Features And Tips Of The Best Home Rowing Machine?

Finally you have decided: you want to buy a rowing machine to keep at home, to train your muscles and your is a good choice, since the ” rowing machine ” (another name is called the rowing machine, even if it is named a device which also has an electronic monitor) allows you to train the whole body, stimulating almost 80% of the muscles of those who perform it. The main muscles trained by the rower are:

  • the back muscles: the back begins to work when the legs are pulled up to the maximum and then in the opposite movement;
  • the muscles of the arms: thanks to the work on the oars, the arms perform a constant opening and closing movement;
  • the legs: the rowing machine is an excellent tool for training the legs, in particular the quadriceps that allow a good push and therefore a good row.

Which rowing machine to choose?

There are many models of rowing machines and choosing may not be easy, especially these days where there are hundreds of cheap rowers (about 90 euros) which, although basic, could be perfect for amateur use. For the more experienced there are models with much higher prices, even up to 2000 euros and more, but let’s say that a rowing machine of sufficient quality for most people is around 500 euros. As for the types, the most common are two:

  • Scandinavian and / or Latin traction rowing machine;
  • center drive rowing machine.

The first is the one that certainly allows you to better feel the real sensations of rowing as its traction system very faithfully replicates the act of rowing. The second is the most common type of rowing machine, both in the home and in gyms; it is easier to adapt to it than the Scandinavian-powered rowing machine which, especially in the beginning, can be difficult to maneuver properly.

Two types of resistance

Resistance on a rowing machine is obtained with two different systems, piston or wheel braking:

  • the piston rowing machine consists of two levers that simulate the two oars used in rowing boats. The user, holding the levers, performs the typical movement of the row. The resistance is thus performed by the pistons which are inserted under the rail or on the connected levers. The piston rowing machine is more popular and generally cheaper:
  • the braked wheel rowing machine is more expensive and professional and can be air, water (like the one in the photo above) or electromagnetism, the latter very common in gyms. A rowing machine of this type is formed by an axis where a trolley slides and by a fan on which a chain is attached that is pulled towards the user through a handlebar. With the strength of the legs, back and arms the athlete performs his movement.

Other features to take into account

The more sophisticated models are equipped with an LCD console, with manual controls or touchscreen, which provides various information on the training in progress. Some rowers are also equipped with consoles with pre-set training programs. One factor that must be taken into account is the space needed to contain the tool; if we do not have a large enough space, it can be remedied by choosing a rowing machine model with the so-called “intelligent closing” in order to save as much space as possible. Among the most interesting manufacturers for choosing a rower we remember Carnielli, High Power, Kettler, JK Fitness, Pelikan, Rovera and Technogym.

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