MMA Training: Hardcore Circuit Training

The hardcore circuit training. In 8 stations with a mixture of martial arts-specific exercises ( MMA training ) and crossfit exercises, you can raise your heart rate decently with this training program and give it full throttle.

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The MMA training circle in brief


The MMA training consists of eight exercises.

The working time is between 45 seconds and 1 minute.

In between you have a 20 second break.


Think of a sensible and thorough warm-up before intensive training sessions!

As a warm up we suggest the following program:

             1 min jumping jacks (fairly global exercise where the whole body works)

             Skippings: more legs, knees nice and high, slowly getting faster and at the end of the minute again 15s full throttle

             5-6 Frog Ups: the Iliopsoas is switched off, which is usually always involved in crunches. So the full power must come from the abdominal muscles

The MMA training in a circular format

20 seconds break after each exercise!

Exercise 1:

1 min explosive work squats with shoulder press . So that the squat is as clean as possible and you go down far enough, you can best place step boards behind you that serve as tactile help. Remember that you put tension on the core muscles so that you do not tip into the hollow back, in our video you can check your technique again. If necessary, we will explain the exercise to you in a video:


Exercise 2:

1 minute rotators with the barbell make sure that you come off your hips nicely and work with long paths, so go far down. The arms stay long! You don’t work out of the biceps and the front shoulder!

Exercise 3:

Clean and Push Press with the barbell bar The barbell is always completely removed with each repetition. With an explosive movement, you bring the barbell to your neck. From there it goes up with a small impulse from the rear with the barbell. Important: work particularly clean during this exercise and pay attention to good body tension

Exercise 4:

Rotators with medicine ball While sitting, you squat your legs slightly and lift your feet off the floor. You hold a medicine ball with both hands and let it rotate around the body axis from left to right – a short tap is made on each side. Work as explosively as possible and pay attention to good body tension so that you really only rotate around the body’s longitudinal axis and do not “rumble”! Here we have a video with a precise guide to the Rotators:


Exercise 5:

45 wide and 10 tight pushups alternating for the chest muscles for45 seconds

Exercise 6:

mountain walks . You go into the push-up position. The hands are directly under the shoulder. You pull one leg forward. The hips can fall in a bit. With impulse from the core muscles you pull the hips up and the legs change their front / back position. Make sure you work quickly. Here is a detailed video about mountain walks:


Exercise 7:

Core / Renegade Row for the back muscles  For this exercise you need a couple of barbells. The starting point is the push-up position. The body remains stable and you alternately row with both arms. Here is a youtube video about this exercise:


Exercise 8:

Burpees with an explosive jump classic burpee followed by an explosive jump in which you squat your legs:


If you still can, add another 1-2 rounds to it ;-).


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