Best Women’s Running Shoes-Reviews In 2020

If you are currently looking for the best women’s running shoes in 2020, be sure to visit our website. We were able to thoroughly analyze the opinions of consumers who have already managed to shop in this market segment. Our analysis shows that footwear called Asics Gel-Pulse 8 was the most popular . This is a good quality product that can guarantee really high wearing comfort. All because of its construction and the use of special materials that are extremely elastic, resistant to abrasion, and allow proper air circulation. Another product that is very popular among buyers is the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield M. The shoes have a waterproof upper and sealed seams, which allows comfortable running in the autumn and winter. It is also light and comfortable, it does not contribute to irritation or skin abrasions. The shoes are available in several colors. They have a solid, rubber sole that is not susceptible to abrasion. It is worth adding that the upper has reflective elements.


The best women’s running shoes in 2020

Fashion for running does not weaken and although it is believed that in this sport the outfit does not matter much, it is known that good shoes provide adequate cushioning and comfort. They should not be too heavy, they must be quite airy, and if we add a nice look to it, we have the perfect product. That is why we have created a ranking of women’s running shoes that will help every woman in choosing the right model.


Rank #1: Asics Gel-Pulse 8

 Asics Gel-Pulse 8 are women’s running shoes designed for supination and neutral foot.  This model is durable, comfortable and reliable for running on hard surfaces. So if you usually run on pavements or paved roads, and at the same time you want to have running shoes on a treadmill, then we recommend this variant.

Footwear has an upper made of lightweight and most importantly breathable materials. Thanks to this, all moisture is discharged to the outside of the footwear. This model has a stiff heel that guarantees heel support and is responsible for our stability.

The sole of the shoe is made of durable SpEVA material. It guarantees us comfort during the run, proper fit, but also effective cushioning. All vibrations are suppressed, which is also due to the appropriate gel insert. You should not forget about the groove Guidance Line, which provides us with natural and smooth movement. In addition, highly resistant rubber was placed in areas that are particularly vulnerable to abrasion.

Users confirm the solid performance of the footwear, as well as the fact that it is very comfortable.

The Asics Gel-Pulse 8 women’s running shoes are a solid proposition for people with a neutral or supinating foot profile. Footwear is available in many sizes: from 35 to 41, so every runner will find a product that suits their needs.



For hardened surface:

It is a shoe designed for people running on a hard surface, i.e. asphalt or ankle. This is due to the fact that it has a very well stiffened and hardened sole that absorbs all vibrations.


Asics Gel-Pulse 8 are shoes whose upper is made of very light and breathable materials that transport moisture away.


As consumers confirm, running in these shoes is very comfortable. They provide comfort throughout the entire workout.


The sole is SpEVA. This material is resistant to damage and abrasion. In addition, he is the guarantor of our comfort and provides us with adequate cushioning during running.

Vibration damping:

Vibration arising during the run is suppressed, because the correct gel insert is used in the shoes. Many people are not aware of the fact that it is the vibrations that cause pain in our calves and thighs, which is why the footwear manufacturer took care of this particular element.



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Rank #2: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield M

 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield M shoes are available in several different colors, including gray-black, black and blue-white. For this reason, we can match them to your training outfit to feel free and confident. The presented model is recommended for running in the autumn and winter. It has a waterproof upper and sealed seams.

Footwear has reflective elements, so we can safely train after dark. The sole guarantees good grip on wet surfaces, which reduces the risk of slipping and injury. The lacing system gives you the possibility of a better fit of the shoe to the foot. The model weighs less than 300 g.

Ladies who run regularly believe that footwear works very well during intense workouts. The shoes look nice. The sole made of high-quality plastic is not susceptible to abrasion, which was considered one of the most important advantages of the model described above.

The Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 35 Shield M shoes have an upper made of fabric and synthetic materials. The model is available in several colors.



Water resistance:

Footwear is distinguished by a waterproof upper. We can run without fear in adverse weather, because the risk of getting wet is reduced to a minimum.


Although the shoes are tight, they do not weigh too much. This is a lightweight model that does not overburden your feet and ensures comfortable training.

Reflective elements:

We do not have to worry about your safety when running after dark, especially in poorly lit areas. Reflective elements are placed on the upper, so we will certainly be noticed by other road users.

Good grip:

The sole is made of high quality plastic. It provides good grip, even on wet surfaces.



Low airy:

In summer, footwear is not fully airy, which is due to the use of sealed seams. This can increase sweating of the feet when training on hot days.


Rank #3: Adidas Supernova Glide Boo

 The Adidas Supernova Glide Boo is very suitable for running in the autumn and winter. It is suitable for ladies with a neutral as well as supinating foot. The footwear is equipped with the Climaheat system, which provides a feeling of warmth on a cold day and prevents the feet from cooling down. Small reflective elements are placed on the upper.

Shoes provide constant air circulation and remove excess heat to the outside. They were made of lightweight material, reducing the number of seams. This means that we can run a long distance without exposing ourselves to skin irritation and abrasion. Continental sole has increased abrasion resistance. There are tabs on it that increase grip on uphill and downhill runs.

In their opinions, ladies emphasize that footwear is light and very comfortable. The use of special Torsion System technology allows independent movement of the front and back of the foot, which increases the comfort of training. The shoes absorb shocks well. We can freely adjust the laces so that the footwear is well-fitted to the feet.

Adidas Supernova Glide Boo is footwear in purple. The upper is made of synthetic materials, and the sole is made of good quality rubber.



Torsion System technology:

Footwear uses Torsion System technology, allowing independent movement of the front and back of the foot. This solution increases stability and reduces the risk of injury during a run.

Continental sole:

The Continental rubber sole is abrasion resistant. There are small bumps on its surface. They were arranged so as to increase traction not only when running uphill, but also when running off it.

No skin abrasions:

During footwear production, the number of seams has been kept to a minimum. This makes the shoes are light and comfortable, and they do not irritate the skin. We don’t have to be afraid of chafing even after running a long distance.



Only one color:

Some women believe that the model should be sold in several different colors. Not all buyers like the dark purple shade of the upper.


Rank #4: Reebok Ridgerider Trail

 Without Reebok Ridgerider Trail shoes our ranking would not be complete. They are available in sizes from 35 to 44, which is why every woman will definitely find a well-fitted model. The footwear has an upper made of synthetic material and a mesh, which is why it is light and airy. At the same time it shows resistance to soaking.

The sole is made of good quality rubber, so you don’t have to worry that it will wear off after a few workouts. The presented model guarantees good grip, which reduces the risk of unexpected slipping and falling. Shoes work well on sunny as well as rainy days.

The Reebok Ridgerider Trail model is popular among physically active women. According to the analysis of comments, footwear is suitable for training on more demanding terrain, e.g. in the forest. It is comfortable and solid, and it adapts well to the feet. The shoes have a dark color, as a result of which they are not so susceptible to dirt.

Reebok Ridgerider Trail shoes are available in black and orange. The upper is made of mesh and synthetic material.



Retreaded sole:

The model is recommended for women who like to train on more demanding terrain. The rubber, retreaded sole ensures very good adhesion to the ground, also in adverse weather conditions.


The shoes are solid but airy. Mesh elements on the uppers allow constant air circulation and dissipation of excess heat to the outside.

Availability of many sizes:

Footwear is available in sizes from 35 to 44. This means that even women with a relatively small or large foot can easily find a well-fitted model.



Not elegant design:

According to consumers, for whom not only convenience counts, but also the appearance of sports footwear, this model looks not very elegant.

Loosening laces:

Some women complain that the shoelaces loose themselves, even if we tighten them strongly. You need to improve them from time to time.


Rank #5: New Balance W860BY4

 Our proposition for women with pronating foot is New Balance W860BY4. This footwear is designed for running on paved surfaces. The upper, like the tongue, was made of mesh mesh, which has a positive effect on air circulation. In turn, the sole consists of several layers, as a result of which it is durable and well absorbs shocks.

The shoes have a blue-turquoise color. On the sole just below the heel there is a rubber material, which guarantees protection against impacts. The model uses T-BEAM technology, which is responsible for metatarsal stabilization. Shoes evenly distributes body weight from the heel to the toes.

One of the advantages of New Balance footwear is the ability to remove the inner insole. If necessary, we can wash it or replace it with another one. Most women find the shoes look attractive. Importantly, the presented model allows a more natural positioning of the foot while running, which prevents injury and discomfort.

The New Balance W860BY4 footwear has a mesh upper as well as a tongue. The model is distinguished by its blue-turquoise color.



Provides natural foot positioning:

The model is intended for holders of pronating feet. It is equipped with technologies that ensure comfort while running, as well as better stability. Shoes allow a more natural positioning of the feet, which is due to the 1.2 cm height difference between the position of the heel and toes.

Good ventilation

Considering the upper material, we don’t have to worry about limited air circulation. The shoes are breathable, you can run in them in the summer.



Too original colors:

Women who wear clothes in subdued colors say that the color scheme of the model is too original. This can make it difficult to match shoes to the rest of the sports outfit.

Only on paved surfaces:

The shoes provide a comfortable run only on paved surfaces. They do not work well in the woods, on dirt paths or in more mountainous terrain.


What women’s running shoes for the pronation foot

When running, we must ensure the safety of our feet, which are exposed to injury. It is very important to find the right shoes that match what type of leg we have (normal, pronative or supination). Below are some great tips on how to find good women’s running shoes for people with pronating feet.


What is pronation?

A pronating foot is one that performs a natural movement while running. As a result of movement, the foot moves inward while running. The outer part of the leg after contact with the ground rolls over to the opposite side. This allows for even distribution of weight, shocks and full cushioning during training.

There is also a phenomenon called excessive pronation, which involves excessive bending of the foot inside the leg. This occurs when moving from heel to toes. As a result, the runner starts training, sticking out of his fingers. People with this type of foot position often have flat feet. What’s more, excessive pronation can negatively affect the cushioning of the foot, and also promote knee injury.


How to check if we have a pronating foot?

Now that you know what running shoes are recommended, you should think about how to recognize pronation. Unfortunately, reading the definition is not enough to know if we really have this type of leg. The best solution is to go to a professional sports footwear store. It should have equipment that will allow you to accurately determine the type of foot. Also, an orthopedist will help you discover what shoes are best for you. However, can we independently make sure we have a pronating foot? The easiest method is to check the insoles in old shoes. If the inner edges of the sole will be more worn away from the outside and center, it is a sign that we have a pronating leg.


Does pronation of the foot affect which shoe we should buy?

When choosing a shoe, we should be guided not only by their appearance, but also by the type of foot we have. Why? Poorly selected footwear will not evenly distribute our body weight. This causes injuries and increases foot swelling. In addition, the wrong choice of training shoes can also be dangerous because the leg is not properly cushioned. Therefore, shoes for pronating feet have a special stiffening in the interior. The reinforced insole allows you to take more confident steps and support the shape of the foot.


Which women’s shoes will be the best running shoes for pronating feet?

Footwear for pronating feet is designed to protect against excessive conversion of the foot during running. Thanks to this your training will be safer because the risk of injury will decrease. What characterizes such shoes? Inside there is a special stabilizing insert. It is usually made of a different material than the sole. The fabric should be thick, because then it will better keep your foot still while running. Specialists recommend to choose shoes in which the insole will have a different color. Thanks to this, you will always be able to check if it is inside the shoe.

When making a purchase, make sure that your shoes have stronger and more durable foam in the interior. Unfortunately, people with promoting feet consume footwear quite quickly, which is why it is necessary to choose a durable model. Specialists suggest that there should be an additional layer inside the footwear for better cushioning during running. Why? People with the pronating foot are very vulnerable to ankle and knee injury. Soft shoes that facilitate breaking will also eliminate back pain.


Shopping guide

Running is one of the easier sports that is becoming more and more popular every year. Many people aim to run a marathon or even a half marathon. To ensure good cushioning and leg protection, you must purchase the right footwear. A large number of people mistakenly believe that running is a sport that you don’t need to invest in. Good clothes and shoes can change a lot in our approach to sport and what is important affect our health. In this guide, we will focus on women who in running find a way to care for a beautiful figure. Many women decide on such activity also after pregnancy. No matter what your motivation, good footwear is the key. That’s why we’ll tell you which women’s running shoes to choose.




The ground is the most important

Before we get into the matter of material or shoe construction, we need to raise the most important issue, i.e. the surface. What you run after is the most important thing. You need to know that the hardness of the surface affects what a shoe should have.

Most people assume that running on asphalt or pavement is the best. Such surface due to its hardness, is most harmful to your joints. Therefore, if you run hard ground, you must have shoes with very good cushioning, a soft and flexible sole in the toes and a soft tread. This will guarantee you better protection for the joints that are most likely to get injured during running. On the other hand, if you bet on forest paths, it doesn’t matter that much. Because a soft surface is a cushioning itself. However, you must remember to choose a more aggressive tread with protrusions and studs. This will ensure better grip.

In addition, the shoe must have additional reinforcement, because in such areas injuries are more frequent. An example of such an injury is ankle sprain. The easy-to-clean tread will also be important. What to do if you don’t have a favorite route and once you run in the woods and once on the sidewalk? Fortunately, universal models are available on the market that have good cushioning and a more aggressive tread. However, they are usually more expensive than shoes designed for one type of surface.


Weather conditions

When buying running shoes, consider the weather conditions. If you are the type of person who does not run at greater temperature fluctuations, and the rain completely disqualifies physical activity, you do not need shoes that will be waterproof, frost-resistant or non-slip. Such footwear, however, is attractive for people who run regardless of the weather. In this case, it is worth checking exactly what properties the shoes have. In each model, the material’s breathability and moisture retention count. It’s about comfort as well as foot safety – avoiding ringworm.


Foot size

As with other shoes, the size is extremely important. In sports footwear, the more so because during running or other activities we are more exposed to moving the foot and its pressure. To avoid damage and various injuries, you need to choose a model that matches the size of your foot. Also remember that buying too small or too large footwear may in the future be associated with serious foot deformities that will be irreversible. Therefore, always choose footwear looking not at the size of the manufacturer, but at the length of the foot for which the number is intended. The width of the feet should also be taken into account to ensure maximum comfort during running.

Also remember that in the case of this type of shoes is used in the sizes halves, thanks to which we can easily find footwear that best suits our foot. If you have wider feet and you can’t find matching footwear in women’s models, choose a men’s shoe. This is a better move than buying tight footwear with the belief that it will go apart over time.


Arch shape and pronation

Each of us has a different body structure, so our feet are also different. Therefore, the next thing you need to verify will be the shape of your foot arch. It’s exactly about its reflection. The word pronation appears on this occasion. What does it mean and what does it affect? Pronation is a natural effect that accompanies rolling of the foot from the moment it touches the ground until it breaks.

There are three types of pronation. The first is the right one – i.e. without major deviations. Excessive, usually associated with flat feet – the foot pushes too hard on the ground. The last one is small pronation, i.e. supination – this is related to the high arch vault. Importantly, our feet may differ, which may make it difficult to buy the right running shoes.


Which running shoes are the best for your foot build?

If you have a correct bow, choose neutral shoes, i.e. type stability. For people with excessive pronation, stabilizing or neutral models will be best (depending on the severity of e.g. flat foot). People with supination are recommended to buy cushioning shoes, often called supination shoes. By choosing the right model, you not only ensure wearing comfort, but also take care of your foot.



This is not just about aesthetics, but for many women it is important. We want to notice that shoes are a protection not only for the foot itself. If you run at night, all flares are of great importance. The more colorful the shoes, the more reflections you choose, the better for you. Thanks to this you are more visible. Even on the sidewalk, this is of great importance. If you run during the day, your shoes are also important, especially on gray, foggy days when visibility is limited. Contrary to appearances, colorful shoes can save you. We also advise against buying very bright footwear – it will quickly lose its charm, especially when bad weather is not terrible. In addition, attractive design can be a strong motivator.

When it comes to motivation issues, the latest research published in various sports magazines clearly indicates that the right outfit is a huge motivation for us. Of course, many people will say that the very fact of physical activity is more important, but it can not be denied that a nice outfit more encourages activity than old tracksuits and shoes.


Women’s running shoes at good prices

Prices of running shoes start from a few dozen zlotys and reach a thousand zlotys. If you’re a beginner, you don’t need the most expensive shoes. These are aimed at professional runners. For a good start, it is best to choose a model of a well-known brand, valued by amateur and running professionals. When it comes to prices, you will find good shoes for PLN 100, but usually they are the ends of the series, less often available in stores. For a good product of this type you have to pay approx. PLN 200.


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