Fitness Exercises At Home – The Ultimate Training Program

When doing fitness exercises at home, some people might think of the stepper from the teleshop or Billi Blanks Tae Bo program from the same. But there are so many ways to get fit at home. In principle, there are no limits to your own creativity.

Whether living room, hallway, kitchen, flat share room or front garden, almost every place at home opens up space for fitness exercises. In addition to the classic exercises such as push-ups , squats, “jumping jacks” or perhaps more “burpees” these days, where only the body weight is necessary, various smaller and larger devices can also be built into the training, thus ensuring even greater variety of exercises and training effectiveness of the fitness exercises at home. Your training equipment for home can also be good everyday objects such as books or water bottles. But the purchase of some “correct” devices is also worthwhile. Below is a small list of equipment that is ideal for muscle training at home.


Effective fitness exercises for at home

You can find good workouts in our exercises section . Here you will find both exercise videos where you only need your own body as a training tool, as well as videos for which you should buy some small devices.


You can find fitness exercises for home without additional equipment in this video by Jochen and Sharona, for example . An extremely effective workout that you can easily do in your home. Instead of the step boards, a step, table or chair are just as suitable.


One device that is definitely worth buying is the jump rope. It is ideal to stow away or take anywhere and you only have to invest around 10 euros for a decent skipping rope. As can be seen in Jochen’s video, jumping rope cannot only be used to warm up. Really effective units are also possible with the rope – just think of the importance of the jump rope in boxing training …


A kettlebell is a very simple but incredibly diverse and effective training device. Fitness exercises for home are excellent to do. Due to the many swinging movements all large and small muscle groups are involved in many exercises and the stabilizing “deep muscles” are also trained.


Exercise mat / fitness mat

The first very useful utensil is less a device and more a useful helper. An exercise mat can be used in almost all fitness exercises. Both when it comes to protecting a sensitive floor or the neighbors’ ears as well as a base for exercises that are carried out on the floor, such as push-ups or situps.


Gynastic ball / fitness ball / pezzi ball

Another very diverse and simple fitness device for home is the  . This makes an insane variety of exercises possible, including the most effective abdominal exercise in the world, as you can learn from Coach Jochen.



With the kettlebell  , which is said to have its origins in the ancient Chinese, extremely many fitness exercises can be carried out at home. Training with the kettlebell has the advantage that most exercises are extremely functional. This means that many large and small muscle parts are always involved and forced to work together due to the dynamically executed movements. This creates extremely good training effects, which ensure a stable “core” and can thus excellent prevent “everyday complaints” such as back pain or bad posture.



You may even have a pair of dumbbells at home. This is also great for training. If you want to get serious about dumbbell training at home, a set of professional system dumbbells is recommended  . So you can use various weights with a dumbbell and always train effectively and progressively. A not very cheap, but in the long run and for space reasons at home very worthwhile purchase.


Skipping rope

If you want to do something not only for strength, but also for endurance and coordination, then you should get a jump rope  . Jumping rope is considered extremely effective. Just 10 minutes of jumping rope should correspond to about half an hour of jogging. In addition, coordination is trained through a variety of jump combinations. The jump rope is used very often in boxing training and in many other martial arts. But athletes of other sports and of course beginners also benefit from jumping rope.


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