Effects Of Cardiovascular Equipment On The Spine

Cardio equipment is a large group of sports equipment popular with people with an active lifestyle. In addition to directly affecting the cardiovascular system and maintaining a normal weight, these simulators have a significant impact on the


Cardio equipment is one of the most popular groups of sports equipment in any gym and home. These include treadmills, steppers and orbit tracks, exercise bikes and rowing simulators, etc. Common to this equipment are the main effects that they have on the human body:

However, before you start training on cardiovascular equipment, it is necessary to study their effect on the spine, consult a professional trainer or sports doctor.

The fact is that some of these shells have a positive unloading effect on the muscles of the spinal corset, relieve stress from the vertebrae and enhance local nutrition, while others lead to painful sensations or complications in various diseases of the musculoskeletal system.



Active walking and running are the most useful, natural and universal sports loads for the human body, during which almost all muscle groups are actively involved, including the muscles of the back and the press. At the same time, shock loads typical of running are contraindicated in patients with back and lower back pain.

For this reason, patients with radiculitis, osteochondrosis, intervertebral hernias, during the rehabilitation period after surgery, in the presence of any diseases of the musculoskeletal system, accompanied by a pronounced pain syndrome, are not recommended to engage in recreational jogging in natural conditions.

However, in many cases, for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of diseases of the spine, an exception is made specifically for treadmills for several reasons:

  • Calm jogging or race walking has a pronounced positive effect both on the state of the body as a whole and on the spine in particular.
  • A high-quality treadmill has good cushioning properties, which significantly reduces the shock load on the spine.

On treadmills, patients with back problems can do the following:

  • An electric drive, which reduces the load on the spine, in contrast to a mechanical one, in which the canvas is driven by the legs of a running person.
  • Low running speeds (the higher the speed, the higher the shock load).
  • Exceptionally horizontal position of the belt during movement. Installing the track at any incline increases the load on the spine several times.

A special type of treadmill is underwater running, in which a mechanically driven treadmill is installed under water so that part of the patient’s body is in the water. In this case, the lesson is carried out under the supervision of a qualified specialist. Movement in the water creates minimal stress on the spine and provides all the benefits of water treatments and jogging.


Elliptical and steppers

Elliptical (elliptical trainer, ellipsoid) is a sports equipment that imitates skiing.

 During the lesson, almost all muscle groups are trained, and the characteristic movements of the legs along an ellipse exert less stress on the knee joints.

 In terms of the complexity of the load on the spine, the orbitreck takes the middle position between treadmills and exercise bikes – they give less shock than the first, but more than the second.

Classes on the ellipsoid are allowed for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular with pathologies of the knee joints.

A stepper is an exercise machine that simulates stair climbing, which has the strongest effect on the spine. For this reason, exercise on this cardiovascular machine is contraindicated for any diseases of the spine and knee joints.


Exercise bikes

One of the most popular types of cardiovascular equipment that simulates cycling. Most often they are recommended for sports activities for people who are contraindicated to exercise on treadmills due to back diseases, especially those burdened by overweight.

It is suitable for all people, including patients undergoing treatment or rehabilitation after serious illnesses or surgical interventions on the spine. In addition to the health-improving load on the body, exercise on a stationary bike can effectively burn calories and get rid of excess weight.

In addition, for patients with diseases of the spine, special models of bicycle simulators have been developed – the so-called horizontal exercise bikes, which are equipped with a comfortable chair instead of a standard saddle. With such a landing, a minimum of load is required on the back, since the person sits in a chair in a reclining or recumbent position.


Rowing machines

A sports equipment that completely imitates canoeing, which allows you to use several major muscle groups at once, including the shoulder girdle, abs and gluteal muscles.

 If the exercises are performed correctly and the load is distributed, then the spinal muscles will only play an auxiliary role, and therefore the effect on the spine will be insignificant.

Additional positive effects of the rowing machine include strengthening the muscles of the back, stretching the spine, and actively burning calories.


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