Does Rowing Machine Burn Belly Fat

The most common goal when you decide to play sports to lose weight is undoubtedly to reduce the waistline by burning abdominal fat.

The rowing machine is certainly one of the most complete tools that, with just one exercise, helps you lose weight and tone arms, legs and shoulders.

 But what about abdominal fat which is apparently the hardest to get rid of?

How can a rower help you? How to best use it?

The myth of local reduction

Did you know those much envied tortoiseshell abs you see on television or in fitness commercials, do you actually own them already? You obviously can’t see them, because they’re wrapped in that layer of fat that you so badly want to get rid of.

But if you could now take off that annoying belt, then you would instantly have the abs you want.

Of course it is not possible to do this and that layer of fat that hides your abdominals must be eliminated with a lot of patience and great constancy.

Unfortunately, there are no exercises, tools, techniques or magic formulas that help eliminate belly fat immediately. As already mentioned, the fat located in this area is the most difficult to treat for several reasons. First of all, because it tends to be the one that was formed before and therefore it is more difficult to burn.

The only way to get those lean, sculpted abs that you so desire is to be consistent with exercise and try to burn as many calories, therefore fat, as possible.

You can work out, aerobics, run, cycle or even just walk, but if you want to get results faster then you need to know that the rowing machine allows you to burn a lot more calories in less time than all of these sports.


Calories burned thanks to the rowing machine

Did you know that 1 hour of rowing exercise burns up to 800 calories?

This amount is higher than that of any other gymnastic activity or machine you use to burn fat.

In comparison, with 1 hour of walking you burn only 315 calories. If you prefer jogging, the amount of calories burned rises to about 370, depending on your weight.

Obviously the more the intensity of the exercise increases the more calories you can burn in an hour, but there are not as many activities that can make you lose as many calories as the rowing machine. For this reason, it is one of the most effective tools for burning fat and toning muscles.


How to achieve more with the rowing machine

You can get the most benefits by training with the rowing machine alone if you use it correctly during each stage. In particular, you need to feel your abs work constantly. As? Here is the function performed by the abdominals, phase by phase, during the exercise with the rowing machine:


During the initial phase, which precedes the push with the legs, you have to bring your back forward and this already involves the abdominals .


You have to push on the footplates with your legs and feet while pulling the handlebars with your arms. The abdominal muscles always remain in tension to keep the torso upright.


The legs are fully extended. The arms pull the dumbbell or the oars towards the chest, the abs continue to keep the torso erect.


You have to flex your torso forward to return to the starting position. The abs are also actively involved in this phase.

So let’s see how the abdominals, while simply carrying out a work that we can consider “supportive” for the body, therefore of a lower intensity than the legs, arms and shoulders, are actually constantly involved in the exercise and, if you want to ensure the maximum from this tool, you need to pay special attention to this.

According to some studies, interval training helps burn more calories. What you should do to speed up the results is alternate between 20/30 seconds of intense rowing and 90/120 seconds of more moderate paced exercise for 20 minutes.



The rowing machine will not help you burn more abdominal fat than other physical activities, however, as it is a high-intensity exercise, it helps you burn more calories and thus lose more fat throughout your body, even in the abdominal area.

You don’t need to spend hours and hours on this tool every day to get the results you want faster. In fact, always remember that the recovery time for the muscles is as important as the training itself, because it allows them to rebuild themselves by increasing mass.

Training for 30 minutes, 2 or 3 times a week, is already enough. On days when you are not using the rowing machine, you can do another type of lower impact activity, such as walking or cycling.

Another fundamental rule, then, is to combine your training with a balanced diet, low in fat.

You will see that by doing this, you will soon, and to your great satisfaction, get the results you want.


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