Merax Water Rowing Machine[2021 Edition]

The Merax Water rowing machine is priced in the midst of the expanding number of fluid-resistant rowing machines on the market. A water machine can cost as little as $350 (see ‘Also Worth a Look’ below) or as much as $2,500 for the finest models. But, since there are cheaper alternatives to Merax’s product, what makes the extra fee worthwhile?

There are a few characteristics that might entice you, so keep reading.

We’ll start with the assembly, like we do with all of our reviews. And here’s the good news: it’s very simple and shouldn’t be too difficult for even the most inexperienced DIYer :0) The rowing position is also pretty comfy once you’ve completed the task. It includes a comfortable, supportive seat that is at a comfortable height for the aging knees. The handle is well-padded and fits well in the palms (no blisters expected), and the large footrests are capable of keeping you secure when rowing. However, because this is a tiny rower built for limited settings, it has a short beam, which means it’s not ideal for people above six feet tall.

This rowing machine’s steel frame gives it a robust feel, even at high stroke speeds with increasing resistance. With smooth runners under the seat, the Merax is also rather quiet, allowing you to enjoy the sound of the water splashing around in the tank.


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Now, let’s talk about the water resistance mechanism. To produce resistance, all rowing machines use hydraulics, magnets, air, or water – more information here. The Merax has an inclined take, which they believe improves resistance (maybe, but only by a marginal amount). You can adjust the intensity of your workout by adding or subtracting water. Note that for roughly $150 more, you can get a model like the First Degree Newport with a lever that allows you to modify the resistance level without having to meddle with the water in the tank – something to think about.

The Merax tank has six different resistance levels, with a reasonable variation between the highest and lowest to provide a variety of workout intensities.
Display Unit/Monitor
A monitor is included with the Merax Water, as is the case with a number of other similar rowers. It’s a good-sized LCD screen that’s simple to operate. It shows the majority of the typical workout data, including duration, strokes, calories, distance, and heart rate (but note, a heart rate chest strap is not included.)

It also offers a race program in which you set a stroke rate and compete against the computer (we love this function), as well as the ability to set targets for time, distance, strokes, calories, and pulse, and the display will count down until you reach your goal – a lovely touch.

The console, on the other hand, is not PC compatible and does not have the capacity to connect to fitness applications, which is a feature that a number of other companies offer.
The Merax Water rowing machine is a solid rowing machine. It looks and feels fantastic, and the steel frame is well-constructed, so it should last you a few years. Our only criticism is that, when compared to other similar rowers in this price bracket, it appears to be roughly $100 overpriced – check the table below.






Type of movement

Central draw

Max user weight

150 kg



Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

53 x 51 cm


214 cm


55 cm


54 cm


35 kg

Carton dimensions

1.01 x 0.56 x 0.585 (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF THE Merax Water Rowing Machine


– Water resistance reproduces the natural effect of movement in water, the intensity increases with the speed and pace at which you work.
– Tank capacity of 9 – 17 L, for an even more precise adjustment, you can modify the quantity of water contained in the tank.
– 5 resistance levels to adapt your training thanks to a stainless steel water wheel.


– Bluetooth LCD screen with USB socket displays 7 functions for monitoring your training data:
– Rowing,
– Time in minutes
– Distance in meters,
– Approximate calories burned,
– Heart PULSES in bpm …

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You can purchase the optional chest strap for precise tracking of your heart rate during training.


– Central pulling system with traction cable,
– LCD computer / batteries,
– Double rail seat with ball bearings, for smooth and precise movement,
– Swivel footrests / straps,
– Transport rollers ,
– Position upright to save space,
– American ash wood.

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