Contactless Boxing- A Modality For Senior Executives

Boxing is a sporting activity that has gained strength around the world, from being a discipline that used to be related to gambling and violence, to a trend that serves to improve physical fitness.

For all this, this combat discipline has become a training modality for senior executives in England, who practice something like boxing without knockout, blood, verdicts, or bets, keeping only the practical part of the sport, which involves downloading of adrenaline and techniques to keep the body in shape. The modality is also called white-collar boxing.

His name in English is White collar boxing. It has become a trend among executive men because, despite being a combat sport, it does not require the heavy and violent contact that characterizes the discipline. On the contrary, white-collar boxing is defined as an escape route to deal with problems, get out of everyday life, and stay in good physical shape. Hence, many important entrepreneurs in the business world are joining this physical activity.

Training sessions last approximately one hour. During these 60 minutes of physical activity, the men who commonly engage in business neglect ties, calculations, briefcases, and suits, to exchange them for a pair of boxing shoes, shorts, and gloves to climb into the ring.

According to the impression of Fernando FusterFabra, one of the partners of the FusterFabra law firm, when climbing into the ring, the disconnection is absolute. Although you have any problems, situations in mind, signing contracts, business strategies, and more, when you are on the ring, all that is left aside is necessary to get fully into the activity to do it well.

This is one of the benefits of white-collar boxing and provides important physical changes and improvements in muscle toning. With boxing, you also get a professional gain.

In this sense, Juan Luis Cerón, an important director of private banking, said he has taken this activity as a means of training and to get out of the routine. In his case, he started like a team that now consists of eight people, but in principle, there were only two.

According to their experience, thanks to boxing, they now have a greater capacity for attention and a better response to stressful situations, so they have more confidence to face the challenges and problems that arise at work.

The success of this modality is because they are not at their desks sending or thinking, but, on the contrary, they move in a quadrilateral on equal terms against their opponent. This is what makes it an attractive modality for many men. In fact, according to estimates, both the United Kingdom and the United States are two nations with the highest number of practitioners, and the number is constantly rising.

This has happened after boxing ceased to be seen as a sports modality related only to slums and low-income gyms. It has become a supported sports modality for all strata and exceeds social classes.


That’s how it started

It was a group of Wall Street officials who are owed recognition of the “white-collar boxing” modality. By the 80s, this group of businessmen started training boxing, and they were fighting each other.

According to José Luis Serrano, one of the founders of the Spanish Fightland club, white-collar boxing is a discipline similar to regular boxing, but with specific rules. According to Serrano, they prepare between six and twelve even battles of three rounds, of two minutes duration each. Beyond looking to do a KO, the interest is to demonstrate the technique, being seen as a men’s sport.

According to Serrano, many implements are different from traditional boxing, because in this case, the protection is greater. Even the material used is different from that of a traditional fight. In the case of boxing gloves, they are 18 ounces, and the fighters have a helmet to protect the cranial area and face.


Nonprofit Fights

Besides, the fighting does not have a betting or profit purpose but tends to be carried out as part of charitable action. As Serrano explained, they are not boxing professionals, so they do not profit from the fighting. On the contrary, the rates of preparation for the struggles between companies are donated to charitable causes. He said that, although there is no cost per ticket, those who attend tend to donate.

Serrano recalled that one of the fights organized by Fightland managed to raise more than 4,000 euros, which were allocated to charitable acts of the Spanish Foundation for the Promotion of Research on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

Just in this contest, Fuster-Fabra participated and was fascinated with the experience of getting into the ring. In his opinion, it was an unforgettable and intense experience. He said that although he has practiced many sports throughout his life, none is compared to the adrenaline and emotion he felt on the ring.


Little experience

Unlike boxing professionals, white-collar boxing practitioners do not have prior notions. There is only a preparation of about eight weeks before combat.

Serrano clarified that two teams are made for the training, each with a coach and two weekly sessions of one hour, in which the technique and discipline are practiced. In this sense, Serrano, who, in addition to the coach, is also a judge, former champion of Spain, and now a gym owner, in which the White Collar Boxing was included after his success in London, also assured that safety is guaranteed.

He also explained that in England, the modality moves millions of pounds. The mentality about the sport was changed, an action that also seeks to be generated in Spain, where it is already spread around several centers throughout the peninsula.

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