Indoor Rowing Training With Indoor Rowing

Indoor rowing is a practice born from the fusion of fitness with rowing, and is increasingly practiced in gyms all over the world. This is a great way to keep fit and lose weight.

 For those who do not want to train at a competitive level and maintain a slower pace of training, they can still entrust the health of their body to indoor rowing, as it is suitable for any type of person, body or goal.

In fact, to lose weight, for example, it is not necessary to train like a madman, but also a constant and complete training, can lead to goals in a few simple steps.

 This need is not only satisfied by the most common rowers, but also by the most original tools, such as the remoregometer, coming directly from Northern Europe, where in winter the rivers are frozen and the two Dreissigacker brothers have reinvented the rowing machine to be able to train even in cold seasons (later American Olympians).


A comfortable tool is essential

This is a tool particularly used in gyms and private clubs, which uses the air resistance that is created by a fan, which simulates the movement of the oars in the water, resulting in resistance. 

The on-board computer monitor then indicates progress by marking the distance traveled, an estimate of the calories burned, the pace, speed and heart rate (essential for a correct workout).

Indoor rowing is a type of activity that can be practiced by both professionals and beginners. Furthermore, through this discipline, competitions and events are also organized at various levels and championships. 

The type of movement tickles both the cardiovascular system and numerous muscles of the body, including: arms, legs, back and buttocks. Slimming through this activity is due to the oxygenation of the tissues obtained with this type of exercise.

 Based on their physical abilities, anyone is able to perform an indoor rowing workout, even at home. Even older people can try this type of activity, as it is performed in comfort while seated and on a padded and comfortable seat. In this case, however, it is good to choose a qualitatively better tool,


How indoor rowing takes place


Around the world there are many indoor rowing competitions that are held every year.

 In Italy, there are many and it is one of the fastest growing countries in this sport.

 In particular, the “Concept2 Open Indoor Rowing Championships” are held in Rome, attracting thousands of fans every year.

 Other competitions include those that simulate rowing competitions over a distance of 2 km, one of the most demanding physical tests at a sporting level and which has given our country so much satisfaction in the past Olympics.

Both at home and in the gym, indoor rowing includes a warm-up phase and a real lesson lasting 20 minutes, up to a maximum of 40.

 Even the most experienced rowers try their hand at this practice, which remains one of the best to prepare for a competitive event.

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