Fitness Tube – The Best Exercises For At Home And When Traveling

You can train anywhere with a fitness tube . It is small, light and effective! You can use it for many creative exercises, but you can also use it as additional resistance for many familiar exercises.


Rank #1: Lateral lift with lunge:

In the lunge, the front foot stands on the tube. From this starting position you lower the center of gravity and at the same time raise the stretched arms up to shoulder height.

Make sure that the elbow initiates or leads the movement and that the wrist, elbow and shoulder are in line when you start the sideways movement.


Rank #2: Narrow rowing while standing:

You can attach the rope very well to a (please stable door handle). In a stable, parallel position, you hold the handles of the tube with your arms straight, so that your hands are turned towards your shoulders, palms inward. The knees are slightly bent so that your weight rests on the forefoot. The abdominal muscles are tense and the chest is pushed out.

From this position you start the pulling movement, with the arms remaining close to the upper body. The movement ends when the hands are at chest level. Make sure your torso is upright. This requires a lot of tension in the stomach and back.

Make sure that you don’t fall back and instead stretch your chest further up as you pull.


Rank #3: Long rowing while standing:

Same starting position as for tight rowing. The hands are at shoulder level but now the palms face down. From there the train movement begins. The elbows stay on one level. A very good exercise for the many small muscles of the shoulder girdle. 8-12 repetitions.


Rank #4: Reverse butterfly:

The starting position is the same as for tight rowing. The palms face inwards. From this position, pull with your arms straight, keeping your wrist, elbow and shoulders in line. In the end position, you have opened your arms to about 180 degrees. 8-12 repetitions.

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Rank #5: Triceps exercise:

Stable position, grab the tube by the handle and bring it behind the body so that the upper arm and elbow are directly against the head. The other hand also grips the fitness tube behind the back at about waist height. Now the upper arm is stretched, whereby the triceps has to work. Make sure that you perform the movement cleanly – straight up towards the ceiling – and always keep the upper arm of the pulling arm close to your head. 10-12 repetitions.


Rank #6: Biceps exercise with the tube:

Starting position is an easy lunge. Both hands grip the fitness tube and the front foot fixes it to the floor. The upper arms are close to the body. The train starts from this position – the hand goes towards the chest. Make sure your shoulder lines up with your elbow and wrist. Only then can you isolate the biceps optimally and let it work = grow :-). 10-12 repetitions.


Rank #7: Core / deep rotating muscles:

It is best to attach the tube at the door handle height. You stand shoulder width parallel to the rope. The hand of the arm, which is further away from the rope, grips the tube and the other hand supports. Extend your arms at shoulder height and start rotating. It is a pull exercise ! The rotation occurs from the thoracic spine. Make sure that the hip “stays in place”. You can also bend your knees slightly, making it easier for you to find a stable position and hip position. The arms remain stretched all the time and the head always moves nicely with the pulling hands. A perfect exercise for the deep core muscles. 15-20 repetitions.


Rank #8: Training with the fitness tube

The fitness tube is an ideal training companion. It is not only practical because it can be easily stowed away and taken anywhere, but also extremely functional and effective. The rubber band can be used in general to increase fitness and to train muscles such as with dumbbells , cable pull or kettlebell . A fitness tube is also ideal for sport-specific training. For example, it creates difficult conditions for throwing movements in handball, for beating and kicking in martial arts or beating in tennis, etc. or for easier conditions when pulling up.


Rank #9: The range of fitness tubes

A classic fitness tube looks like the one that Jochen uses in the video. It has the advantage that it is provided with two handles that allow the tube to be gripped safely and comfortably. Thera tapes

are an alternative . They are available in fixed lengths or individually cut to length as an endless version. Thera bands are flat and around 15 centimeters wide. They can also be gripped very well and – for some exercises very effectively – knotted into a ring. A ring made from one piece is the Deuserband

. It is more stable than Theraband and Tube and is very suitable for numerous pulling exercises and, of course, also as additional resistance. You could also be familiar with it from “core training” in football, where it is often used as resistance in sprint exercises.


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