Learn To Move In The Ring And Train Functionally

There are many sports, as the disciplines are very varied. In fact, in the same sport, there may be different variants that retain the essence, but their execution and rules are different, ending with varied modalities.

Exercising is important to develop good muscles and have an active life that counteracts the sedentary lifestyle. Hence, many people decide to start exploring in different sports activities with which they feel identified.

Among the most popular sports modalities are football, basketball, tennis, and baseball. These are usually the most popular, and practicing them is positive because they allow you to develop coordination skills, strategy and are even suitable to stimulate sociability among members.

In addition to these modalities, many others are gaining space in the sports world, attracting large numbers of young people. One of them is boxing. A few decades ago, boxing was a little recognized sports activity, but it has become a serious and endorsed sport over time.

It is a training that requires effort, capacity, resistance, and that breaks with everything that has been practiced regularly. Also, being a sport that is categorized within the contact ones, it turns out to be a different and fun way to exercise and get in shape because it allows you to release stress, improve health, mood, and even anxiety.

However, this sport is not for everyone, and practicing it does not only involve wearing the best boxing gloves and starting to hit. The modality needs technique and has multiple benefits if you know how to take advantage of the movements’ time and execution. So if you are interested in this sport, it is worth knowing some of its benefits and start training.


Boxing Benefits

Currently, there are many boxing clubs and even gyms that are dedicated exclusively to the practice of boxing and its variants, which are increasingly present in the different cities of Spain, so there are many spaces to practice any of their disciplines of Efficient and professional way in the country.

Also, boxing is a sport whose practice generates a high-calorie expenditure. Therefore, it is a recommended option for beginners and inexperienced in the sports world and people with more experience in other sports, whether group or contact.

Boxing is an integral sports activity. It may be that in the eyes of the inexperienced, this modality seems to be only suitable to tone and improve the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Certainly, these two muscles are the most used to execute the blows, which are the essence of the sport. However, its practice involves many other extremities. In fact, with boxing, there is almost complete bodywork. The movements require skill, speed, strength in the abdomen, and strong legs.

One of the best benefits of boxing is that you learn to control different skills such as coordination and agility, both necessary if you want to have a technique during your practice. On the one hand, intermuscular coordination is what allows the boxer to move effectively in the ring. On the other hand, agility in the legs and feet is what will give the technique to learn to dodge the blows and make movements that lead to winning the fight.

In addition to learning to potentiate these two skills, boxing training is efficient, because it implies a high cardiovascular level, being necessary to have resistance, to tolerate at least intervals of three intense minutes of activity. Considering the patterns of short periods of activity followed by breaks, boxing is also conceived as training that demands effort, similar to the exercise routines with Hiit high-intensity intervals.


The training

It is true that in boxing, you fight against an opponent who must be defeated but, by practicing this discipline as a beginner, the first classes will be far from hitting another person.

All boxing classes begin with a warm-up time, which serves to adapt the joints and muscles involved in the activity. In this first phase, different exercises are worked on, and the jump rope is used. This warm-up is done to prepare the body, control the pulsations progressively, and enter fully into the sport’s specific training.

The first thing that beginners must learn is the techniques of basic strokes in sports discipline. The techniques of hooks, direct and upper, are necessary to be forceful and effective with the blows that are executed. Simultaneously, a clean technique allows the boxer to avoid injuries from bad blows against the opponent.

In this sport, the blows are trained differently; it can be using a partner who will serve as sparring or training only with the help of a bag or a pear. Also, there are different ways of training regarding the speed and sequence of movements.


Attack and defend

Every sport has two faces. While the attack is important, defending is also important. For a boxer to know how to dodge and cover himself is almost as necessary as knowing how to hit. The idea is not only to hit but also to learn to avoid them or cause them to cause the least damage to the body. So to acquire the defense technique, it is necessary to have a partner.

The sack is suitable only during training to acquire technique in the footwork and the agility of the movements in the ring. Boxing is a dance, a kind of show where it is necessary to know how to move from one place to another, with technique and style.

A boxing training session tends to end with stretching sessions, which allow the muscles to regain their elasticity, in addition to this time serving to return the pulsations to calm.

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