Pilates Exercises For A Slim Body

Pilates systematically trains the whole body. The focus is on the stomach, back and pelvic floor.   Pilates exercises – systematic, gentle whole body training In the following article we will introduce you to various Pilates exercises for a strong back, flat stomach and slim body. With the help of the attached videos, you can … Read more

Exercises With The Exercise Ball For Professionals – Perfect For At Home

Jochen has already shown some exercises with the exercise ball for beginners. Now we continue with exercises for advanced and professionals. When training with the exercise ball, the core muscles are required to a great extent, since the balance must always be balanced. Do you need an exercise ball for your home? Exercises at home … Read more

Exercises With Medicine Ball For Professionals

These videos are about the best exercises with medicine ball for advanced and professionals. It is trained explosively and a lot of core muscles are used. If you want to start training with the medicine ball a little more calmly, here you will find Jochen’s exercises with the medicine ball for beginners. Are you looking … Read more

Bodyweight Training – Exercises And Tips For Beginners

  Bodyweight training is booming – from classic pushups to freeletics to spectacular calisthenics workouts. Bodyweight training is becoming increasingly popular. Outdoor training is booming and trends like Freeletics offer a lot of change for little money. Especially when traveling, it is often helpful to exercise with your own body weight. Surely you would like … Read more

Back Exercises For Home

  Almost everyone gets to know back pain. Back pain is uncomfortable to excruciating and often severely limits mobility – back exercises for home work wonders. Elementary reasons for the appearance of back pain are persistent overloading and incorrect posture of the back at the workplace. Nowadays, it affects not only physically hard working people, … Read more

Aerobics – Now Back In Fashion!

The popular sport from the 80s, aerobics, is once again very popular in the sports world. Not only are the flashy outfits of the time and the presentation of these trendy again, but also moving music that is to be motivated is very trendy. But where does the form of training come from and why … Read more