Exercises For Everyone From Beginners To Professionals

In this article we will give some tips for performing rowing exercises, for any skill level. We obviously start from the basic level, represented by the Beginners category.

 For those who are entering the world of rowing machines for the first time, it is essential to use (as well as recommended by all experts in the sector) a rowing machine with traditional rowing, called Latin, which is also ideal for starting to burn the calories or excess fat accumulated. for a too sedentary office life.

Before starting, and this is a rule that applies to everyone and for all sports activities, it is good to perform some stretching movements, preparing our muscles for the training that follows. Once this is done we can sit on the rowing machine to start rowing at a slow pace for about ten minutes.

 Rowing should be light and should not strain the body excessively. After these 10 minutes, you move on to a more demanding phase lasting 5 minutes, followed by another 10 minutes of light rowing and, finally, by 5 minutes of final stretching as a cool-down.


Intermediate level

Exercise for intermediate athletes. Beyond the Beginner level, we have the intermediate level, which concerns those people who use the rowing machine regularly (at least three times a week) and who have a body more prepared for greater effort.

 The goal of these people is mainly to tone their muscles. It always starts with 5 minutes of stretching to prepare the muscles. 

Then you will continue on the rowing machine with 10 minutes of light rowing. This phase is followed by 15 minutes of rowing at maximum effort, followed by 2 × 15 sets of training for triceps or biceps. 2 × 15 of shoulder exercises and 2 × 15 of chest exercises.

After these exercises, you return to the saddle of the rowing machine with another 5 minutes of light rowing, followed by 5 minutes of stretching.

 The intermediate level training should not be performed if it is too difficult to complete it and this depends from person to person, if you still do not feel up to the effort, continue with a Beginner workout, which can prepare you for the Intermediate one .


Professional level

We then came to training for professionals. This should also be done 3 times a week.

 It serves to keep the muscles active and to sculpt them, making the muscles of the legs, arms, back and chest work in particular. It always starts the same way, then 5 minutes of stretching, followed by 10 minutes of light rowing.

 These are followed by 20 minutes of rowing at maximum effort, and then continue “on the ground” with a series of 3 × 15 exercises for the biceps, 3 × 15 exercises for the triceps, 3 × 15 exercises for the shoulders and 3 × 15 of chest exercises.

At the end of these you get back on the rower to perform 10 minutes of intense rowing and 5 minutes of light rowing.

 Ending our workout with another 5 minutes of cool down. This type of training is only recommended for advanced athletes.

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