Max4out Water Rowing Machine [2021 Edition]

Excellent Design The frame is composed of high-end ash wood that is both robust and attractive. Knee injuries are reduced because to the ergonomic seat, active recoil mechanism, height adjustable footplates with straps, and easy to grip and operate controls.
Water is a great way to get a full-body workout. The arms, legs, waist, buttocks, and back all benefit from rowing machine workout. It improves muscular vitality and coordination, and it’s the greatest choice for fat burning and decompression.
Water Resistance Can Be Adjusted You can alter the resistance by adding or removing water. The two fan blades produce infinite resistance as well as a dynamic reaction as a result of the harmony.
Authentic Rowing Experience The oars and the water will provide quick resistance every time you pull the rowing machine, giving you a smooth and realistic rowing experience.
Space-saving This rowing machine may be stored in a standing position, taking up less than 0.3 square meters. It also features dual caster wheels, allowing it to be readily moved to any location.

Max4out Water Rowing Machine REVIEW

The Max4out Water Rowing Machine with its sleek and resolutely modern design is very pleasant to use thanks to its water resistance which reproduces a movement and fluidity faithful to reality.







Type of movement

Central draw

Max user weight

110 kg

Console (no. Of windows)







210 cm


63 cm


51 cm


36 kg

Carton dimensions

2.16 x 0.17 x 0.09; 0.71 x 0.61 x 0.61 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF THE Max4out Water Rowing Machine

Elegance, refinement and compact frame, WaterRower rowers enhance your surroundings.


The unique construction of the flywheel associated with the water resistance guarantees a fluid movement and true to reality (increase in resistance according to the volume of water inserted).


– OAK STRUCTURE , the most beautiful effect.
– DOUBLE RAIL DESIGN: Solidity and elegance.


The maximum capacity of the tank is 19 Liters but the tank can contain between 13 to 19 Liters.


The water resistance offers exceptional operating silence, only the lapping of the water punctuates your workouts.


An efficient and pleasant workout is guaranteed thanks to a good ergonomic position for rowing, a fluid movement and a solid support for the feet.

S4 monitor:

User-friendly and easy to use.
It displays speed, duration, watts, calorie consumption and also the number of strokes, distance and cumulative duration.


The WaterRower is easily stored upright when not in use.
– After your workout, simply lift the WaterRowerto conveniently place it against a wall.
– The low position of the patented WaterFlywheel flywheel makes the machine very stable when stored.
– The integrated wheels allow it to be handled with ease.


For ecological reasons, all the wood used in the manufacture of rowers comes from replanted forests.

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