How do I row properly? The correct technique explained step by step!

Rowing is a full-body sport that improves both aerobic performance and strength endurance. Completely  without impact forces , such as when walking, calories can be burned efficiently, without which the joints are loaded there.

The rowing movement is usually divided into  two phases  . The  passage  and the subsequent  rolling forward .


The passage works with this movement (positive dynamic). The forward roll (negative dynamic) in turn serves as a recovery phase and subsequent preparation for the next stroke. Once you get used to the sequence of movements, rowing is easy.

To better explain the sequence of movements, we split the two phases into five phases. This enables us to go into the individual details better.

[A] – The starting position






[B] – The beginning of the passage





[C] – The middle phase of the draft







[D] – The final train






[E] – The unwinding






In theory, the sequence of movements sounds very complicated. But it really isn’t. Many of these individual movements are already unconsciously carried out correctly .

Just check your stroke against this list. Either in front of the mirror or through a second person. Once you master the technique, it’s like riding a bike.

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