Is Rowing Machine Good For Back Pain?

The rowing machine is a very useful tool that simulates rowing as if you were on a boat or canoe, there is no water but it is a very useful tool to lose weight, to get back in shape, it also has benefits for the heart and it is considered aerobic, so we can also lose weight. Widely used in gyms, the rowing machine is usually composed of a platform where you can rest your feet, a trolley for horizontal movement and a handlebar or oars that simulate rowing

The rowing machine , also called ergometer oar is a particular type of tool that faithfully reproduces the action of rowing a canoe or a boat. In fact, the rowing machine is composed of a base where the feet are hooked, a trolley horizontal that slides back and forth and two sticks tied to a line that would be oars or cut oars .

The rowing machine rests on the ground, takes up the space of an elliptical bike and is often used in the gym to tone certain muscles. It goes without saying that the rowing machine is used by all rowers during preparation, the winter months and as a warm-up. Simulating the movement of the paddler, the rower also has many features to make rowing harder, faster, rowing long, short, with back support etc.

There are various types of rowing machines, the classic one is composed of a platform, a handlebar that can be small or large, as in the multifunction bench, and a sliding trolley. The resistance is given by a spring, by a weight or by particular braking systems that make rowing more difficult. This type of rower does not perfectly simulate rowing and cannot be considered a faithful and professional rower.

Then there are professional rowers who faithfully simulate rowing . They may be more expensive but are better if we looking for precise rowing . However, they have limitations because they cannot be used as multifunctional exercise machines. So the choice of the rowing machine should be thought out starting from what you want to do with such a tool.

The previous image wants to show how a professional rower works, clearly the pictured rower and at the moment there are very computerized professional rowers, with even LCD screens that simulate the path on a river. The big difference between the two rowers is the handlebar rope in one while the other has the oars hooked in the middle of the tool.

Is Rowing Machine Good For Back Pain?

The rowing machine is a tool that does not allow us to strengthen all the muscles of our body but it is very useful because it leads to numerous psychophysical benefits. In fact, with a continuous effort on the rowing machine with a low resistance you can work in aerobic capacity and therefore you can burn excess fat.

The benefits of the rowing machine used in aerobic capacity (i.e. a continuous effort with heartbeats that are around 120-140) can be summarized as:

  • weight loss, loss of fat and excess fluids
  • improvement of the cardiovascular system
  • general toning of your body
  • release tension and stress
  • coordination between parts of the body
  • joint improvement while preserving the joints (in fact knees and ankles are not stressed like running for example)

If we also wanted to do some toning activity, it is possible to use the rowing machine in a slightly more marked way with stronger resistances to increase the muscle mass of the legs, buttocks, shoulders. The benefits of using the rowing machine professionally are therefore:

  • Increased muscle mass in the legs, buttocks and back
  • Increased power and endurance
  • Strengthening of joint / tendon resistance

The rowing machine is a complete tool for those who want to play sports and do not seek absolute performance, it is also an excellent tool to begin to become familiar with the coordinated movement of the canoe and rowing. Taking a course is very important to learn how to use it well and coordinate in the right way otherwise you may not fully achieve the benefits that the rower brings.

Exercises on the rowing machine

Many types of exercises can be done on the rowing machine for almost any part of the body . The basic exercise that is done on the rowing machine is the rowing , or the rowing . This would seem the only possible exercise and instead you can do many exercises even standing up and taking advantage of the rowing machine. This is valid only and exclusively if the rower does not have half-mounted oars and is composed of the handlebar and the rope.

Exercise rowing machine base
L ‘ main exercise which is carried out on the rowing machine is rowing the rowing. Like any tool and aerobic activity you need a lot of coordination otherwise you risk not making the most of the rowing machine and making more effort with less results. Mainly in the basic rowing exercise when the legs are bent the arms are straight and as the legs are stretched, the arms should be bent. If the movement is uncoordinated and the legs reach the end of the stroke much earlier, you risk working mainly with the arms and making it more difficult and vice versa.

Other exercises with the rowing machine
You can do biceps if you remain seated with your legs straight and work your arms that take the handlebars in the opposite way to the row. In this way you can accumulate the lifts of the barbell with the rower string.

Shoulder exercises on the rowing machine can be done by standing on top of the dumbbell, grabbing it and doing raises with the arms up.

On the rowing machine , it is also possible to do triceps exercises if you sit in the opposite direction to the row and take the handlebars by reaching behind the neck. From there the raises for the triceps can start as shown in the figure.

Finally, the pectorals are also part of the exercises that can be done with the rower. In fact, putting our shoulders parallel to the movement of the trolley and the torso above the rower, it is possible to take the handlebar and bring it inwards, thus working the pectorals.

In all these exercises on the rowing machine it is important to adjust the hardness of the rope in such a way as not to force too much, allowing the muscle to work perfectly without straining it too much. All these exercises can be combined together for a great training program on the rowing machine.

How can I train on the rowing machine?

Making workout on the rowing machine certainly means get fit and tone most of the muscles in our body . Clearly the tool must be liked and you have to learn it well. Rowing is essential to be able to make the most of it.

The training can vary from person to person , we can do a workout only to burn calories and therefore lose weight, we can also do a toning workout with all the rowing exercises seen in the previous paragraph. What we will try to suggest in this section is a complete workout to get in shape with the rower.

Rower training (3 times a week)

  • Warm up with light rowing (15min)
  • Rowing a little more demanding but not at maximum effort (20min)
  • Stretching (muscle stretching – 10min)
  • Exercises for triceps, biceps, shoulders, pectorals (2 series for 10 beats for each muscle) to be progressively increased over the weeks – 20min)
  • Light row at the end of the workout (10min)

This training proposal on the rowing machine is only indicative and is one of the possible training programs on the rowing machine. If you just want to lose weight, we recommend an average continuous effort of 35 – 40 min. You may need to work differently on the exercises dedicated to the muscles and therefore we can very well invent many variations of training on the rowing machine.

Which muscles do I develop with the rowing machine?

The rowing machine is great for toning several parts of the body and several muscles. However, it must be emphasized that if you do poorly coordinated and decompensated movements, that is a little with the legs and a lot with the arms, for example, you risk not benefiting from the rower. Before talking about the muscles that work with the rowing machine, we can say that the light rowing machine, without too much resistance, is a tool that allows you to tone your muscles and lose weight.

In fact, if you keep a light resistance and do many continuous rowing for twenty minutes you are able to make your body work in aerobic capacity and therefore to burn excess fat. So it is conceivable that you can do particular types of training on the rowing machine that start with making us lose weight and then transform us toning over the months.

The muscles that work on the rowing machine are:

  • The legs, especially the quadriceps that push on the platform accompanying the work of the arms. The legs are essential for a good push and a good row.
  • The dorsal muscles, in fact, at the maximum point of gathered legs we begin to push with the legs and the back begins to work because the movement of the shoulders is backwards.
  • Muscles of the shoulder blades because it pulls back and the arms work with the oars
  • Arm muscles for the work done on the oars

For a good rowing and to make a correct force on the tool the antagonist muscles, i.e. abdominal muscles, etc. must be toned in order to be able to express more power in the row. Then there are complications if you overdo the work on your back (we could have back pain) or if you tear too much with your legs . This means that in order to use the rower you must first have understood and learned the right proportion between the thrust forces in the row.

Technogym rowing machine

Technogym is the market leader in fitness equipment and the quality of technogym products is not in question. On the other hand, Technogym products could be very expensive and often too bulky to be used at home.

Technogym rowers are mainly two , the first one that is taken into consideration is professional, used in gyms and not very much at home, it is a bulky tool and provides a wide variety of programs with an excellent computerized system. This type of rowing machine can also be put in series.

The second rower that is proposed is professional , with little electronics, some models do not have their own and faithfully reproduces the movement in a canoe and rowing in general. This is why it is not good for invented exercises but is limited solely and exclusively to doing what the rower was born for and therefore rowing

Technogym products are reserved exclusively for professional fitness and often have a much higher cost than others. Clearly, if you want to do sport and seriously rowing, it is better to opt to spend a little more to have a quality product.

Economic rowing machine: decathlon

The Decathlon rowing machine is perfect if you want to row at home and are looking for something cheap. Actually there are several rowers that Decathlon offers and the range covers almost the entire range of rowers.

It starts from the basic range that does not have the rope and not even the simulated oars but the external stirrups that simulate the rowing anyway. As you can see in the figure it is a very rudimentary rowing machine without many programs but perfect for those who just want to do rowing, or rowing. Cost approximately 120 euros .

Another type of rowing machine has a sturdier carriage , is electronic, and has a rope . The detail of the rope is very important for those wishing to do the rowing exercises proposed above. As you can see, the structure is very sparse and rudimentary and is fine for beginners and for unpretentious rowing, if instead you are looking for performance then it is better to go to other brands. Price above 200 euros but below 300.

Obviously Decathlon also offers more professional types of rowing machines costing even 1,000 euros but for those figures it is better to choose a serious rowing machine produced by specialized companies.

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