Exercises Pro – Best Cardio Machines for Boxers

Boxing is becoming popular with every passing day and with popularity comes competitiveness. If you are aiming to become the next big start in the boxing industry, now is a good time to train. Most people when thinking of boxing, only think of punching exercises. The main reason behind this is the fact that people relate boxing with punching exercises only. However, very few people know that boxing is more than just a few powerful punches. It is about body coordination, strategy making, footwork, strength exercises, and stamina building. If you skip out on even a single thing, you will not be able to make it to the industry. With every passing day, people are getting more aware of the techniques. They are spending more time improving their technique, building their skill, and practicing. All these things are equally important and you will be surprised how much better you will get if you spend a good enough time. As a beginner in the boxing industry, you might have heard about various exercises that will support your journey. These exercises might not look anything like combat training but they have a very important role to play in the process.

Most exercises that are recommended to the boxers include rope skipping, swimming, stretching, aerobics, etc. all these exercises require you to either have a gym membership or go out of the house. Considering the situation due to lockdown, people are getting very conscious about leaving their houses. As for the gyms, they have been declared as hotbeds for germs, bacteria, and viruses. If you want to avoid the contract or minimize the risk of getting affected by the virus, you can get exercise machines at home. These exercise machines are not only affordable but easily available online. Apart from this, we have developed a list of cardio machines that are especially helpful for boxers. Since you are taking the help of a machine, you don’t need a private trainer, just start a watch or set a clock timer and you will be ready for the work.


If we have to mention an underdog, we need to start with the elliptical. This machine is not perceived as the best choice by most of us, most people like to think of it as something that you can take as an option. Most amateur boxers even avoid using elliptical because of the level of difficulty. However, an expert will agree that it is more effective than most of us think. If you want to go out on jigging but do not have a treadmill, this can be your go-to. This is a great way of stimulating your running and jogging muscles without the pressure that you feel on the joints. Apart from this, you can try many other variations by using the same machine. You can leave the handles and turn your exercise into a hard-core abs exercise. An elliptical is one of the best exercise machines that you can find at a gym. These machines can be used as an alternative to jogging, running, and treadmill as well as an excellent abs workout help.

Exercise Bike

We all know that aerobic exercise is recommended for toning the body and losing the fat layer. So, if you are looking for that bike is the best thing for you. You will be staying in your home and working your legs, feet, and abs muscles. In short, you will be able to get a full-body experience. Another important thing is that you are getting full control. You can increase the speed level, you can increase the friction, or adjust everything according to your ease. No matter what you do, you will be able to do it within a controlled environment. On the contrary, if you are out in open, you might not be able to control these things. Exercise bikes are not only getting quite inexperienced but you will be surprised how many companies are offering sales and discounts on these machines.

Rowing Machine

If you are a house of cards fan, you must know all about the rowing machines. This is an incredible exercise machine that helps you stay at home and do the cardio that your body needs so badly. You can work your upper body, abs, shoulder as well as your legs and thighs. In short, this is one versatile machine that you can add to your house gym. For a boxer, this is an amazing strength and resistance training exercise. With the help of this machine, you will be using all your running muscles without putting any pressure on your joints. You are getting the right kind of flexibility and still helping your muscles and body. With the help of a rowing machine, you are not just limiting yourself to a simple exercise, you can switch it up and start endurance exercises. There are so many different variations that you can try without getting bored. You can bring it up a notch or let yourself go easy. This is a great way to help your body build stamina for boxing practice.


If we have to list down a few things that we miss about the normal days before the pandemic, this has to be the jogging or daily walk. However, with all the things going on, you don’t have to risk your life. Instead, you can stay within your home and use your treadmill. For boxers, this can become an incredible help for footwork. You can not only run, walk or jog but also practice the footwork. Most of the time, boxers like to do sideways walks to mimic the defensive ring walk. With the help of a treadmill, you are working out on your legs, calves, and feet. Apart from this, people like to practice their attacking and defensive walk with the help of a treadmill.

As a boxer, you might have heard the idea of “walk not run”. This idea is mostly used for the boxers who like to run around in the ring and exert all the energy on walking rather than on punching. With the help of a treadmill, you can limit the friction, turn your jogging into strength-based training or work out your footwork that can complement your attacking style. With the right use of a treadmill, there are so many different options that you can try.

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