Training with the rowing machine: This is how rowing becomes an effective full-body workout

The rowing machine is ideal for efficient full-body training – but only if it is used properly. That is why you should know what to look for during training and which muscles are being used. Only in this way can everyone achieve the best results for themselves. Which muscles does the rowing machine train? Rowing is one … Read more

Rowing on the device

Required equipment: Rowing machine Difficulty level: low Target muscles: Broad back muscle – latissimus dorsi muscle Rear part of the deltoid muscle – deltoideus pars clavicularis muscle Hood muscle – trapezius muscle Large and small rhomboid muscle – rhomboideus minor et major subbone muscle – infraspinatus muscle Supporting muscles: Biceps – Musculus biceps brachii Arm flexor – Musculus … Read more

Waterrower: Rowing machines from another planet

15 benefits of rowing machines and how to get results faster

You are the biggest competitor of the top dog Concept2 . There is at least one crucial difference between a waterrower and the ranks of ordinary rowing machines with hydraulics or mechanics. We at will now show you how it works in more detail. Here is a good introduction for you in case you want to buy a waterrower. But first some history … … Read more

How do I row properly? The correct technique explained step by step!

SNODE Water Rower Machine

Rowing is a full-body sport that improves both aerobic performance and strength endurance. Completely  without impact forces , such as when walking, calories can be burned efficiently, without which the joints are loaded there. The rowing movement is usually divided into  two phases  . The  passage  and the subsequent  rolling forward .   The passage works with this movement (positive dynamic). The forward roll (negative dynamic) … Read more

Rowing machine training: advantages for losing weight and building muscle as well as helpful buying tips!

Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 Water Rowing Machine

Whether yoga, tabata training or occlusion training exercises- The fitness world continues to surprise us with new trends and techniques with which we can become fitter and healthier. However, when it comes to weight loss, people stick to one or two machines and rarely vary their exercise routine. Cardio equipment such as cross trainers, treadmills and ergometers continue … Read more

How to Increase Lung Capacity for long runs

Listening to your body before starting a new training plan is utterly important. Understanding what your body isn’t prepared for can save you from a lot of stress and excess tension, it’s the basis of a healthy workout regime. Your breathing holds primary importance, while you run. Lung capacity is an important factor that you … Read more