Exercise Equipment Ranking

If you are looking for a good exercise device that will allow you to take care of your figure then you are in the right place. We have prepared a guide for you, from which you will learn what to follow when buying. In addition, we have created a list of models that are of the greatest interest to consumers. In the first place was the equipment HMS Crunch Sky 17 8 270. This product enables whole body muscle training. The device was created for home use. The device does not weigh much, so you can place it in any place of your choice. What’s more, it can also be folded, which makes it convenient to store. The equipment is easy to use. Training information is provided on an easy to read LCD display. If you are looking for another device below you will find several equally interesting copies. The second place according to users is the York 60251 model . This product is small, but it allows you to burn a lot of calories. It works best when mounted in the door.


The best exercise equipment in 2020

Now we invite you to familiarize yourself with our list. You will find products that enable training of varying intensity. The following exercise equipment ranking includes only models that consumers appreciate.


Rank #1: HMS Sky Crunch 17 8 270

 The HMS Sky Crunch 17 8 270 product is designed to perform various exercises. You can train your whole body on it. The equipment will make all your muscles intensively trained. It is intended for home use. The device can be used as a stationary bike. Also works with crunches.

The weight of this model is 11 kg. For this reason, you can easily move it and place it in a convenient place. The maximum load on this instrument is 130 kg. The product is equipped with an LCD display. It contains information about time, training, distance, as well as the amount of calories burned. In this way you are aware of how the training works.

The dimensions of the device when unfolded are equal: height – 102.5 cm, width – 20.5 cm and length – 24.5 cm. The equipment can be folded, then it takes up little space and can be conveniently stored. Users who use this equipment find it durable.

The HMS Sky Crunch exercise machine has a steel frame. The dimensions of the product are as follows: 102.5 cm x 20.5 cm x 24.5 cm and its weight is 11 kg. The maximum load is 130 kg.



Full body training:

With the help of the presented device you can train the whole body. The user can sculpt the abdominal muscles, chest, shoulders and arms. In addition, regular workouts will improve the appearance of your thighs and buttocks.

Seat height adjustment:

Due to the fact that it is possible to adjust the height of the seat, everyone has the chance to adapt the device to their height and needs. The machine can be used by people of different postures.

Compact dimensions and folding options:

The product has compact dimensions and, importantly, it can be easily folded. As a result, the model will also be suitable for small apartments.


The device has a stable construction, so we can be sure that it is safe to use.


Due to the fact that the maximum load is 130 kg, people who are overweight can also exercise at HMS Sky Crunch.



Display size:

The model is equipped with a display on which we will find information, including about the number of repetitions made. The screen is relatively small, so reading the result from it can be difficult.


Rank #2: York 60251

 York 60251 is an exercise device that makes abdominal muscles easier to train. It is designed for door mounting. With its help you can conveniently make crunches. The model is intended for home use. It can be used by both professionals and amateurs.

The equipment is equipped with adjustable pressure additionally secured with rubber. Thanks to this, the exerciser does not slip. The model takes up little space, making it perfect in any place. The device is made of high quality materials. The metal construction is durable and stable.

Three levels of leg mounting are available. There is a neoprene sponge on the handle. Thanks to her exercises are convenient. What’s more, the material cushions well during exercise. The equipment is easy to assemble. Opinions about York exercise equipment are very positive. This model also enjoys high user ratings. Consumers find the product easy to use and helps increase exercise intensity.

York Fitness 60251 is a very good exercise machine up to PLN 50. With its help, you can build up your abdominal muscles. The model is mounted on the door.




The product is equipped with a solidly made handle. It was covered with a neoprene sponge, which is a material very pleasant to the touch. This means that you will not feel any discomfort during the exercises.

Adjustable pressure:

The presented device has an adjustable pressure that can be adjusted to your needs. In addition, it has a rubber protection that effectively prevents the product from slipping on the floor.


Consumers indicate that mounting the model on the door is not complicated and only takes a few moments.

High quality:

The product is made of good quality materials, and therefore has considerable resistance to mechanical damage. If we buy this device, we will have something to do the exercises for a long time.




The model will be used only for training abdominal muscles, therefore it is not universal.


Rank #3: Reha Fund

 The Reha Fund device is intended for exercising the upper limbs. This good and cheap exercise machine was created for rehabilitation. Thanks to it you will strengthen your muscles. You will be able to move better. The device can also be used for daily exercise.

The product is made of high quality materials. The construction is metal, which ensures its strength. The handles are comfortable to use and provide a comfortable grip. The equipment has a simple construction. The intensity of the exercises is increased only by supporting the hand with the other hand. So you can adjust the load to yourself.

An important issue is the easy assembly of the model. It can be installed anywhere in the house, also on the door. Users appreciate this product for its practical use.

The Reha Fund 881 is a device designed for exercising the upper limbs. The model is useful during the rehabilitation period.



Suitable construction:

Many people emphasize that the product has a solid construction, and therefore the risk of its damage during exercise is very small. Durable materials were used to manufacture the device.

Simple assembly:

If we decide to invest in this product, we do not have to worry about the fact that we will have to make holes in the wall for its solid installation. Installation of the device is simple and non-invasive.

Load adaptability:

The user can easily adjust the load on the model to his needs and progress in rehabilitation.



Small range of motion:

People who have had the opportunity to use the presented device indicate that the range of movement it offers could be slightly larger. Then the exercises would bring faster and slightly better results.


Rank #4: Spokey Crunch

 The Spokey Crunch device is designed to train the whole body. The equipment is created for home use. Thanks to this you can use it at any time. The product is intended for carving various muscles, including arms, legs, buttocks, chest and abdomen.

The device takes up little space. What’s more, it can be folded so it doesn’t take up much space and as a result you can hide the device after exercising. The model is equipped with an adjustable seat. In this way, you will adjust its height to your height and protect yourself from injury. The instrument has a built-in computer and LCD display. With its help, you can check your workout data (time, distance, calories burned).

The frame of the device is made of steel, so it is durable and solid. On the bottom of the device there are rubber tips, which means that the equipment does not damage the ground. Users say the product is stable, even during intense workouts. They also think that the seat is comfortable.

Spokey Total Crunch is a device that allows you to train your stomach, back, arms, legs and buttocks. The maximum load of the model is 120 kg.




The product is equipped with a computer (or counter), which provides information on training time, calories burned or the number of repetitions performed.

Exercise comfort:

The device has an extremely soft saddle, as well as handles covered with pleasant to the touch foam. This guarantees comfort of exercise.

Non-slip overlays:

At the base of the model are non-slip covers. It is thanks to them that the product does not slide across the floor during exercise (less risk of damage to the equipment or injury).




Sometimes when folding, the instrument jams, making it difficult to perform this operation quickly.

No angle adjustment of the bench:

It is not possible to adjust the angle of the bench, so the user cannot adjust it perfectly to their needs.


Rank #5: Total Crunch

 The Total Crunch model allows you to train your figure, lose weight and strengthen your muscles. The device is used to simultaneously train all muscle groups. In this way you focus on developing the whole body. The product is intended for home use. Thanks to this you have access to it every day and you can use the equipment at any time.

The device can be used by both women and men. Total Crunch is an easy-to-use device. The dimensions of this model are 150 cm x 60 cm x 20 cm. In addition, the equipment can be folded. It doesn’t take up much space, so you can put it in the closet.

The maximum load of the model is 100 kg. Remember to consult a doctor before use to see if you can do the exercises. The equipment is made of high quality materials. Thanks to this, it is durable, even after frequent and intensive exercise. Consumers appreciate this model for the possibility of doing various types of exercises.

The Total Crunch TOC001 exercise machine has the dimensions: 94 cm x 47 cm x 108 cm. Metal and plastic were used to manufacture the model.



The device can be folded flat:

The product is recommended not only for large apartments. The device can literally be folded flat in a few moments (then it has the following dimensions: 100 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm).

Improving the appearance of the whole body:

By using this equipment, we can improve the appearance of the whole body, both the abdomen and chest, arms, back and legs.




Due to the fact that the seat is a little hard, after several minutes of exercise we can feel discomfort.

Non-slip feet:

Some time after you start using the equipment, the non-slip feet wear, so they don’t protect as well as at the beginning.


Shopping guide

Regular exercise will help you stay in shape and take care of your slim figure. Know, however, that each part of our body requires different activity. That is why we have prepared this guide in which we will focus on various exercise equipment. We will present several types of devices that will work both at home and in the gym. Each device engages different muscles and is dedicated to different activities. By reading our article you will learn which exercise device to choose.




What training do you prefer?

Before we get to the buying guide, we want you to think about what type of training suits you best. In sports equipment stores you will find universal benches and atlases, on which you will do many types of exercises. During use, various body parts are involved, which allows better body contouring. The alternative is smaller devices designed for one type of effort. An example would be an abdominal device or upper limb exercise accessory. What makes these two devices stand out is their low price and compact dimensions. Unfortunately, the whole figure is not involved during training, so we model the muscles of only one part of the body.

It is important to consider what type of exercise suits you best before shopping. Some people want a comprehensive workout that will guarantee fat burning. Others prefer to exercise individual muscle parts.



It is very important that the materials the device is made of are durable and resistant to damage. In this guide we want to recommend stainless steel equipment. They not only withstand heavy loads, but also are resistant to corrosion. Consequently, the instrument will serve you for a long time.

If you decided on a multifunctional atlas or bench, you must check the seat. It must be sufficiently soft and comfortable. Otherwise, you will quickly feel discomfort during training, which will discourage you from continuing to exercise. We especially recommend a neoprene sponge. It guarantees adequate softness, while the body does not slip on it.


Type of training – which exercise equipment is the best?

In case you are interested in buying a bench or exercise machine, you must pay attention to the number of seats. The simplest machines have only 1 place to exercise, usually you can do crunches. However, if you want more effective training, choose a model that combines more equipment. Modern equipment allows you to sculpt the muscles of the shoulders, arms, chest, abdomen, thighs and buttocks at the same time. The more options the equipment you are interested in offers, the more effective your training will be.



Many machines allow you to sculpt your biceps. To make this possible, the instrument must have adequate load. In addition, along with training, our strength increases, and this requires new challenges. For this reason, you must make sure that the device you want to buy has the ability to regulate the load. Depending on the model, the equipment can have from 3 to even 10 load levels. Make sure to start at the lowest and then systematically increase the weight of the weights.



Probably many readers want the device they bought to serve them at home. Many people emphasize that the best exercise equipment should be small and foldable. This means that after the training we will hide the equipment so that it does not disturb us in everyday life. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to transform a room into a home gym, which is why compact and folding devices are very popular among consumers.



No matter what type of physical activity suits you best, it’s important to be safe. First, check that the instrument structure is stable. A sudden failure may result in an accident.

We recommend buying devices that have non-slip elements. Thanks to them, our body will remain in the same position during training. In addition, the device itself will not move on the floor. We will not only protect the floor from scratches, but minimize the risk of falling and cutting yourself. It is very important that the body does not slide on the equipment, as this causes discomfort and, moreover, can lead to an accident.



Maximum weight

Many exercise equipment has weight restrictions. The value given in the description means that people with a higher body weight should not do exercises on the device, because it may cause damage. The vast majority of products are dedicated to people whose weight does not exceed 100 kg. Fortunately, there are also devices on the market that can withstand higher loads of -120 kg or even 150 kg.


Exercise equipment at good prices

Exercise equipment costs from 50 $ to even 10,000 $. Such a discrepancy results from the size of the product and its development. The cheapest are models dedicated to only one type of activity, such as abdominal or upper limb exercise. However, if you want to train all parts of the body, you must invest in a more elaborate device.


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