10 Best Workout Bench For Small Apartment –Reviews In 2020

If you’re active and looking for a bench for exercises, you’ve come to the right place. On our site you will find a ranking of the most popular models. Marbo MH-L115 is the equipment that took first place. This product is relatively small, so it will easily fit both in the apartment and on the balcony. The device is universal, so it will be suitable for both women and men. The equipment was made of high quality materials.

 The construction is steel. This means that people with high weight can use the bench without fear. In addition, the model has been balanced so as to provide users with maximum stability. The equipment can be adapted to your needs. The seat can be adjusted.

Therefore, both tall and short people can use the device. What’s more, the backrest angle can also be adjusted. This allows you to exercise different muscle groups. This product is easy to use, so everyone can handle it. If you don’t like the presented model, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Magnus Extrele MX2041 bench , which took second place.


The best exercise benches in 2020

Everyone has different priorities when looking for the right exercise equipment. That is why we are looking at sports equipment today. We hope that the best exercise bench is in our list.


Rank #1: Marbo MH-L115

 Our first proposal, Marbo MH-L115, is a Polish product. The bench is 45 cm high, 61 cm wide and 141.3 cm long. The dimensions of the backrest are 81 x 27 cm, while the seats 30 x 27 cm. Thanks to its design, the equipment will support a load of up to 250 kg.

According to the manufacturer, Polish steel was used for production. And the 40 x 40 mm construction profile makes the device stable and safe to use. The bench makes it possible to adjust the seat on three levels and to adjust the angle of the backrest. Seven-level adjustment from 90 degrees to a negative obtuse angle will allow you to exercise different muscle groups and use different accessories for your exercises.

The manufacturer has provided for the possibility of attaching additional exercise accessories to the bench, e.g. a prayer book, or a leg lift or device. The bench gets very good reviews from people who bought it.

Among the many advantages of the device mentioned by users, we can find: the possibility of mounting accessories, simple adjustment of the seat and backrest, durability and rigidity of the product, and providing reliable support during exercise.

Marbo MH-L115 is a Polish product of a known and valued brand. The device has the following dimensions: height – 45 cm, width – 61 cm and length – 141.3 cm. Whereas the backrest dimensions are 81 cm x 27 cm and the seats 30 cm x 27 cm.




The device withstands loads up to 250 kg. Therefore, it can be used by people with considerable body weight, while using significant weights for training.


The structural profile of this model has dimensions of 40 mm x 40 mm, which affects stability and thus our safety during exercise.


The bench is adjustable, so you can adapt it to your needs. You can change the seat position in three levels and adjust the angle of the backrest. In addition, we have here a seven-step adjustment of the backrest angle from 90 degrees to a negative obtuse angle. In this way, we adapt the equipment to our needs and allow ourselves to perform various exercises.

Possibility to attach other accessories:

The manufacturer knows how important the functionality of the equipment is. Therefore, in this model, he installed attachments that allow the use of other accessories, such as an extractor, prayer book, etc.

Some support during exercise:

As consumers note, this equipment is very comfortable and, most importantly, due to its dimensions, it provides excellent support during exercise.



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Rank #2: Magnus Extrele MX2041

 The next bench is Magnus Extrele MX2041 has a height of 52 cm, length 147 cm and width 56 cm. The bench consists of a 35 x 35 cm seat and 35 x 85 cm backrest. The user can adjust the seat in three steps: 0 degrees, 12 degrees and 20 degrees.

The backrest can also be adjusted. Here, the adjustment is seven levels: 82 degrees, 60 degrees, 45 degrees, 30 degrees, 20 degrees, 0 degrees and -20 degrees. The profiles used have a thickness of 50 x 50 mm, they allow a maximum load of 360 kg.

The manufacturer has adapted the bench to be equipped with a prayer book, lift and leg press. In addition, this model has an arm support system for hand exercises (HS system – Hand Support System) and a leg support system for exercises with press (LS system – Legs Support System).

Opinions about Magnus Extrele MX2041 exercise benches are very good. Users indicate that the equipment, although small in size, is very solidly made. The option of retrofitting the bench is also approved.

Magnus Extreme MX2041 is a device that allows you to perform various types of exercises. This model has the following dimensions: height – 52 cm, length – 147 cm and width – 56 cm.




The bench is adjustable. For example, the seat can be set to one of three levels: 0 degrees, 12 degrees and 20 degrees. The backrest can also be adjusted to a seven-point scale – from 82 degrees to even -20 degrees.


This model is equipped with 50 mm x 50 mm thick profiles. This allows a maximum load of 360 kg. So you can exercise on the bench using heavy weights.

Possibility of mounting other elements:

This equipment is constructed so that other elements can be easily installed. For example, a prayer book. In this way we can get a functional multi-bench.

Support systems:

The presented equipment has a hand support system for leg exercises, i.e. the Hand Support System. In addition, we have Legs Support System here, which is the leg belay function for press exercises. Such solutions make the exercises less burdensome for those parts of the muscles that are the most burdened and thus exposed to injuries.




Among the disadvantages of the product, consumers mention its price.


Rank #3: Hop-Sport HS-1075

 Next in our list is the Hop-Sport HS-1075 bench. The bench has a length of 193 cm, width 120 cm and a maximum height of 112.50 cm. The dimensions of the seat are 37 x 29 cm, and the backrests 77 x 29 cm. The bench is made of high quality eco-leather and filled with soft foam. The profile thickness of this model is 5 cm and allows a maximum load of the rack up to 150 kg, while the maximum load of the leg press is 50 kg.

In addition, in the set with the bench, we also receive a prayer arm support, measuring 44 x 30 cm, and a load container with stands, the internal dimension of which is 60 cm and the external dimension of 69 cm. Thanks to properly selected additions, the user can exercise the muscles of the chest, arms, triceps, forearms, shoulder girdle and legs. Each piece of equipment can be adjusted.

The backrest of the bench has a seven-step adjustment, the prayer book has a four-step adjustment, the stand has a five-step adjustment, and the lift and press have a four-step adjustment. Users in their comments say that the bench is solidly made, but for a taller person this set may be too small.

The Hop-Sport HS-1075 bench has a length of 193 cm, a width of 120 cm and a maximum height of 112.50 cm. The device has gained the recognition of many people, including professional athletes.




The bench is made of solid materials. The metal stand can withstand a load of 150 kg. In addition, this model has 5 cm profiles. The surface of the bench itself is also solid, because it was made of high quality eco-leather and filled with soft foam.

Elements of the set:

The bench is sold in a set with a prayer arm support. This item has dimensions of 44 cm x 30 cm. The set also includes a load container with stands.


It is functional equipment that allows you to perform exercises for the muscles of the chest, forearms, arms, triceps, shoulder girdle and legs.


The device has been designed so that each element can be freely adjusted. For example, the bench’s backrest has a seven-step adjustment, while the prayer book and four-step lift. The stand has a five-level adaptation scale, while the four-level press.




Consumers note that the dimensions of the bench are not suitable for a tall and muscular person.


Rank #4: 5 HMS L8301

 Another product in the set is a good and cheap exercise bench 5 HMS L8301. It has a frame made of steel and its length is 151 cm, width 32 cm and height 118 cm. The backrest dimensions are 74 x 30 cm and the seat dimensions 31 x 30 cm. The maximum load of this model is 100 kg. A very useful feature in this model is the ability to quickly assemble it.

With a total weight of 12 kg, it will not be problematic to put the folded bench into the corner after exercising. Because the device is small in size, it will be an ideal equipment for people who do not have a lot of free space.

In this model we have the ability to adjust the seat in three positions, and the angle of the backrest in the range of 0 – 90 degrees. In addition, non-slip grips in the equipment allow you to train the muscles of all parts of the body: back, chest, abdomen, legs or arms.

People who decided to buy this product are satisfied with their decision. The great advantage is the low price of the bench. In addition, consumers indicate that it is stable and easy to install.

A good bench for exercises up to PLN 300 is model 5 HMS L8301. This equipment has the following dimensions: length – 151 cm, width – 32 cm and height – 118 cm.



Weight and dimensions:

The bench weighs 12 kg, so transporting it will not be problematic. Also, the small dimensions are conducive to placing the equipment anywhere, without taking away the space that is usually always missing at home.


The presented equipment is adjustable in three positions, as well as the ability to change the angle of the backrest in the range of 0 – 90 degrees. This way you can adapt the equipment to your needs and the types of exercises you do.

Non-slip grips:

Thanks to the non-slip grips, training not only becomes easier, but also safer.




Compared to other benches, this is not functional equipment that will allow you to perform various exercises.


Rank #5: Magnus MX-Z005

 Ranking of exercise benches will close with Magnus MX-Z005. This model, however, is not only an exercise bench, but a mini gym. The kit includes: a bench with an arm support system for leg exercises (HS system), a leg support system for press exercises (LS system) and a seven-step backrest adjustment, and an adjustable prayer book.

The whole has dimensions of 144 x 56 x 102 cm. The set also includes: two 60 x 50 cm racks with adjustable height 90 – 167 cm, adjustable lift 197 – 202 cm with handle 120 cm wide, leg press 44 x 4 x 30 cm and 50 x 39 x 40 cm, load rack size 34 x 56 x 77 cm, set of professional bars with screw clamps 165 cm, 120 cm and 40 cm long.

The manufacturer also includes a set of 26 bituminous weights weighing from 1.25 kg to 10 kg. Opinions about this product are positive. Customers indicate that the set contains all the elements for exercising each part of the body.

Magnus MX-Z005 is a functional exercise equipment, which is basically a small gym, but at the same time does not take up much space.



Kit Contents:

This is extensive exercise equipment. It consists of a bench with HS system and LS system and a prayer book. In addition, the set includes two adjustable stands, which allow adjustment with a handle, leg press or load rack. In addition, we will find here a set of professional bars with screw terminals and 26 bituminous weights from 1.25 kg to 10 kg.


The device is adjustable. In fact, most elements have a system to change the angle or height.




This equipment costs almost 3,000 PLN, so it is one of the most expensive proposals in our ranking.


The bench with accessories weighs over 200 kg, which makes it difficult to transport and forces us to have a room in which such heavy equipment can be placed.



Shopping guide

The exercise bench allows us to do many different training sets. It enables strengthening the abdominal muscles, but also legs or arms. However, buying exercise equipment is not the easiest way, especially for a person without experience. That is why we have prepared this guide on what exercise bench to choose . We will focus on the features of a good product and the issues of matching it to our individual needs.


Types of exercise benches

There are various types of exercise benches on the market. What type you choose should be related to what the model will be used for. The most universal is the barbell bench. This does not mean, however, that it is only used for exercising with a load. You can do other types of training on it, also for the abdomen, buttocks, back or shoulders, also with free weights. Another type is the adjustable bench, which is used to train the muscles of the back and spine. Whereas a typical model for crunches is an inclined bench.



When choosing a bench, check which material the base is made of. Usually it is a metal that is not only very solid, but also easy to clean. If you want the device to serve you for a long time, choose one that is made of stainless steel.



Each bench has an element covered with material that is of great importance to you. First of all, the material must be very solid – resistant to damage. Another issue is resistance to abrasion. Poor devices, after a long operation after a few months look bad. In addition, it is important that the cover is easy to care for. It’s also important how it reacts to moisture. When you exercise, your body sweats and sweat flows to the bench. It is important that moisture does not cause the body to slide over the equipment. It is also worth checking certificates. If you exercise a lot and intensively, you have constant contact with such material, and it contains dangerous substances, playing sports on such a device can be dangerous for you.



Appropriate stabilization of the bench is extremely important so that the equipment does not move or fall over during exercise. This is especially important when you do a lot of intense exercises with changing positions. The legs should be wider than the lying area. Keeping the right proportions will protect you from falling during exercise. It is also very important when you have children. Unstable equipment can be easily tipped over.



Each device has its limits. For exercise machines, kilo loads are usually quite high. The bench is able to withstand a weight of over 100 kg. Remember, however, that the extra weight in the form of a barbell or dumbbell should also be taken into account. People with a larger weight must pay special attention to this parameter.


Regulation system

If you buy an adjustable or oblique bench for abdominal exercises, which is also adjustable, pay attention to the system of setting the equipment and blocking it. It is important that adapting the device to our needs does not cause us a major problem. For example, if you need to use additional tools to make adjustments, using the bench will be less practical. It is also important that after setting the appropriate slope, you can lock this position. The lock must be solid so that during a more vigorous exercise there is no sudden change of position.



The dimensions of the device should be adapted primarily to the shape of our body. People with medium height and without overweight or underweight are the easiest to find the right equipment for themselves. Growth also plays a big role. Taller people will have a problem with very low benches, so it’s best to choose one with height adjustment. The size should also be selected in terms of space. If we do not have too much of it, it is obvious that we should reach for a smaller model. It is also worth checking the weight of the bench. If it is too low, then the device will not be very stable. On the other hand, a device that is too heavy is less mobile.


Additional items

Very often exercise benches are sold in a set with additional equipment. It is not necessary, but if you focus on functional solutions or just practice more professionally, additional elements will definitely interest you. The most popular elements attached to the benches are: a  lever used for exercising leg muscles, a  place for a dumbbell – an ideal solution for people exercising with less weight. All the dumbbells that you use will be on hand,  barbell benches,  exercise lines,  rotating workout levers.


Exercise benches at good prices

Prices of exercise benches start from PLN 100, although solid equipment costs slightly more. You will pay up to several thousand zlotys for a good device with additional equipment. You can also find more modest budget versions for around PLN 500. Such models are the most popular among consumers. Before buying, you should also consult the opinions of people who have had the opportunity to use the model.


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