What is the CrossFit?

Many people do not know the definition or the real meaning of CrossFit since it is a relatively new sport, which people have begun to know in recent years. Many of them confuse with other modalities or similar sports disciplines based on performing exercise circuits. But the history of CrossFit begins in 1974. Its founder Greg … Read more

Best Gloves For Crossfit Of 2021

CrossFit is a sport that has climbed the rankings in recent years and is increasingly popular among those looking to stay fit and healthy. But this does not imply that the crossfiteros do not have the odd physical tare, such as our “soft” hands. Our sport is indeed demanding. The hands have to bear heavyweights for a … Read more

Sweat, The Importance In Sport

The hottest months arrive, and with it, the stage of the year we sweat the most.   Do you know what sweat function is and what benefits it brings to an athlete? Many people believe that practicing sports, the more you sweat, the more fat loss you get, and that is not true. If it … Read more

Training Programming for CrossFit

First, before knowing what planning to follow or do, it is necessary to know what are the demands that the sport in question is required and, in this way, make the most of the training time to be able to work all these demands. As we know in CrossFit, many physical skills are required, but … Read more

Reebok Legacy Lifter Review of 2021

Announced with CJ Cummings as a flag, the weightlifting community went crazy, and it’s no wonder! I present about the reebok legacy lifter review today. Without even talking about the quality of this piece of equipment, footwear is practically the only equipment we need in weightlifting. The launch of a model like this does not go unnoticed … Read more

Reebok Crossfit Shoes Review Of 2021

After the Adidas Group’s acquisition, Reebok reappeared with a new goal rooted in its old philosophy: To be the flag of the strongest training brand on the planet as the CrossFit. In this article, you will enjoy the reebok CrossFit shoe review of 2020. Reebok is enjoying the exclusive license rights of the CrossFit brand … Read more