10 Best Watches With GPS- Reviews In 2020

We’ve created a GPS watch ranking for you, headed by  Garmin Forerunner 945 . It is well-made equipment, thanks to which you can observe your progress in almost every sport field, and also watch your health or make contactless payments. 

The watch is helpful in almost every area of life. Its reinforced fiberglass housing and color display with a resistant slide guarantee comfortable use. The equipment has preloaded topographic maps all over Europe, and the menu makes it easy to operate. 

The second place was taken by the GPS GPS watch Polar M430 . The gadget has a sensor that measures the pace or distance traveled. Notifications are displayed on the hardware screen.


10 Best Watches With GPS- Reviews In 2020

Watches with GPS is a professional gadget that is an irreplaceable companion of people practicing extreme sports . 

If you love mountain climbing, canoeing or diving, this is definitely something for you. The market offers us many more or less advanced models with various functions.

 This makes it very difficult to choose the right device. That is why we present you with a ranking of the best GPS watches currently available in Polish stores.


Rank #1: Garmin Forerunner 945 Sport Watch

 For people engaged in varied physical activities, the Garmin Forerunner 945 sports watch is designed. It’s a model on a 22mm QuickFit ™ silicone strap, with a frame made of fiberglass reinforced plastic and Corning® Gorilla® Glass DX. The screen size is 1.2 inches and the resolution of 240 x 240 pixels makes it readable in direct sunlight.

The weight of the watch is 50 g, and the operating time on one charge in analogue mode is 2 weeks, in GPS mode with music up to 10 hours. Garmin Forerunner 945 is equipped with a number of functions ranging from watch features (date, alarm clock, stopwatch, timer, etc.), through sensors (gyroscope, compass GPS thermometer etc.) and useful Bluetooth functions, phone notifications, calendar, music playback , “find phone” function, for security functions: LiveTrack application or event detection during selected activities.

The watch, as mentioned, supports various types of physical activity. Starting from monitoring sleep or counting steps or tracking stress, to fitness functions controlling endurance or strength training. For runners there is a running function tracking section, golf, cycling and swimming functions are also available. Water resistance class is 5 ATM. Countless functions of the watch can be learned only by reading its operating instructions in detail.

The Garmin Forerunner 945 Sports Watch is a device equipped with a lot of advanced functions regarding everyday life, entertainment and an assistant of various sports.




The equipment has preloaded colored maps from all over Europe. Using the Trendline ™ function you can calculate the optimal route and the navigation is given in an intuitive way.


After pairing the watch with a smartphone, many phone functions are available from the watch position. You will receive emails, text messages, you can follow social media or use emergency notifications.


You can easily synchronize playlists from a streaming service such as Deezer or Spotify®, you can save up to 1,000 songs on your watch, uploading it from a computer, for example. Then use Bluetooth headphones to listen to music wirelessly.

Health-related functions: 

Very precise heart rate measurements, zones, alerts, various types of speed during exercise, as well as determining the maximum heart rate allow a good estimate of the level of effort. The user can also measure rest time and breathing frequency.

Exercise monitoring:

The watch is adapted to comprehensive monitoring of various types of physical activities taking into account the specifics of a given activity. The user will have the benefit of the watch’s function when practicing running, gym fitness training, golf, cycling and swimming training.



A multitude of functions:

For most users, a multitude of functions is an advantage, however, to get to know all of them and be able to use them actively, you need to spend long hours studying the instructions. For many users, the number of watch options becomes a nuisance.


Rank #2: Polar M430 GPS Running Watch

 Our combination would not be complete without the Polar M430 GPS watch. The gadget we have chosen is well rated by many users. The equipment will certainly appeal to runners. The device has a Running Index, which indicates how running results improve, which is an additional motivation to work.

To make the watch, among others, silicon. The material is pleasant to the skin and does not cause abrasions. The model has an adjustable strap, so it can be easily adapted to our needs. The device monitors user activity throughout the day. An interesting addition are tips that help you achieve your intended daily goal. When the watch is paired with the phone, a smartphone notification will appear on the screen.

Users agree that Polar M430 is functional and solid equipment. The watch is very light, so it turns out to be almost imperceptible on the wrist. Due to the simple design, the model fits many styles. The device is waterproof and shows shock resistance.

Polar M430 is a GPS watch made of polycarbonate and silicone. The model weighs 51 g. The product is black.



Calorie counter:

The gadget has an accurate calorie counter. When counting, not only the intensity of the training and the heart rate obtained, but also the weight, height, age and sex of the user are taken into account.

Additional motivation:

After completing your workout, a message appears on the screen informing you about the benefits of training (so-called Training Benefit). For many people this is an additional motivation.

Adjustable strap:

The watch has an easily adjustable strap that can be adjusted to the circumference of each wrist. It is worth adding that the strap is made of silicone, i.e. light and pleasant to the touch material.

Mobile application:

The user can monitor his activity not only using the gadget, but also the mobile application. The program includes a function called the regeneration state. The user learns from it how much time should pass before performing the next training.



Ease of use:

It may happen that without a thorough reading of the instructions included in the kit we will have a problem with the free operation of the device.


Rank #3: Garmin Forerunner 735XT watch

 If you’re looking for an elegant yet functional Garmin watch, the Forerunner 735XT watch was created for you. The small size and comfortable band make it perfect both as an everyday watch for work and during training.

A useful feature is activity monitoring, which records data such as the number of steps, calories, distance, sleep and minutes of activity. It is also worth mentioning that the device measures our heart rate 24/7. Thanks to the fact that the device has built-in activity profiles, we can easily switch between different activities.

Consumer reviews of this watch are flattering because it is lightweight. Therefore, he will not disturb us during training. In addition, users praise the feature of notifications from the phone, which allows you to view emails and SMs, as well as other alerts on the watch. In addition, we have the ability to personalize your watch, thanks to the free designs of dials and applications and other elements that are available in the Connect IQ ™ store.



It monitors activities:

Due to the fact that the watch monitors many of our activities, it can be used in everyday use. The device records data such as calories, number of steps, sleep distance and time of activity. In addition, the equipment measures our heart rate around the clock.


The owner of the watch can personalize it. We can add shields, various applications and data fields free of charge from the Connect IQ ™ store. This is a useful option because you can change the appearance of the dial and improve its readability.

Small size and lightness:

The model is small and additionally very light. Therefore, it is almost imperceptible on your hand. Therefore, it will not disturb us during our trainings, and its use is very comfortable.




The watch has a strap that has not been well made. Over time, it begins to crack, which looks aesthetically unpleasant. Therefore, if it happens that it breaks during training, we can lose it.


 The fourth product in our ranking is a GPS watch and IMAYCC Watch Strap heart rate monitor. Thanks to advanced technology and thanks to modern design , your training will reach a higher level. This model is equipped with as many as 80 sport modes with specially selected parameters for each of the disciplines.

The device has a color touch screen that is easy to use. IMAYCC Watch Strap is equipped with a compass and altimeter, which is helpful even in the toughest conditions. It is also one of the few models equipped with such a durable battery that allows you to use it in the training function up to 26 hours, and with the GPS function activated it works for 16 hours. 

Its water resistance is 100 m, which allows you to practice water sports without fear of damage to the equipment. The display of this watch has LED backlight. What’s more, the entire interface can be personalized in terms of color, widget layout or time display in several time zones. According to consumer reviews, this is a very good watch with GPS and with many professional features.

 IMAYCC Watch Strap  is a GPS watch made of plastic and stainless steel. The weight of the device is 77 g.




Due to the fact that the shield was made of good quality plastics, we don’t have to worry about it being damaged quickly. What’s more, there are no scratches on the display that could make reading difficult.


Consumers indicate that pairing the watch with a smartphone does not take long, and the action itself is not complicated.


The device has a simple design, so many people will like it. The product will match both sporty and elegant styling.




Users say that after software updates, hardware sometimes stutters and the battery does not last as long as before.


Some consumers believe that the strap irritates the skin, especially if the product is used on hot days.


Rank #5: Amazfit Stratos Multisport Smartwatch

 Do you like sport and need a GPS watch to monitor various activities? If so, buying the Amazfit Stratos Multisport Smartwatch  will be a good choice. The device will be useful, among others when cycling, running, Nordic walking or swimming. The model has a light sensor, gyroscope, heart rate monitor, accelerometer and a geomagnetic sensor.

The watch has a display with a resolution of 320 x 300 pixels. The shield is large and bright enough. The display is secured with sapphire glass, which shows resistance to mechanical damage. The equipment has a solid construction, so it can also be used underwater (max. 50 m). The model has 4 GB of built-in memory and a dual-core ARM processor.

To buy Amazfit Stratos Multisport Smartwatch encourage positive reviews about it. The device is functional and allows you to monitor virtually any activity during the day. The equipment has a powerful battery, so you don’t have to charge it too often. The product is distinguished by a simple and attractive design.

The Amazfit Stratos Multisport Smartwatch  has a round dial and an adjustable strap. The gadget has, among others: a gyroscope, accelerator and heart rate monitor.



Solid construction:

The equipment is made of durable materials. The display was made of sapphire glass, which is highly resistant to scratches. The watch is waterproof, you can dive up to 50 m under water in it.


The model is equipped with a capacious battery that provides up to 5 days of work without recharging.




Users note that after a while the watch starts to freeze. This hinders its efficient service. Sometimes there is also a problem with pairing the device with a smartphone.

No menu in Polish:

Please note that the equipment has no menu in Polish. As a result, some people may have a problem operating the device.


Rank #6: Garmin fēnix GPS Smartwatch

It is a watch with countless functions, both those useful, health-related and accompanying with highly specialized strength training, swimming, running or even golf. The watch has a housing with increased durability and a 1.2 inch color display.

A watch, to fully learn all its functions and capabilities requires a long learning, and once you explore all its secrets, it turns out to be necessary in every area of life. Such equipment makes the owner imperceptibly, day by day, more and more and after a while becomes an object without which it is impossible to function.

It is high-class equipment that largely replaces the telephone and many computer applications. It allows you to constantly monitor your health and training, as well as to keep in touch with friends. He is able to plan every day and watch his schedule.


Rank #7: TicWatch Pro 2020 Fitness Smartwatch

The sport watch weighs only 51 g. Because it is extremely light, it is comfortable to wear. The user has the option of conducting a five-minute test to determine, among others your performance. This way you can monitor your progress.

Most consumers are satisfied with the purchase of the gadget. The only drawback is that at first the operation of the equipment seems complicated. You must read the operating instructions carefully to learn about all available options.

Good quality materials were used to make the model. The model shows shock resistance. The water resistance of the watch is 30 m. The gadget has, among others: a timer, a stopwatch and a lap counter. Adjustable strap allows you to adjust the watch to any wrist.


Rank #8: Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire

The watch measures the heart rate in the wrist, so we can run freely without an additional strap on the chest. The device is equipped with an activity monitor: it counts steps, calories burned, and also monitors sleep. In addition, it is small and multifunctional.

The belt in the model after some time begins to crack, which looks a little aesthetically. If it happens that it breaks during training, there is a risk that we may lose it.

It is equipment designed for athletes who want to monitor a lot of data. The dimensions of the display are 31.1 mm diagonal. In addition, the model has the ability to personalize thanks to the free designs of shields and other elements.


Is it worth buying a watch with GPS?

Many people doubt whether it is worth investing in a GPS watch. We are afraid that the equipment will not work during exercises.

 If you are not sure whether to buy such an accessory, we encourage you to read the article below. We will explain to him who we recommend buying a GPS device and what are its advantages.


Features of the watch with GPS

The main advantage of GPS watches is the accurate tracking of our location, which helps you find yourself while walking or running. However, the equipment has many other features that have already convinced large groups of consumers. 

First of all, the device can be synchronized with a smartphone and an application, e.g. Endomondo. Thanks to this, data on kilometers traveled will be processed by the appropriate program. This will help you track your fitness improvement.

 GPS equipment also shows other data, such as heart rate and calories burned. These options are especially attractive for people trying to lose weight. Specialists also believe that regularly checking statistics of our effort motivates us to continue exercising.


GPS watches and forest navigation

As you can guess, many people buy this type of equipment to use during training. Running and cycling in the woods is especially popular, but finding the right path is not always easy. Having a watch with GPS, we can send a signal to our mobile phone, which will locate our location on the map. In modern devices, it only takes a few seconds to locate the satellite. This will make it easier for you to get acquainted with the field and return home quickly and safely.

Will our phone replace us with a GPS watch? Unfortunately not, because the timers have a much better location tracking system. The information collected by the watch is much more accurate. On the other hand, tracking results on your smartphone screen is easier. That is why we recommend synchronizing both devices so that the data from the watch appears in your application.


What to watch for when choosing a GPS watch?

From reading the previous part you know what GPS watch is recommended by Internet users, now we want to tell you what to watch for while shopping. Many people invest in a tracking device to avoid getting lost while running or cycling. Unfortunately, some equipment quickly loses its signal in the forest. How to avoid it Buy sensitive equipment that is recognized by other runners.




Recreational running and GPS watch

Does every runner need a GPS watch? People who mainly train in city parks do not immediately have to invest in this type of equipment, although of course it is worth it. Usually, if you don’t need physical effort analysis, you don’t have to invest in a GPS watch, especially if you have a modern smartphone with many features. 

However, it is worth remembering that accurate knowledge of our effort will help you less fatigue during it and the watches are more accurate than smartphone applications.


GPS watches for children

A special reason to invest in a GPS watch is to give it to your child. Special equipment is available on the market that allows you to track the position of the baby in real time. This is especially useful when our toddler goes to and from school by himself. The parent can not only make sure that the child has safely reached the building or returned home, but also check that the child has not truanted.


Shopping guide – Which GPS watch should I buy?

GPS watches are becoming more and more popular, especially among people with a passion for sports, especially extreme ones. Such equipment is intended not only to indicate the time, but above all to inform about your location anywhere in the world. It is constantly connected to the satellite, thanks to which it monitors all your activities, from a simple walk to mountain climbing.

In addition, some models can measure speed, heart rate and pressure, which makes them professional equipment for people who love sports and regularly checking their results and body reactions. You must know that they affect our performance as well as health. Sometimes we are not aware that our heart is malfunctioning . To help you choose such equipment, we have prepared a guide on which GPS watch to choose so that it works even in extreme conditions.




GPS watches and fitness watches

We don’t always mean a sports watch with a GPS watch. He is often confused with a fitness watch. These models are designed to count calories, distance and steps. Some of them even track your well-being during sleep. Usually all this data is counted at the same time, without the possibility of turning off one of them. So it is an offer for people who do jogging or work out in the gym.

GPS watches are more professional equipment, whose functions can be run all at once, or we can choose only a few of them. This allows us to save as much battery as possible. Such watches are most often used when running, climbing or even on a golf course. Increasingly, travelers are buying such equipment.

 This type of device definitely makes it easier for them to navigate in difficult conditions, and GPS location ensures their safety. You are certainly wondering about the sense of investing in such equipment, since you have the latest smartphone with GPS. 

Remember, however, that devices of this type need to be connected to the Internet to connect to the GPS, and in extreme conditions, and sometimes simply away from the city is impossible.


Heart rate monitor

Some GPS watches are equipped with a heart rate sensor that constantly transmits data during any activity, so you can control your performance. These timers mostly cost more because heart rate monitoring is an additional feature, while some have special connectors to be able to attach a separate sensor.



This is an important solution used in every GPS watch . Each of them is somewhat water resistant, but not everyone will provide maximum protection. Depending on what tefo we are interested in, it is necessary to find out whether the manufacturer was concerned about resistance to rain and water under light pressure, or the durability of equipment up to several meters under water. Such water resistance is given in meters and bars. So we can distinguish models with resistance:

* 30 m = 3 Bar – this type of watch is splashproof,

* 50 m = 5 Bar – with watches with this water resistance class we can bathe in the bathtub ,

* 100 m = 10 Bar – this device will be perfect for swimming or snorkeling ,

* 200 m = 20 Bar – models of this type allow swimming and scuba diving ,

* 300 m = 30 Bar – this water resistance class allows us to freely dive professionally with a tank, up to several dozen meters .



For those who like to reach the tops, GPS watches have a built-in altimeter. It is a sensor that monitors atmospheric pressure and compares it against altitude, and all data is given in ISA values. Some GPS watches may even save previous altitudes and show the pressure difference between point A and point B.


Battery life

Watches with GPS usually have two batteries, each of which is built-in for a different purpose. One battery is responsible for the basic mode – displaying time and distance, while the other is responsible for the GPS function. Some watches have capacious batteries that allow continuous use for several months.

However, the GPS function consumes a lot of battery, shortening its life by several times. When using this option, the battery will last for about 10 hours. It is also worth noting that all additional functions such as altimeter, heart rate monitor or music player affect the maximum consumption of the second battery.





A very useful feature of the GPS watch may be the Bluetooth option. With its help, we are able to send all recorded data from the device to a computer or smartphone. Importantly, the Blutooth function is not traditional equipment. You can find it in the basic models of GPS watches, but not the most expensive ones.


Which GPS watch is the best?

The choice of watch with GPS should be made at your discretion and expectations – depending on what sports we practice and what we want to measure. For lovers of mountain climbing, we recommend those devices that have the function of an altimeter and heart rate sensor. However, for those who are fans of water sports, we advise you to pay attention to water resistance.


GPS watches at a good price

The cheapest watches with GPS can be bought from PLN 300, but such models will definitely have only basic functions and the battery will not be very durable. Watches for over several thousand zlotys guarantee us high quality and resistance to all weather conditions. Most of them are also equipped with modern functions that facilitate practicing extreme sports.


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