Why rowing is so good for your health

Aside from the sheer joy of having fun, rowing has many health benefits.  Achieving goals certainly contributes to mental health, whereas the cardiovascular aspect improves physical fitness.  Aside from these obvious strengths of rowing, there are other points that should convince you to try rowing. So here are our 10 best reasons for how rowing … Read more

Rowing machine

The rowing machine is the most effective weight loss tool there is.  With it you not only train a single body zone, but the entire body at the same time!  With every move you burn calories – training with the rowing machine is therefore the ultimate master plan for a dream figure!  We will inform … Read more

5 tips for more effective training on the rowing machine

Rowing is a highly intense full-body workout. Since rowing uses over 80 percent of the body’s muscles, it offers efficient strength and endurance training.  With our five tips, an even more effective training on the rowing machine is possible. More effective training on the rowing machine – you decide how hard the training is! The higher … Read more

Rowing machine: train properly with the classic

Rowing machines are available in original designs and offer top full-body training – if you do it right.  How do you row yourself to your best? We have the most important tips for you about technique, workload and training program. That rowing ergometers are true all-rounders was first recognized by classic fitness studios and properly upgraded. … Read more