Indoor Rowing, Fitness Training In A Canoe!

It is one of the newest and most interesting trends in fitness. Indoor Rowing represents an evolution in the use of the rowing machine and is rapidly gathering consensus even in USA!

Born from the fusion of rowing and fitness, Indoor Rowing is an exciting discipline that leads athletes (and all those who want to try their hand) to simulate the gesture of the classic rowing in water, with an ad hoc tool to tone the muscles of the arms. , legs and back.

 Not everyone knows that the rowing machine – or ergometer oar – made its appearance around the 1950s, and at that time it was reserved for professional rowers during training. Later new models were created, different from the first rower in terms of resistance, because they use a shovel as a force.

 Equipped with a mini computer with a readable screen, they allow you to know a series of data, from the number of strokes, to the calories burned, to meters traveled up to heart rate.


The Indoor Rowing method: the three phases of indoor rowing

For a correct execution of the exercise it is  necessary to pay attention to three steps: the start, the push and the conclusion . The starting position is with the lower limbs flexed, the spine erect, the upper limbs extended and the hands on the handle.

 In the second phase the legs are straightened, the trunk is erect and the push back allows you to bend the arms bringing the handle to the height of the sternum. The last movement involves bringing the abdomen in contact with the legs that bend and push forward.


A high-intensity, calorie-burning discipline!

In addition to strengthening the muscles, one of the advantages of rowing is the high energy expenditure consumed.

 In just 30 minutes of training you burn about 250 calories , but for the most trained people you can burn up to 2,000 calories per hour .

 This activity is a great way to lose weight, keep fit and tone your muscles. The movements involve more than 80% of the muscles through the execution of an aerobic effort.


Without the right music and company there is no fun!

The music is a central element in this activities in the group and an experienced instructor. Indoor rowing is truly addictive and pays off a lot in terms of well-being, not only for trained people, but also for beginners.


All the benefits of a complete activity


There are many benefits of rowing, starting with the work on the legs and thighs , which basically perform a squat horizontally. As for the upper part of the body, abdominals, backs and shoulders, triceps and biceps are involved  

. It is recommended to prepare for indoor rowing with adequate stretching, so as not to incur sudden jerks and muscle distortions, obtaining the maximum result from the elasticity of the gesture. By performing the movements correctly, 10 minutes of intense activity are enough to keep your heart and lungs in shape ! 😉

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