Does Rowing Machine Work Hamstrings

A quality showcase on the world of wellness, but also an opportunity to bring together various experts in the sector from disciplines such as yoga, boxing, bootcamp and spinning. All this gave birth to the collaboration , on the occasion of the Lululemon Sweatlife festival, between RowingWOD and Technogym .
The day took place at the Tobacco Dock in London. The aim was, in addition to increasing the endorphin level of the participants, to inspire those who wanted to indulge in some fitness passion. But also those who want to find a completely new one. Both goals were successfully achieved!

RowingWOD was originally born as a training program for CrossFit enthusiasts in 2015. The rowing community has expanded to include athletes who wanted to improve their shape and performance. Especially with the aim of increasing their sporting potential compared to their opponents.

Those who participated in the Lululemon Sweatlife  also had the opportunity to try this type of training on the SKILLROW rowing machine , Technogym’s latest creation in the rowing world . Thanks to the innovative technology of the SKILLROW MULTIDRIVE , the participants in the indoor rowing classes were able to experience the fast switching function from traditional rowing with air resistance to magnetic resistance . The latter is suitable for a type of training, based on repetitions, to increase power.
Also, the connected technology of the Skillrow Appgave users the ability to row together, in total sync. Just like a real crew. In this way, a completely new type of motivation for indoor rowing was born: rowing for yourself but also for the team you belong to.


Train by rowing with the champion

Former Olympian Cameron Nichol  trained by combining high intensity rowing with more technical exercises. Alternating power strokes with bodyweight exercises he led classes on SKILLROW worthy of memory.


Cameron Nichol is a physician, two-time world silver medalist and former Olympic rower. He is also the founder of RowingWOD , a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering athletes to rowing .
Cameron began rowing in medical school, quickly moving up the ranks at Britain’s rowing team . He was invited to the Olympic team only three years after taking an oar for the first time. Cameron then won two silver medals at the World Championship in the eight. And he won Team GB for London 2012 in the replacement men’s pair.

After the Olympics, Cameron finished his medical degree and is now a practicing doctor in London. In his spare time, he trains athletes of all abilities and loves to see them improve with hard work. Nichol wants to improve the way people train and believes that rowing is currently underused as a tool for improving fitness in almost all sports, including CrossFit.


As any rowing enthusiast will know, rowing can be one of the most physiologically demanding workouts to perform. The belief that rowing only affects the upper body is based on an incorrect concept. The correct rowing technique, in fact, stimulates the muscles of the whole body:

  • It starts with a strong push, located in the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes, of the leg. This thrust is guided by an extension of the same from the knees and hips.
  • The power is then transferred to the back, upper body, abs, obliques and lower spine to find stability from the central part of the torso that pushes backwards. And in this phase we work on the power of the arm muscles.

Training on a connected rowing machine

The rowing machine training will also be the protagonist in the world of boutique fitness.
More than a total body workout, connected Technogym products make exercising at home or in the gym a new training experience. Everything is based on a library that includes programs:

  • goal-oriented (therefore with objectives of time, distance, cadence)
  • Interval / HIIT
  • TNT, Technogym Neuromuscular Training, developed by professionals in the sector

Beginners can access a video library with the best trainers to learn the correct rowing technique. Regular gym-goers will be able to enjoy a detailed summary of the results through the App, at the end of each session. Those obsessed with analyzing their own data will have a chance to understand and refine their performance.

Watch the video to find out how much energy came from the classes at this amazing event!


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