Exercises Against Hip Fat – With Sport To Your Dream Figure


A decrease in body weight is achieved when the body is supplied with less energy than it consumes. This can be done by reducing food intake – then you target more of the basal metabolism. On the other hand, the need for energy can also be increased through sport (for example, by doing a few exercises against hip fat).

Exercises against hip fat

The basal metabolic rate is the amount of energy that the body needs at rest. Activities such as walking, climbing stairs, sports etc. require additional energy. Many diets only start with a reduction in the amount of energy consumed. In some cases, the basal metabolic rate is significantly undercut. However, this easily leads to problems.

Because if the basal metabolic rate falls too low, the body switches to the hunger metabolism, which means that it adapts to the reduced food intake. This is the case , for example, when losing weight with Yokebe , which is why such a diet should only be carried out for a clearly limited time.

A good example of this is training in bodybuilding. There, mass is built up over a long period of time and many calories are added to it. In the subsequent “diet phase”, bodybuilders aim to increase the definition of their muscles so that as many individual muscle fiber bundles as possible can be seen. To do this, the athletes drastically reduce their calorie intake. However, they insert a so-called “cheat day” every few weeks, in which a high amount of calories is added. This is to prevent the body from switching to the “hunger metabolism” and to keep the basal metabolism at a normal high level.

If too few calories are added for too long, the basal metabolism is reduced and the risk of the yo-yo effect increases immensely. However, if you want to lose weight long-term and healthy, you should do it with sport. A few exercises against hip fat can always be sprinkled on. But even when losing weight with sport, attention should be paid to the diet. Eating too much puts your metabolism at risk, as do those who restrict food intake. However, the goal is to use energy and build muscle through sport.

If muscles are built up, they will continue to burn more energy when at rest. However, it should be noted that muscles weigh more than fat cells. This can result in the body forming, but the scale showing no measurable success. However, the fitness level of the body improves and the well-being increases. People who want to lose weight with sport should therefore not necessarily weigh themselves, but measure the circumference of the abdomen, hips and thighs with a tape measure to monitor success.

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Exercises at home recommendation

BOSU Balance Trainer





+ is fun

+ good training feeling

+ easy to store

+ very effective


– coordination necessary


Exercises at home Rating: super fun training device that requires a little coordination

Hooping creates a pleasant warmth and a great massage effect on the stomach. In addition, posture is improved and digestion is stimulated. We can only recommend this tire to anyone who wants to start hooping.

A great fitness device that you can use to fight your bacon is the hula hoop . The device is light, inexpensive and can be disassembled by a plug-in system and thus perfectly stowed. By training with the tire, you will strengthen your legs, your buttocks and your back muscles in addition to the center of your body. The swing and smooth movements of the hula hoop increase your endurance and boost fat burning. It’s fantastic that you don’t even have to leave your own four walls for the training. If you train regularly with the hula hoop, you hardly need to do any other exercises against hip fat, since you burn about 500 to 900 calories per hour.

If you lack inspiration for your exercises against bacon, then watch Jochen’s video:



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