Does Rowing Machine Help Posture

Our posture is linked to many factors of different nature, sometimes even of a psychological nature.

 It is also the mirror of our personality.

It reflects the relationship we have with our body and our past.

Often the efforts and sacrifices that “weighed on our shoulders” also affect posture.

  • Correct posture
  • Exercises to improve it

Correct posture

By posture we mean the position of the body, upright, sitting, or lying down. It can be defined as the “best” position possible at that moment, the one that allows our body to act in the most suitable way.

Even though each of us has his own ideal posture that is little or so different from that of others depending on his own physiological or biomechanical factors, in our body there are some postural alignments which, in the absence of trauma or particular pathologies, should always be respected.

However, if we stand with our back against a wall and keep the chin parallel to the ground, the ears should be vertically aligned with the shoulder joint, while the head should touch the wall.

Excluding any genetic or birth defects, children, especially newborns, are “white boards”: they have a perfect posture.

They are strong and flexible at the same time and, as if they were Olympians, I can take positions unthinkable for most of us.

Over time, the force of gravity, muscle tension, the positions taken, any injuries suffered, etc., as the passing of time causes us to assume more and more imperfect postures.

Exercises to improve it

Improve your posture with simple physical exercises

The question arises spontaneously whether or not a person can acquire correct posture again after having lost it for years. The answer is “it depends”.

In general, however, if there are no obstacles of an objective nature (such as trauma, etc.) it is always possible in most cases to restore the flexibility and strength that our muscles had as children.

What is needed for this is an adequate training plan, and the constancy of doing it correctly and consistently.

If you do not have an athletic body and if, in particular, if you do not have a strong and toned body, your posture will certainly gradually improve “only” by performing the following physical exercises regularly.

So let’s see how to improve posture with simple exercises.

We will talk about the exercises that can be done on a rowing machine and the plank exercises, exercises can  move almost all the muscles of the body.

1) the exercises that are done with a rowing machine

The exercise of rowing on a rowing machine involves 83-84% of the muscles of the body, in particular those of the chest and back, which are essential muscles for maintaining or regaining good posture.


2) the “plank” exercises

Plank exercises are great for toning the lower back muscles, as well as those of the shoulders, neck, and abdominal muscles (lower and side).


To get better results by doing physical exercises, so even those exercises that can be done with these tools, I advise you not to neglect the phases,

  • pre-workout
  • post-workout,
  • stretching,
  • of  my fascial relaxation .

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