Do You Dream Of Losing Weight Or Strengthening Your Muscles?

The  rowing machine  is a tool also called a rowing machine that reproduces the gesture that the rower performs in a canoe or boat and  allows you to train the whole body  (it stimulates up to 80% the muscles of those who perform it).

The rowing machine is the most complete fitness tool and works the thighs , buttocks , abs , pectorals , arms , shoulders and back effectively. It is important to perform the movements in a coordinated way in order to avoid imbalances.

 Both legs and arms should be used with the same frequency. Great for toning than losing weight. Given the numerous muscles involved in the rowing machine, they make it a tool suitable for everyone. 

If you plan to use it every day, better a higher quality rowing machine such as the fitgymcache.

With SKILLROW , the Technogym rowing machine , you can train both cardio and strength with maximum comfort and the most effective results thanks to its design specifically designed for sport, its exclusive technology and performance-based workouts.

 The training on SKILLROW is truly complete: in addition to losing weight and burning calories, the Technogym rowing machine allows you to strengthen tendons, ligaments, bones and joints, tone the muscles of the legs, arms and back and relieve daily tension and stress.



SKILLROW is the only indoor rowing machine that gives back the sensation of rowing on water : the resistance of SKILLROW allows a perfect simulation of the curve performed during the rowing movement.

 The gradualness of the resistance makes the movements more fluid without kicking back.


Benefits of the rowing machine

– Helps burn fat and lose weight. During exertion, your heart rate increases and this causes your body to need more energy and therefore burn more. An hour of training with the rowing machine burns an average of 470 calories.

– Improve your cardiocirculatory system. Training consistently with the rowing machine will improve physical endurance and also lung capacity.

– It has a very low impact on the joints and this makes the rowing machine accessible even to overweight people and those with joint problems and that does not produce stress or overload on the joints while you work, so it is also excellent for those who are overweight.

It is a complete exercise! The rowing movement involves the whole body. For this reason, training with the rowing machine improves motor coordination.

During training, a lot of concentration and involvement of the mind is required to relieve the sense of fatigue and increase physical efforts: for this reason, it is good to use a product such as  Pharmapure BCAA   and Pharmapure ISOTONIC for optimal recovery.

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