Which Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Should You Choose?

Every day more and more people decide to start physical activity. In order for our sport to bring the desired results in the form of burnt kilograms, we should equip ourselves with a device that will monitor our heart. A heart rate monitor is such equipment. However, contrary to what you might think, buying such a product is not the easiest one. For this reason, we have prepared this guide from which you can learn what to look for and what features should have the best Garmin heart rate monitors. In addition, at the end of this article we have provided detailed descriptions of three recommendable models.


The Garmin brand is known worldwide for the production of equipment related to the aviation, maritime and automotive industries. When designing their projects, the company focuses on innovation, consumer convenience and high usability. Due to the use of modern technologies, the brand has taken up a new project – the production of fitness equipment. It is worth adding that the manufacturer uses only high-class materials.

First, you should think about what type of physical activity you want to use your heart rate monitor. Some of the equipment is dedicated to runners, and another – to cyclists. The main difference is the ability to accurately calculate the route traveled along with speed averaging. If you are an enthusiast of both sports, we recommend choosing 2in1 equipment that can be used for walking, running and cycling.

If you want to buy the best Garmin heart rate monitor in 2020, we suggest you take a close look at the features that will help you monitor your health. The first convenience is the control of calories burned and eaten, which allows you to supervise your diet. Many equipment allows you to generate weekly or monthly progress reports. Runners will definitely love collecting distance and average speed data. The GPS function will save you from getting lost. Interestingly, an increasingly common function is “race”, i.e. competing with your old achievements to improve your fitness. Because our daily results also depend on weather conditions, some equipment has the function of programming precipitation or frosts, which additionally slow down users.


Garmin Fenix 3 010-01338-01

 If you want to focus on innovation and functionality when buying a heart rate monitor, we recommend buying the Fenix 3 010-01338-01 from Garmin. It is a handy watch, which is characterized by elegant design and high functionality. High quality materials were used to construct the device, which ensure high durability. The presented product was created for people who train many sports and care about full control over their results.

A big advantage of the heart rate monitor is the ability to personalize it in terms of gender and weight, which will allow the system to more accurately interpret the results. The standard data that the device collects include: running speed, number of heartbeats, heart rate variability and the maximum amount of oxygen that the body can use within 1 minute. The latter value should change with our training. The watch can also be used when swimming in the pool.

Consumer reviews of the product are very flattering. Many people appreciated the elegant design and great functionality of the device. The heart rate monitor offers a multitude of options that allow you to better control your body. What’s more, it will make it easier to choose the training program to suit your abilities.


Garmin Forerunner 230

 The Forerunner 230 is a powerful and precise Garmin heart rate monitor at a good price. The device was created for people interested in various training. Thanks to this, we can use it both while running, walking and cycling. In addition, every consumer has the opportunity to personalize their equipment by defining a personal purpose. The device will regularly inform you how much exercise you still have to do to achieve it.

The watch has many useful options, which include measuring distance, pace and time. It is worth adding that the equipment has the ability to calculate the VO2 max. The last value is variable. As we grow, we become better athletes. In addition, the heart rate monitor has the function of sharing your results online, where you can closely observe your traveled route. At the end of each workout, the system counts your steps, distance, calories burned, and amount of sleep per day.

Consumer reviews of this equipment are very positive. Many people appreciated the low price and high precision of the heart rate monitor measurement. Thanks to this, all collected data is accurate and can help you train effectively and stay healthy.


Garmin Fenix 3 HR 010-01338-71

 When deciding to buy a heart rate monitor, you should pay attention to its appearance. Manufacturers most often combine the function of an elegant sports watch with a device for measuring our heartbeat. Thanks to this, the product is not only functional but also elegant. Garmin Fenix 3 HR 010-01338-71 is such a device, characterized by high precision of measurement, but also a nice design.

The device’s antenna is made of stainless steel, which guarantees high resistance to shocks. The presented product uses modern technology and measures the heart rate on the wrist, which ensures accurate data. A big convenience of the model is the color display that makes it easy to read the collected data. In addition, the slide is sapphire, so it protects the mechanism. It is very hard and resistant to accidental abrasions and impacts. The advantage of the heart rate monitor is that it can be used for practicing almost any sport, because it collects data on running dynamics, stride length, rest length, calories burned and VO2 max.

Consumer reviews of this watch are very flattering. Many people appreciated the possibility of connecting the heart rate monitor to their smartphone, which allows even greater control of the collected data. It also gives us the opportunity to send our achievements and share them with friends.


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