6 Best Thick Exercise Mat – Reviews In 2020

Thicker exercise mats provide good cushioning and thus guarantee greater safety. How do you find the right accessory for you? If you ask yourself this question, you’ve come to the right place. On our site you will find a ranking of this type of products, which was created after a thorough analysis of reviews issued by consumers. One of the most recommended exercise mats is Insportline Fityin purple. It is made of NBR material, i.e. a well-insulating rubber that is resistant to sweat and water. The mat does not deform and is not susceptible to abrasion. The product is designed especially for home use, it should satisfy the person who exercises often. The mat does not slide over the floor, guaranteeing stability even during intensive work on the body. However, if this model does not suit you for some reason, you can choose another of the recommended products. The second place in the ranking belongs to the HMS NBR YM03 thick exercise mat made of flexible rubber.


Thick exercise mats – ranking

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Rank #1: Insportline for Exercises Fita Purple

 Customers who are interested in a thick exercise mat at a good price should look at the Insportline Fity Purple model. It was made of high quality plastic exhibiting resistance to water, sweat, mechanical damage and even UV radiation. As a result, the product can serve us for a very long time and maintain its aesthetic appearance even with frequent use.

The presented mat is dedicated in particular to people practicing yoga, gymnastics and fitness. It has a thickness of 15 mm, which is why it provides good insulation and body cushioning. The non-slip surface means that all exercises can be performed in a very safe and comfortable way, without the risk of falling. The dimensions of the Insport model are: 140 cm x 61 cm.

As consumers say, the basic advantages of the above product include ease of cleaning and convenience of use. The Insportline Fity Purple mat can be rolled up tight and put into a training bag or purse. Due to the fact that the weight of the described model does not exceed 1 kg, its transport does not cause problems.

The Insportline Fity exercise mat has the dimensions: length – 140 cm, width – 61 cm and thickness – 1.5 cm. The product is available in pink, blue and yellow.



Soft material:

The exercise mat is made of a soft material that doesn’t cause any irritation to the skin. You can do complicated exercises on your back or support.

Sweat and water resistance:

The test of thick exercise mats confirmed that the Insportline Fity model has a special resistance to moisture.

Non-slip surface:

The mat has a non-slip surface, which guarantees that we will easily maintain stability during exercise. Therefore, we do not have to worry about our security.

Belt included:

A special strap was attached to the set, allowing the accessory to be rolled up and preventing accidental unwinding. Thanks to the tape, we can easily move the mat.

It retains its original color for a long time:

For some people, the aesthetics of the product is important. The accessory has a nice color that maintains its intensity for a long time.




The mat is not long enough for tall people. They admit that exercising on it is not always comfortable.


Rank #2: Exercise Mat HMS NBR YM03

 The HMS NBR YM03 exercise mat is available in purple, which has a nice shade. The exact dimensions of the accessory are: length – 183 cm, width – 61 cm and height – 1 cm. The product is covered by a 24-month warranty.

NBR material, a kind of synthetic rubber, was used for the production. Thanks to this, the mat has above-average durability. Importantly, the material has good adhesion to the substrate. As a result, the mat does not slide over the floor, which reduces the risk of injury. The accessory is thick enough to cushion the body well during a fall. The mat is flexible and its surface remains perfectly smooth (the accessory unfolds quickly when unfolded).

Feedback from buyers is positive. The mat is suitable for fitness, aerobics and yoga. Thanks to the compression straps, moving the accessory is more convenient. The mat is light and pleasant to the touch, it is also durable.

Model HMS NBR YM03 is a good thick exercise mat up to PLN 50 . Product dimensions are: length: 183 cm, width – 61 cm and thickness – 1 cm.



NBR material:

The presented exercise mat is made of cushioning NBR material. It is nothing more than a synthetic rubber characterized by durability and good adhesion to the ground.

Smooth surface:

The manufacturer ensures that the mat has a small shape memory, so when unfolded it quickly levels out.


The accessory is especially designed for exercising at home. Suitable for fitness, aerobics and yoga. You can also use the mat while on the beach.

Easy cleaning:

People using this mat admit that keeping it clean is not difficult. It is enough to wipe the product from time to time with a damp cloth and let it dry.



It takes a lot of space:

In their reviews, users pay attention to the fact that even after being rolled, the mat takes up a lot of space, which is sometimes a problem when moving it.


Rank #3: Exercise mat, yoga Sissel Pilates Pilates 310.040

 The Sissel Pilates 310.040 exercise mat will be useful not only for yoga practitioners, but also for pilates and gymnastics. Its advantage is sewn edges, which means that the product does not damage too quickly. On both sides, the Sissel model has been covered with a non-slip surface, which increases its stability and improves the comfort of use.

The dimensions of the mat are 60 cm x 170 cm, it is 0.6 cm thick. Due to the fact that the surface of the product described is not too rough, it can easily be kept impeccably clean. What’s more, the Pilates 310.040 model is made of high quality, safe for health materials without any harmful substances.

According to consumer reviews, the advantage of the presented product is mainly strength and ease of rolling into a tight roll. Because the mat is resistant to damage, it can be used for a long time.

The Sissel Pilates 310.040 exercise mat measures approx. 60 cm x 170 cm x 0.6 cm. The product is available in burgundy color.



Safety of use:

As the manufacturer assures, good quality material that does not contain any harmful substances was used to make the mat. Using this product is completely safe for health. The mat has sewn edges to ensure solidity.

Non-slip surface:

The product is made of non-slip material. As a result, the mat does not slide over the floor, and it is easier for the exercising person to remain stable.

Easy to keep clean:

Cleaning the accessory is not complicated or time consuming.



Only one color version:

Buyers don’t like the fact that the product is available in only one color version.


Insportline Fity Purple

The material used to make the product is soft and pleasant to touch synthetic rubber (NBR). It shows resistance not only to moisture, but also to UV radiation and mechanical damage. This is a model that can be easily kept clean.

Training on a mat is not always comfortable, so say very tall people. Some buyers believe that the mat could be slightly longer.

The model weighs 980 g, it can be rolled up and conveniently carried. Its dimensions are equal: 140 cm x 61 cm. The thickness of the mat is 1.5 cm, which is why it provides good cushioning when falling, as well as insulation from the cold of the ground.



The mat does not move on the floor during training, and this ensures us an adequate level of security. Lying on it, we do not feel the cold of the ground, so the exercises are more comfortable. The product has a purple color and looks nice.

The model will not fit into a small training bag, even when rolled up. Sometimes it is necessary to carry it in your hand, and this may prove uncomfortable.

The product is made of solid synthetic rubber. Its dimensions are: 183 cm x 61 cm. The mat is used during fitness, yoga or aerobics classes, and many people take it to the beach with them. Cleaning it is not a problem.


Sissel Pilates 310.040

The model can be used not only during yoga, but also pilates or gymnastics classes. It was made of solid material that does not contain hazardous substances. The mat can be rolled into a tight roll, which makes it easy to carry.

The availability of only one color (burgundy) version was considered a product defect. According to consumers, the model should be sold in several different shades.

The mat has the dimensions: 170 cm x 60, its thickness is 0.6 cm. Because the edges are carefully hemmed, they don’t fray. This is a non-slip model that can be quickly cleaned after use. It was made of PVC, a very durable material.


What thick exercise mat should you choose?

The mat is useful during many different exercises. Its biggest advantage is that thanks to it we can keep the body cushioning and also avoid falls that could cause painful injuries. The choice of such products in stores is so wide that most people do not know which model will be best for them. That is why we have created the following guide with tips and the ranking at the end. We hope that the information contained will dispel any doubts as to the choice of the perfect mat.



These types of exercise products can be divided into several types: gymnastic, training and yoga. Gymnastic models are characterized by the largest size and thickness, which perfectly protects the body against injuries and unexpected falls. They are also often used for corrective and rehabilitation exercises. In turn, training products are the most universal. They not only provide adequate cushioning of the body, but also isolate them from the floor, as a result of which we do not feel the cold of the ground. Yoga mats, as the name implies, are primarily used for yoga exercises. They are very light and thin, isolate the body from the ground, and also provide good grip when taking difficult positions.

The best thick exercise mat in 2020 should primarily have the right dimensions. Their values must be selected for our growth, so the higher we are, the longer product we will need. The most popular and universal models are up to 180 cm long, but people whose height exceeds this value will certainly find a slightly longer mat.

Many say that the thicker the mat is, the better. Thanks to this, we can guarantee greater comfort when performing exercises lying on the back, stomach or on the sides. What’s more, a thicker model can also provide better insulation from the ground. However, a very thick mat may not provide us with adequate stability in a standing position, which you should also remember when going shopping.

The last important issue is the material that will determine not only the comfort of use, but also the ease of keeping the purchased product clean. The best thick exercise mats are usually made of plastic based on rubber or polypropylene. The ideal model cannot be too rough or too spongy, as this will make it difficult to clean it thoroughly.


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