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10 Best Water Rowing Machine (2020 Reviews)

A water rowing machine is a machine that allows you to train maximizing calorie burning, muscle toning, and improving flexibility. With the help of these best water rowing machines, you can perform an incomparable exercise for the whole body, and various users can use that with different levels of fitness.

When purchasing a water rowing machine, you must verify if you can burn calories and tone your body using a device whose use is intuitive and friendly. It is also important that the oar’s resistance adjusts to each user, regardless of their age, but children, yes, must always be supervised by an adult.

As for older users, the team should be considered to grant a uniform “row” without impact or load on the joints. All this makes it applicable to people in the physical rehabilitation period, being able to monitor their progress and remission. Of course, you must have the approval of the respective health professional.

Another weighting around using this domestic rowing device is that, when sitting, the user eliminates the risk of injury to the hips, knees, and ankles. We recommend betting on a pertinently silent product, guaranteeing the acoustic comfort of the person who exercises and the people or pets nearby.

The connectivity of the digital monitor of the equipment (via USB, for example) and the possibility that the manufacturer has a web page with tutorials and useful and timely information for the user will be highly valued. In this space, we analyze the outstanding product of our comparison of the best water rowing machines. 


Best Water Rowing Machine-Reviews In 2020

Rank #1: Water Rower 10,107

The structure combines materials such as polyurethane, wood, and stainless steel, offering strength, stability, and durability. It also has a mechanism to regulate the intensity of work according to each person’s anatomy.

Main Features Explained

Exclusive “WaterFlywheel” system

This exclusivity of the Water Rower brand faithfully replicates the oar’s direct action in the water, emulating the same resistance that the aquatic mass offers before the rowing of the oar.

Similarly, the predominant oak component is intended to recreate – at the level of raw material and organoleptic perception (texture, visual appearance, smell) – the boat where you would be doing sports on the flow of a river lake, pond or any Another hydrological option. That is why they speak of “rowing simulator” when referring to this product.

Quality materials

The raw material is not only selected for its nobility but its functionality. Oakwood offers high resistance to weight, having a natural resistance to moisture (sweating, for example) that is never lacking where exercises are undertaken.

Polycarbonate, on the other hand, present in the most flexible parts of the equipment, is one of the most durable and immovable plastics (so it is used in the windows of airplanes and anti-bullet glass in general). Special mention should be made of stainless steel that reinforces corrosion-resistant structures or polyester straps (military use) that do not need to be lubricated.

Multi-user aerobic exercise

Several experts agree that the usual practice of rowing gives the user – regardless of their age – a comprehensive aerobic exercise that manages to work up to 80% of the muscle mass in the abdomen, chest, back, upper and lower extremities.

This equipment, also, self-adjusts to each user, in direct correspondence with the level of intensity of each person, thus regulating the resistance of the oar that replicates, at all times, the action of training in the water. By the way, the handles have an ergonomics that guarantee adequate support for any size of the hands, thanks to its coating.

It should be noted that children should not use this product under 12 years old without an adult’s direct supervision.



  • The exquisite appearance of this rowing machine – manufactured predominantly in noble oak, stainless steel, and polyurethane – constitutes an authentic and sought-after “utilitarian design object” that enhances the space where it is located. It is of such a visual impact that, once installed, you do not feel like folding it again to protect it.


  • As a disadvantage, users indicate their high price that far exceeds the average cost of the equipment with similar functionalities, even when they cannot match the visual impact or show their “design object” character. 

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