How To Train With The Rowing Machine

The rowing machine is by far one of the most useful tools you can find in the gym, or that you can decide to buy to create a perfect home gym for your every need.

 Unfortunately, however, often this tool is not used, a real shame, considering that we are talking about a tool that allows you to train 80% of the muscles of your body, starting from the lats up to the legs, arms and even ‘abdomen.

So let’s see how to train with the rowing machine to get a toned and really fit physique.


Muscle Groups Involved in Training

To get started, it is important that you know that with a single rowing session, you will be able to train most of the muscle groups in your body.

 Starting from the lats and legs, due to the retracting movement typical of rowers and the resistance you will have to exert on the tool.

Without forgetting the arms, thanks to whose movement you can also train your shoulders, in addition to the triceps and biceps.

 Finally, with the rowing machine you also train your abs. Instead of the classic exercises on the mat, you could use this machine for a continuous workout of your abdomen.


Rower and Proper Positioning

Before reviewing the different exercises that you can do with the rowing machine, it is important that you are clear about the position you will have to assume on the apparatus.

 The reason is due to the fact that, although the rowing machine may seem very easy to use, it requires a correct posture so as not to load the back, to distribute the weight on the legs and arms, and to use the abs to manage the movements.

 From this point of view, therefore, let’s see how you can get a perfect positioning.

Our advice is to get comfortable on the seat first, centering your body on the metal bar of the rower and tightening your buttocks, to get the best possible grip.

 In addition, also make sure that your feet are properly tied to the pedal straps, as this will allow you to make a congruous, satisfying and also particularly safe movement for the ankle joints.

 After ensuring stability to the feet, take the arms or handlebars of the rower but lightly, never applying excessive pressure. Once this is done, straighten your back and soften your shoulders to work your arms and abdomen properly.


Exercises with the Rower

Even if you probably don’t know it, rowing workouts are not all the same, just like other equipment, intensity and speed determine the presence of exercises suitable for a variety of purposes, such as muscle strengthening or weight loss. In other words, although the rowing machine is a purely aerobic tool, it also allows you to gain mass, as well as lose weight. So let’s see what exercises to do.

Training for Weight Loss
If you intend to use the rowing machine to lose weight, here is the perfect workout for you, first warm up to 500 meters with a continuous row, followed by a sprint over the same distance. After these two steps, take a minute of rest and repeat both exercises 5 to 10 times, carefully measuring your degree of resistance and training, never force if you feel tired, but try to improve your times anyway, to optimize your workout to lose weight.

Cardiovascular training
The rowing machine is also an optimal tool for cardiovascular training. From this point of view, we advise you not to rely on the distance traveled but on the times, in this sense, you will have to use the rowing machine for a minimum of 20 minutes up to a maximum of 40 minutes, as it is aerobic training, therefore continuous and without pauses. It’s no easy walk, but the effort will reward you with outstanding results.

Professional training
When you have reached a great shape, and become familiar with this tool, you can finally use the rowing machine for a professional and intensive training. In this you will have to be the coach of yourself, thus establishing a goal to be achieved and a time within which to achieve it. The challenge is obviously to improve the times and lengthen the distances more and more, so our advice is to make it more competitive by challenging a friend who will have to perform the same exercise with you.

Before closing the central section of our guide on how to train with the rowing machine, it is important that you know one thing, this tool turns out to be much more tiring and demanding than a common session on the stationary bike or treadmill. Consider, however, that neither of these two tools allows you to train so many muscle groups in one go, then it is obvious that you will never have to overdo it, and that you will have to do the different workouts that we have proposed, always taking care to respect yours. limits and your fitness.


Advantages Training with the rowing machine

Now that you know which exercises to practice with the rowing machine, you are rightly wondering why to struggle with this tool rather than doing much simpler and less strenuous exercises.

 The reasons, from this point of view, are many, already mentioned of the fact that the rowing machine allows you to train 80% of your muscle groups, it should be added that this happens in full respect of your joints. 

The movements are in fact controlled, which means that you will not load your body weight on your knees and ankles. The same goes for your back, as long as you keep it straight during your training on the rowing machine.

 In other words, with this tool you will avoid inflammation, contractures and obviously sprains and other joint problems that could otherwise force you to stop more or less long.

But the advantages of training with the rowing machine certainly do not end here, this tool, in fact, allows you to train both the trunk and the legs in a uniform way.

 We are talking about a very important factor that is often underestimated by those who do the weight room, who often preferred to define the muscles of the upper body, to the detriment of those of the legs, also loading the back excessively. Which does not happen with the rower.

In addition, this tool is also an optimal solution to improve posture and to train the back and shoulder muscles, helping the back to stay straight.

 As if this were not enough, training with the rowing machine also improves your endurance under stress, and therefore your cardiovascular capacity.

Finally, we could never close without emphasizing the advantages of the rowing machine for those who are overweight and would like to lose excess kilos?. Being a purely aerobic workout, it allows you to easily burn lots of calories and activate your metabolism, thus burning fat and helping you get back into shape.

 Then consider that, for those who weigh many kilos, other activities to lose weight such as running can be problematic for the joints, since the entire weight of the body weighs on them, and the body is obviously not used to excessive efforts, all consequences that you can avoid by training with the rowing machine.


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