplest equipment that can stand in our home sports corner is a stepper, which strengthens the thigh muscles and what is important for women – reduces cellulite. 

That is why it is worth reading our stepper ranking and choosing equipment that will make beautiful legs no longer just a dream.


 At the beginning we present the best stepper, which is great as a tool for exercising in every home. The EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Step Machine is a great, cheap alternative to other exercise equipment. Its price is around $ 150. This equipment allows you to do cardio exercises that burn calories, and thus unnecessary kilograms.

At the same time, it takes up little space, so it is a great replacement for a much more expensive elliptical cross trainer or treadmill. Burning fat during exercise on a stepper is really fast, but it should also be emphasized that regularly performed exercises on this device allow you to shape your buttocks and legs.

It will be appreciated above all by women who struggle with cellulite and / or want to sculpt their buttocks to match the famous Brazilian buttocks.

As mentioned before, the biggest advantage of this equipment is its dimensions, which are 47 cm x 33cm x 22 cm, and the weight is only 6 kg, so we will easily pack the stepper in the trunk and take it with us on vacation. It is valued by users for its reliability and quality.

The EFITMENT Fitness Stepper Step Machine is a 47 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm device with a weight of 6 kg. So it is a mobile proposal, easy to move between rooms. The equipment is characterized by solid performance and ease of use. Withstands loads up to 80 kg.



Overall dimensions:

This is a very compact equipment whose dimensions are 47 cm x 33 cm x 22 cm. This means that we don’t have to have a lot of space at home to do the exercises. This is a great alternative to other devices that are definitely bigger.

Exercise efficiency:

From consumer reviews and the opinions of professional trainers, it appears that stepper exercises bring quick and visible results.


The device is stable. Has non-slip feet. Even if you practice in a tiled room, you don’t have to worry about the stepper moving.


It is a lightweight device, weighs only 6 kilograms, which in combination with small dimensions makes it a very mobile proposition.


It is very solid exercise equipment, resistant to mechanical damage. We just need to remember its maximum load.



Goplus StairTwister 2 in 1 Step Machine  is easy to use equipment that allows us to effectively exercise the lower parts of the body. With such a device at home, you can do regular training and quickly observe positive changes in the appearance of the figure.

The presented model is distinguished by a very solid performance, resistance to mechanical damage and heavy loads. The stepper can be used without fear by people weighing 120 kg. It also gives you the option of exercising with a load.

The product is distinguished by modern design. In addition, it has a clear, easy-to-use LCD display. Safe training is not only ensured by solid workmanship, but also by shock absorbers, work adjustment system and non-slip pads.

Links attached to the stepper increase its functionality. They allow for simultaneous exercise of legs and arms.

Consumers who chose this equipment were very positive about its performance, design and quite an attractive price.

Goplus StairTwister 2 in 1 Step Machine  is a device with EN ISO 20957, CE and ROHS certificates. The weight of the equipment is 7.8 kg. Its dimensions are as follows: 48 cm x 46 cm x 25.5 cm. The product is covered by a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. As consumers note, this is a very good stepper up to PLN 200.




Stepper is characterized by solid construction, made of strong, resistant to damage materials. It is an investment for many years.


The device withstands loads up to 120 kg. This is really a lot compared to other products available on the market. Therefore, the equipment can be used by obese people, as well as those who have a normal physique, but want to exercise with additional weight.


Many people have chosen this product because it has a large, readable display that makes it easier to read our results.


The set includes links. It is thanks to them that the stepper is more functional. You can train not only calves, thighs and buttocks, but also upper body parts, i.e. shoulders.


Without a doubt, the design of this equipment is very attractive. That is why so many people decided to buy it. Such a device does not have to be hidden in the closet, because it looks nice.


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Rank #3: Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine

 Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine will also provide quick and effective loss of calories and improvement of physical condition. It is a more complex device than the first two suggestions. It has a steering wheel and handles and rubber grips that allow you to train your upper body.

A small downside may be that the steering wheel is not multi-position. However, up-down and torsional lateral movement is possible, which imitates roller skating. Exercise weight limit is 100 kg. The dimensions of the device are 41 cm x 53 cm x 128.5 cm.

 Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine  also has a built-in computer that is battery powered. Unfortunately, with frequent use it is not a very comfortable solution. The computer shows the time, number of repetitions and calories burned. However, there is no built-in memory.

 Sunny Health & Fitness Twist Stepper Step Machine  can be folded and hidden anywhere. This is not the lightest device of this type. It weighs 12 kg, so carrying is possible, but a bit of a pain. However, it is still a great proposition for home use, valued by many users for its strong construction.




It is a functional stepper that has a handle and cables. This means that we can use it to perform a wider range of exercises. In this way, we will strengthen not only our thighs and buttocks, but also shoulders.


Thanks to the built-in computer, battery powered use of the device is more comfortable. In addition, we have an insight into our progress and the amount of calories burned.

Easy folding:

People who decided on this model confirmed that its assembly is very simple. Literally a moment after taking the device out of the box, we can start our training.


It is very solid equipment, resistant to mechanical damage and high pressure (up to 100 kg).



Overall dimensions:

The device is quite large for a stepper and heavy, so it takes up more space than classic equipment. It is also less mobile.


Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper Master is a device that will help you exercise your buttocks, calves and thighs. In addition, you also have the option of exercising other body parts due to the links. Therefore, it is very functional equipment. It is an ideal proposition for people who are looking for a small exercise device with a wide range of applications.

The device can be used by people weighing up to 100 kg. There are no restrictions on the user’s height, because this model has adjustable pedal height settings.

The dimensions of the stepper are: height – 22 cm, width – 54 cm and length – 41 cm. Since the device weighs 9 kilograms, we can consider it quite mobile.

The presented equipment is appreciated by consumers. First of all, due to the fact that it is quite solid and can withstand loads of up to 100 kg. Women also liked the stepper design, but for men it is its drawback. Pink colors are attractive for women, but not for men. That is why mainly women decide to purchase this equipment.

Wagan EL2273 Mini Stepper Master  is equipment whose dimensions are as follows: height – 22 cm, width – 54 cm and length – 41 cm. The weight of the presented model is 9 kilograms. Withstands loads up to 100 kg.




Hop-Sport HS-30S has cables included. Thanks to them, we can do simultaneous leg and arm training. This element is very solid.


The use of good quality materials and appropriate construction made this equipment very resistant to damage. It can withstand loads of up to 100 kg, so overweight people can exercise on it.


Undoubtedly, it is very stable equipment. It has non-slip feet, so even on slippery surfaces we do not have to worry about our safety.




This device is available in pink. While it will suit many women, unfortunately such an instrument is unattractive to many people.


With very intense training, equipment may be damaged.


Rank #5: Fitness Stair Stepper

 The last suggestion is a Fitness Stair Stepper, whose construction differs from other models. Kettler Side 7874-700 allows lateral movement that strengthens the gluteal and femoral muscles even better. At the same time, it is the most expensive model, which has no additional functions, and therefore it was only in the fifth position.

The dimensions of the Fitness Stair Stepper are 32 x 50 x 25 cm. The built-in computer has the function of measuring training time, calories burned, exercise speed and steps performed. As already mentioned, the Kettler stepper Side 7874-700 has a different construction.

Sideways movement further strengthens the buttocks. Burned calories and strengthened lower parts of the body – we can easily achieve this through regular exercise. Kettler stepper is safe in operation, is characterized by trouble-free and high quality materials.

The device meets safety requirements and European standards in class A according to DIN EN 957-1 / 5. The stepper can be used by people with a maximum weight of 80 kg, which can be considered one of its weaknesses. It is worth emphasizing, however, that reviews about Kettler steppers are really positive.

The Fitness Stair Stepper can withstand loads of up to 80 kg, which is why it is aimed more at women. Product dimensions are 32 cm x 50 cm x 25 cm. The device meets all necessary European safety standards.




The device has a built-in computer that tracks our activity. In this way we have an insight into our progress, distance traveled and calories burned.


The device meets European standards in class A in accordance with the directive DIN EN 957-1 / 5. It is made of solid materials, free of harmful substances. By purchasing this model, you can be sure that you are investing in reliable and proven equipment.




This is one of the more expensive proposals in our statement. Price translates into quality, but not everyone can afford such a product.

Work volume:

Consumers complain that the device is quite noisy and unfortunately bothers other household members.


How do you practice on a stepper?

We have already told you which stepper is recommended by experienced trainers, but we did not mention how to train with it. This is the next part of the article – you will find here many hints on how to use the purchased device to conduct effective training.




Is it worth to practice stepper?

It is believed that after a month of regular exercise on the stepper, you can notice the first effects. In fact, you don’t need to prepare yourself for training with this type of equipment. It is a suitable device for each of us, regardless of the type of figure or the degree of body resistance to physical effort. It is interesting that we can practice anywhere in the home, also while watching TV or listening to music. Stepper is small and does not take up much space, if desired we can take it outside and train in the fresh air.

While exercising on a stepper, we strengthen our muscles, and at the same time increase our heart rate and fitness (so our condition improves). Ladies certainly will be interested in the fact that such an instrument supports the fight against cellulite. As athletes argue, training with the use of a stepper is safe for joints, you do not have to worry about serious and painful injuries.


Basic principles of stepper exercises

Training with a stepper is simple, but during exercise we must remember a few basic rules. First of all, we should maintain a high pulse at all times, this will accelerate fat burning and stimulate metabolism. So let’s try to exercise at a steady, fast pace (although this does not mean that you should be over-tired). Secondly, deep, even breaths are important. The hypoxic body gets tired much faster, and thus the results after exercise may not be satisfactory. Thirdly, it is necessary to remember the correct posture. Throughout the workout, the figure must be straight, the shoulders tightened, and the abdominal muscles tense.




Important warm-up

Even if we plan to work out on the stepper only for a few minutes, we should first warm up our body. Otherwise, after the workout there will be soreness, which often hinders movement. This can effectively discourage you from further exercises, as a result of which we will not sculpt the figure and lose unnecessary kilograms. What should a warm-up look like? We can do a few rompers and squats, run for a while and stretch our legs, arms and torso. Only after such preparation can we step on the stepper and start training.


Additional tips

If you are just starting exercise with the stepper, you should not expose your body to too much effort. Initially, workouts lasting from 5 to 10 minutes will be sufficient, with time we can extend them. Trainers often advise not to push the steppes all the way and take each subsequent step before reaching resistance. In addition, the whole feet should be supported on the device, because then we train not only the calves, but also the buttock muscles. If you also want to carve your upper body, attach special elastic lines to the stepper (many instruments give this possibility).

We should do stepper exercises regularly, preferably every two days. In this way, we will provide the body with sufficient time for recovery. Remember that the results obtained are significantly affected by the way you perform your movements. If you want to firm your buttock muscles and slim your calves, take short steps. If you additionally lean slightly (as when going down the stairs), we can carve the back of the thighs. To strengthen their front part, the movements should be deep.


Shopping guide

Stepper is a small training equipment that is the favorite of most women. It allows you to carve beautiful calves, thighs and buttocks. Exercises on it include primarily the lower body parts – biceps and quadriceps. Such training resembles climbing stairs, but definitely less strain on our joints. In addition, thanks to stepper exercises, we will strengthen our muscles and improve fitness. It is also a great alternative for people who like cardio training, because a few minutes on this small device will be a perfect warm-up before more intense exercises. Such training can also be varied with dumbbells, which you train the whole body.

In addition, some models have special links for exercising oblique abdominal muscles. The small dimensions of this equipment and quiet operation will allow you to exercise even in the smallest room, which can not be said about a full-size treadmill.



For whom?

Stepper is the perfect training equipment for those who like to spend time at home and do not like the gym. When exercising on this device, you can focus on something else, e.g. watch TV. Thanks to this, training on it is easy and pleasant. In addition, the mobility of the stepper and its lightness mean that even owners of small apartments can calmly decide to buy such equipment. It can be moved to any place in the house and stored in the closet.

The purchase of a stepper is primarily decided by women who dream of getting perfect legs and getting rid of cellulite. This does not mean, however, that men cannot exercise on it. Combining stepper exercises with strength exercises, we will improve blood circulation and, above all, fitness.

It is an extremely versatile equipment that is suitable for everyone, regardless of their age or gender.


Types of steppers

Each stepper is designed for exercising the lower body. There are also those on the market where full-body training is possible. Depending on their purpose, we distinguish steppers:

Simple – these are classic devices for exercising lower body parts, with two pedals that look like those of a bicycle. Two-headed and four-headed muscles are exercised on such equipment, perfectly sculpting the calves, thighs and buttocks. Among them we distinguish steppers without a column, otherwise mini steppers. This is classic exercise equipment, such as climbing stairs. Some devices may have links for training the upper body and arms. Such equipment is light and extremely handy. There are also steppers with a column on the market. In such equipment, you can unscrew the column at any time. This element is used to maintain the right attitude. In addition, it helps us, for example, to make turns that allow you to shape your abdominal muscles. However, this type of equipment is much larger and heavier than that without a column.

Torsional – this type of device is slightly different from classic steppers with pedals. They are constructed in such a way that the movement resembles ice skating, which involves more muscle. Thanks to this, you can train your whole body on it.



The most important element of stepper construction are the pedals. They should be independent of each other, which increases the effectiveness of our training. It is also worth paying attention to the material they are covered with. It should be non-slip to give us maximum protection during training.



Each stepper is equipped with a counter that records information about the number of steps, calories burned. However, some also indicate training time and distance traveled.



This is not entirely an element of stepper construction, but it is an important criterion that should be taken into account when buying equipment. Newer models have adjustable resistance. Steppers with hydraulic pistons are the simplest devices whose disadvantage is louder work. In contrast, steppers with a magnetic resistance system are those that work much quieter.


Equipment maintenance

All equipment requires proper maintenance, it is no different in the case of a stepper. After each exercise, it is recommended to wipe it with a soft, damp cloth, or spray it with a special preparation for training machine training, which prevents bacteria from collecting on the surface. In addition, it is worth checking the condition of all screws from time to time. During intense workouts, they may become loose, and this affects the resistance and therefore training may not be effective.


Which stepper is the best?

Choosing the perfect stepper is an individual matter, so you should be guided by your own needs. To start with, we recommend a simple stepper that is easy to use and transport, and most importantly it takes up little space. Such a device can be easily stored in the closet or under the bed. Such the simplest stepper is definitely the safest, suitable for people with aching joints and for those who want to improve circulation. A good idea would also be to choose such equipment that works based on a magnetic resistance system, and this will ensure quiet operation of the device.

For those who like to observe their progress, we recommend devices with a built-in computer that informs about calories burned and displays data from before several workouts.


Steppers at good prices

The price of the stepper varies depending on its type and function. The simplest equipment – the mini version – can be bought for around 120 zlotys. Several hundred zlotys will cost those that have been enriched with calories and progress. Column and torsion steppers cost more. The cost of buying such equipment ranges from several hundred to a thousand zlotys.


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