MARNUR Full Motion Rowing Machine Indoor Rower [2021 Edition]

Double resistance: air and magnetic screen HD touchscreen 22 inches (about 56 cm) compatible iFit , adjustable pedals Extra large console adjustable seat oversized folding.


MARNUR Full Motion Rowing Machine Indoor Rower REVIEW

Thanks to its air resistance system, doubled with 26 digital resistance levels, the MARNUR Full Motion Rowing Machine Indoor Rower provides you with constant pulling comfort and variable intensity at any time during your workout.



Air + motorized adjustable on 26 levels



Type of movement

central draw

Max user weight

130 kg

Of programs




Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

113 x 55 x 73 cm


218 cm


55 cm


125 cm


48 kg

Carton dimensions

1.35 x 0.58 x 0.64 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF THE MARNUR Full Motion Rowing Machine Indoor Rower


– The Air resistance system reacts to every hit of your workout. The more you row, the greater the volume of air moved by the fan which gives you greater training intensity and allows you to burn more calories. The air system provides an intensity that varies in proportion to the pulling force.
– The magnetic resistance system on 26 levels brings fluidity and precision during your workouts. During your iFit workouts, the resistance automatically adjusts based on the video.


Adjustable Console Angle: Find your best position with the adjustable console angle. With the right posture you can get the best out of all your workouts while staying comfortably!
22-inch HD touchscreen, you can measure your training progress at a glance:
– Number of oars per minute,
– Total number of movements,
– Time in minutes of your session,
Calories burned,
– Watts control the power developed.


iFit® Coach is an immersive and engaging fitness experience designed to help you achieve your goals effectively. * (* Premium subscription paying for the 2nd year to be purchased on iFit Premium Card )
• More than 200 interactive videos with workouts developed by professional coaches (including 30 in French)
• Automatic synchronization of resistance according to the workout
• Challenges between iFit members
• Live workouts

This subscription gives you allows you to have up to 5 users on the same account.
Simply turn on your gear and you can immerse yourself in a full personal training experience, right at your home.


– Transport CASTERS : Moving the RW900 is quick and easy with the front wheels mounted.
– Space saver: Fold in one easy step, you free up valuable floor space in seconds.
– Footrests with Wide Straps: Designed to keep your feet in place, these footrests are constructed with adjustable shoulder straps to increase stability.
– Oversized seat on a steel rail: This seat is wide and flexible to ensure you have a comfortable workout.
– Jack socket to listen to your music thanks to the integrated speakers.

Ref: NORVRW15920

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