Reversal Tables: A Safe Element To Treat Muscle Ailments

The inversion tables are little known equipment with which different muscular ailments can be alleviated and used for rehabilitation and muscle therapy. By its method, which goes against gravity, it is a team that causes fear. However, if its use is correct and controlled, there are many advantages it can offer. Sometimes, the lack of … Read more

Calculate Training Zones With The FTP Test

Cycling is one of the most entertaining physical activities and with greater benefits for the body. The practice of this discipline, both in the traditional and indoor modality, attracts hundreds of athletes who enjoy training through pedaling. Cyclists with less experience and professionals seek to make the most of their abilities and skills to obtain … Read more

Sweat, The Importance In Sport

The hottest months arrive, and with it, the stage of the year we sweat the most.   Do you know what sweat function is and what benefits it brings to an athlete? Many people believe that practicing sports, the more you sweat, the more fat loss you get, and that is not true. If it … Read more