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A HAMMER rowing machine is the ideal full-body trainer that trains your strength and endurance at the same time. In contrast to other fitness equipment, around 90% of all body muscles are used with a rowing machine. Your leg and back muscles are used the most. At the same time, you strengthen your cardiovascular system through endurance training. Specially developed resistances such as the water resistance ensure a perfect movement and an authentic rowing like on the water. Visit us in one of our branches and experience this unique rowing feeling.

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Rowing machine – for holistic fitness training

The perfect sports equipment for at home: A rowing machine enables healthy fitness training for the whole body without putting stress on the joints. Rowing is one of the healthiest sports because it demands and trains all the main muscle groups in the whole body. Endurance and strength can be promoted in an optimal way. Rowing is suitable for young and old. With our rowing machines you can train your strength and endurance effectively. The training is easier on the joints than jogging and more efficient than a cross trainer.

What are the physical advantages of regular exercise on rowing machines?

The sport of rowing, or rowing, combines the training of strength and endurance in a unique way. With correct movement, you benefit from extremely health-promoting training for the whole body. The movement is gentle and uses the muscles in a complex way – ideal for the body. Correct rowing technique is important. Rowing properly increases your fitness with a rowing machine.

Active rowers see the characteristics and requirements of modern life fulfilled in their favorite sport: balance, coordination, calm, strength, endurance, team spirit and concentration. The simultaneous training of endurance and strength, the strengthening of the cardiovascular system and the proportion of muscle groups that are above average make rowing unique in terms of health. The dynamic execution of movements uses 90 percent of the entire muscles in the body. This allows you to burn extremely high calories per hour on a rowing machine. With our selection of high-quality rowing machines, the increase in your fitness and the basic energy metabolism is ensured – this helps to lose extra pounds.

With the roll seat you use 70 percent of the leg muscles. Another decisive advantage for physical health is the strengthening of the core muscles: A strong back, strong shoulders and arms and also the strengthening of the leg muscles lead to increased well-being. You benefit from better posture and performance.

Trained muscle groups are:

  • Back muscles
  • Glutes
  • Abdominal muscles
  • Leg muscles
  • Arm and shoulder muscles

Regular training on your rowing machine increases the performance of your entire musculoskeletal system. Our offers offer the right article for every requirement. We will advise you on your choice and together we will find the right rowing machine: whether an inexpensive entry-level machine ( e.g. HAMMER Cobra XTR ) or a professional rower from FINNLO by HAMMER ( Aquon Pro Plus or Aquon Waterflow ).

Rowing machine training – how do I train properly?

Rowing used to be seen as a leisure activity for the elite. The rowing regatta on the Thames between the two English universities of Cambridge and Oxford dates back to 1845. The sport is now also popular with recreational and health athletes. The difference to leisurely paddling: The rower sits on a movable rowing seat, the rolling seat, and uses his strongest muscle, the quadriceps, to develop his strength.

For indoor training, the fitness rowing machine is an effective training device to increase strength and endurance. The rowing technique corresponds to the sequence of movements in a rowing boat. We offer you rowing machines with a boom for three-dimensional movements and machines with a cable. In the starting position, you bend the hips, knees and ankles. Your upper body rests almost on your thighs, your lower legs are vertical. You stretch your arms forward.

The next phase of movement, the draft, begins with the stretching of the legs. During the continuous leg push, your shoulders and upper body move in the direction of the back position. When your hands are at the level of your knees, you begin to bend your arms. In the end position of the supine position, you straighten both legs without bending your knees. The upper body is stabilized in a slightly supine position. You pull the handles up to the lower costal arch and guide your elbows close to the body. The pulling phase ends, and you stretch your arms forward again to the level of your knees. From the supine position, your upper body fluidly follows this movement. You start rolling forward when the upper body is upright. A mirror attached to the side helps to check the posture. Let an experienced coach control your technique. Those who train in a technically correct manner will find the perfect training device in the rowing machine.

The rowing ergometer in competitive sports

To assess the performance of athletes, coaches and sports physicians have been using rowing ergometers since the late 1970s. The step test, for example, is common: the coach sets a certain resistance on the ergometer, the athlete then works on the rowing machine for three minutes and maintains a specified wattage. The training computer displays this. After three minutes the assistant takes blood from the earlobe, the resistance is increased and the next three minutes are started. The trainer continues this process until the stress is reached. The subsequent evaluation of the lactate in the blood should provide information about endurance performance.

Lactate is still used today as a diagnostic parameter. It should be noted that the assessment of the function of lactate is changing. In the past, the substance was considered a key factor for muscular fatigue, today lactic acid is regarded as an important metabolite. This means that lactate supports the transport between cells, organs and tissues. Scientists are increasingly skeptical of the informative value; a single parameter for exploring potential for improvement is not sufficient. For competitive athletes and ambitious rowers, we have the FINNLO Aquon Evolution , FINNLO Aquon Pro Plus and FINNLO Aquon Waterflow models in our range


Rowing in prevention and rehabilitation – moderate full-body training with the rowing machine

Doctors recommend moderate cardiovascular training for diabetes, cardiac arrhythmias or high blood pressure. For a long time, pure endurance sports were recommended. It is now recognized that moderate strength training clearly has positive effects and sustainably promotes the performance of those affected. Consultation with the family doctor is recommended. Rowing on the rower, with a smooth sequence of movements, without sudden load peaks and the stepless adjustment of the resistance, is one of the ideal sports for prevention and rehabilitation.

With the HAMMER Cobra XTR, beginners will find a rowing machine for health sports. In the open air, the rower glides through the water with rhythmic movements, elegantly and silently. As long as the water surface is not frozen, rowing ideally combines fitness and health sports with wonderful nature experiences. A rowing machine at home is the practical solution for the cold season and regular training in your own four walls. The different exercise bikes are space-saving and easy to assemble and dismantle.

The right model – pedal spacing, braking systems and load ranges of the rowing machines

If you want to buy a rowing machine, our offers range from inexpensive entry-level devices to premium devices for competitive athletes. Which article is the right one for you depends on various factors. The price is one aspect; you can find devices in low, medium and high price ranges in our shop. The distance between the pedals determines how realistic you are for rowing on the water and the ergonomics of the training. With the FINNLO brand, we offer top-class rowing machines for professionals . The FINNLO Rower Aquon Pro Plus has a professional step plate spacing of just nine centimeters. The German professional rowers Maximilian Reinelt and Urskauf do their drying sessions on this device.

Can I measure my pulse while exercising with the rowing machine?

In our online shop you will find rowing machines for professionals as well as items for ambitious amateur athletes and beginners. The equipment of the rowing machines includes the chest strap receiver for the optionally available chest strap for pulse measurement. The continuous measurement of your heart rate supports you in achieving the desired training goals – whether high-intensity interval training or moderate health training.

Cable pull or boom?

The rowing machine HAMMER Rower Cobra impresses with its excellent price-performance ratio and realistically simulates typical rowing movements with the help of the extension arms. The resistance is continuously adjusted via hydraulic cylinders, but most rowing machines are equipped with a cable pull. This means that the resistor is connected to the handle with a chain or band.

Which resistance system is the best in a rowing machine?

In rowing machines with a boom, the resistance is regulated by hydraulic cylinders. Rowing machines with rope pull or chain use magnetic, air or water resistance. Hydraulic resistance usually does not run as smoothly as with the other systems, but a very high resistance can also be set here for even more intensive training. Rowing machines with magnetic, air or water resistance run much smoother and quieter.

With the cable pull models you can choose between the following systems:

Magnetic brake system:

Either an electric magnet or a normal magnet is used. With the latter, the distance between the flywheel and the magnet determines the strength of the resistance. The great advantage of magnetic brake systems is that no noise is generated – so it is perfect for rented apartments.

Air resistance

A rowing machine with air resistance is very popular with rowing professionals. As you pull, air is drawn into the turbine. The more air that gets into the turbine, the stronger the resistance. The harder and faster you pull, the harder it is to resist.

Water resistance

Water rowing machines have a water canister in which there is a paddle that provides resistance. As with air resistance, the faster you perform the movement, the stronger the resistance. Because of this and the noise of the water, rowing on the water with this resistance system is well simulated.

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