How To Adjust Resistance On A Life Fitness Rowing Machine

Life Fitness Rowing Machine Row GX Trainer


Description: Life Fitness Rowing Machine Row GX Trainer

The Life Fitness Rowing Machine Row GX Trainer is a great choice for demanding gyms or private athletes. The versatile Indoor Rower offers joint harmless endurance training complemented by the positive effects of light strength training. The Life Fitness Row GX Trainer rowing machine offers 16 resistance levels through which training can be better adapted to the users performance level.

Indoor Rower with a remarkable quality of movement

The water resistance system is similar to rowing on water. The water resistance system of the Indoor Rower offers the same advantages as on water: faster and stronger strokes increase the intensity of the training. This makes intensive workouts easier to do. Also you can adjust the resistance more precisely. Select between 16 resistance levels before training and adjust the basic resistance accordingly. This makes the Life Fitness Row GX Trainer perfect for users of all abilities .

The course of motion on the Life Fitness Rowing Machine Row GX Trainer offers optimal ergonomics. For example, the improved grip and the adjustable pedal surfaces contribute to this.

Space saving during and after training

One of the biggest problems with many Indoor Rowers – in the gym or at home – is their considerable length which makes them difficult to store. The Life Fitness Row GX Trainer Rowing Machine therefore offers a particularly refined design. It is just 195 cm long. Even tall people don’t have to compromise on comfort during training. And even after training the Life Fitness Rowing Machine Row GX Trainer is in no way a problem. It can be folded away to save space and is extremely easy to move thanks to the integrated transport wheels.

The Life Fitness Row GX and Row HX rowers represent a successful combination of superior workmanship and pleasing design. Both models shine with a water resistance system, which gives the tools a pleasant and realistic rowing feel.

Life Fitness rowing machines offer, thanks to their resistance system, a workout for all fitness levels. During rowing with water resistance the training difficulty increases with the intensity of the rowing. That is: if you pull with strength and speed, even the training becomes heavier. Life Fitness rowing machines also offer you the ability to adjust the basic resistance. You can individually adjust the training intensity in 16 resistance levels on the Row GX and in 4 on the Row HX.

For users who want to train on the basis of pulse, an optional chest strap is on sale.

Life Fitness rowing machines offer optimal ergonomics

The Life Fitness rowers convince with the optimal ergonomics of the adjustable footrests, the comfortable seat and the handy rowing handle. Thanks to the practical folding mechanism, the rowing machines can be raised and stored away in space.

Row GX and HX rowers are equipped with an intuitively controlled training computer. The computer not only provides you with all relevant training data such as calories per hour, distance and time, it can also be tilted 4 times. View your training values ​​on a panoramic LCD display with an optimal perspective.

Compared to the Row HX, the Life Fitness Row GX trainer has 9 programs (including 6 training profiles) such as quick-start, manual training and an interval program. You can set up your training individually and always stay motivated.

The highlight of the Life Fitness Row HX rowing machine is its sleek wooden design. The extraordinary design makes the Row HX Trainer a real eye-catcher. With the purchase of this tool, you receive a valuable training partner who also looks beautiful!


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