Mr Captain Rowing Machine [2021 Edition]

One of the most recent water resistance rowing machines produced in 2020 is the Mr. Captain Vintage Oak rower. We may compare it to the WaterRower Vintage Oak model in terms of quality and design, but it comes with a separate fitness computer that also has Bluetooth connectivity. It’s a decent trainer that’s a lot less expensive than other options.

Specifications and Key Features

Dimensions when assembled: 82L x 22W x 20H inches (208L x 56W x 51H cm)
Weight when assembled: 58.5 pounds (26.5 kg)
Weight supported: 320 lbs (145 kg)
Solid oak wood frame with an antique finish
Size-adjustable footrests with straps
Type of resistance: Water
Bluetooth-enabled exercise meter with three workout modes

Mr Captain Rowing Machine

Construction of the framework

The Mr. Captain Vintage Oak rower has a vintage finish and a dual-rail frame made of real oak wood that has been oiled and waxed. It’s built to last, at least in comparison to the light-commercial variants. It has a weight capacity of 320 pounds (145 kg).

It’s worth noting that the rail covers on which the seat moves are constructed of sturdy aluminum alloy, as opposed to plastic coverings on other similar models, which might break or wear out over time. They feature a golden finish to match the machine’s overall hues, as well as the golden “Mr. Captain” logo on the side.

The machine, when fully completed, is quite huge. It measures around 82′′ (208 cm) in length and 22′′ (56 cm) in width. As a result, it can easily accommodate people up to 6’5′′ in height, providing for full leg extension and range of motion.

Although the rower cannot be folded, it may be stored vertically. When stored vertically, the footprint is 22′′D x 20′′W x 82′′H. (56 x 51 x 208 cm). When the equipment is kept upright, the water might remain inside the tank.

The machine is not overly heavy when fully constructed. It weighs 58.5 pounds net (without the water inside the tank). The tank holds approximately 4.5 – 5 gal (17 – 19 liters). As a result, the machine’s full weight can reach around 100 lbs (45 kg). However, it is simple to move once it has been completed. Its front base has a set of huge silicone wheels that make it easy to move. The rower is also supported by four huge rubberized stabilizers.

Other components, such as the seat

An ergonomic seat is included with the Mr. Captain Vintage Oak rower. To begin, its top incorporates a layer of foam cushioning and is curved to offer the user with better placement. It has a faux leather cover that is both robust and sweatproof.

The seat’s base is composed of the same oak wood that the rest of the frame is built of. As previously stated, it is strong enough to support users weighing up to 320 pounds (145 kg). It has eight wheels, four of which move on top of the rails and the other four on the inner surfaces of the rails for further stability. The sealed ball bearings in the wheels provide for a smooth seat action. Their outer layer is also meant to reduce noise.

Last but not least, the seat is a little lower than on other rowers like the WaterRower Gronk HiRise. Its top is approximately 12′′ (31 cm) above the floor level. Furthermore, because the rail system is horizontal, the seat movement is constant throughout the rowing motion.

A set of huge, silver footrests are included with the Mr. Captain Vintage Oak water resistance rower. They can also be adjusted. They can, however, accommodate sports shoes of any size. They also have adjustable straps and heel protectors to help with foot stability.

The footrests’ angle, however, is not adjustable. They’re fastened to a board that’s positioned at a 45-degree angle. As a result, they place your feet in the best possible posture.

The machine’s pulling handle, last but not least, is a short bar with ergonomic grips. It lacks pulse sensors, which are present in other, more expensive equipment. It is fastened to a heavy-duty nylon strap that is abrasion-resistant. The fact that the machine’s driving system is based on a strap rather than a chain can be a big bonus. This is because the machine is quieter and easier to use, and the strap does not need to be lubricated.

System of resistance

A water resistance system is included with the Mr. Captain Vintage Oak rower. It comes with a polycarbonate water tank that can hold a lot of water. Its exact capacity is unknown, however it is likely to be close to that of other models’ tanks, ranging between 4.5 and 5 gallons (17-19 liters).

The major source of resistance is a multi-blade impeller that rotates in the tank’s water as you pull the lever. A metallic spring is also integrated into the drive system, which recovers the strap during the recovery action. There is no extra chamber or water level adjusting knob on the tank. As a result, if you wish to change the rower’s overall resistance, you’ll need to add or remove some water from the tank.

The Mr. Captain Vintage Oak model, like other water resistance or air resistance rowers, has a dynamic response. This means that rowing feels very much like rowing a real boat across water. In other words, the machine’s resistance is proportional to how hard you pull the handle. If you pull harder, the impeller in the water inside the tank will spin faster and provide greater resistance. In contrast, if you don’t exert as much force into each draw, you’ll get a lesser resistance.

This rower is rather quiet when it comes to noise emitted during use. The impeller whirling inside the water tank makes some noise, but it is quite low in volume.

Accessories such as an exercise meter

A decent exercise meter is included with the Mr. Captain Vintage Oak rowing machine. To begin, it has a multi-sectioned LCD display that keeps track of time, strokes per minute, total strokes, calories burned, distance, and pulse. Because the machine lacks touch sensors, you’ll need a wireless HR chest strap to use the pulse reading feature.

There are three workout modes on the meter unit. Manual, Interval Custom, and Target are the three options. In Manual mode, you can simply row while the monitor displays your spm, strokes, and time elapsed. The Interval Mode allows you to construct your own exercise intervals with rest and work times. Finally, the Target mode allows you to set goals for various metrics such as time, strokes, calories, and so on. When you choose a target, the unit will count down from that point until it hits zero, signaling when you’ve fulfilled your setup goal.

The device is also Bluetooth-enabled and works with the FitShow app for iOS and Android. This program allows you to track your progress online and includes a number of other useful features.

The device is powered by a battery. It begins when you start rowing. If there is no activity on the system for some minutes, it will automatically enter idle mode to save battery.

There are a lot of additional accessories supplied with this machine. The cover, the phone holder, and the electric water pump are the most remarkable. Even though the machine is only for indoor usage, the dust and moisture-proof cover can come in handy if it’s going to be out of commission for a while. The phone holder is a little ledge built into the fitness meter’s bottom. As a result, if you connect the meter to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you may utilize the app’s UI by placing your phone right on the meter. The pump is powered by a battery and can be recharged via a USB wire. If you wish to increase or decrease rowing resistance, it’s a handy attachment for adding or removing water from the tank.

Installation and upkeep

The resistance tank for the machine is already constructed and affixed to the front half of the frame. Only the rails and the seat need to be attached. It shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes to do this task. The manual contains all of the necessary directions, as well as all of the necessary tools.

The water inside the tank should be treated with a chlorine pill on a regular basis for upkeep. Rower chlorine pills are preferable to pool chlorine tablets. Apart from that, all you have to do is keep the unit clean, particularly the rails, to avoid any damage to the seat wheels.

The Advantages

Constructed to last — can sustain individuals weighing up to 320 pounds;
Frame is composed of solid oak and has a vintage finish.
To minimize space, it can be kept vertically.
Handling and transportation are simple;
Stabilizers with rubberized grips for added floor protection;
Water resistance system for the most natural rowing experience possible;
Extra-comfortable ergonomic seat with a padded top;
Footrests that can be adjusted;
Included is an exercise meter;
On the exercise meter, there are three workout modes: manual, goal, and interval.
Connectivity through Bluetooth and interoperability with the FitShow App (available for iOS and Android);
Operation is smooth and quiet.
There are all of the necessary tools provided;
Included is an electric (rechargeable) water pump;
Included is a waterproof and dustproof cover.
The workout meter has a phone holder built in;
There is very little upkeep required;
It’s simple to put together.

The Negatives

The workout meter has no lighting;
The HR chest strap, which is used to measure pulses, is not included.

The Mr. Captain Vintage Oak is a water resistance rower with a strong frame, excellent ergonomics, aluminum rail covers, a huge water tank, and an exercise meter with three workout settings and Bluetooth connectivity. The machine comes with an electric water pump and a cover. It’s an excellent trainer for full-body cardio, interval training, muscular toning, and weight loss. It’s also a lot less expensive than other similar machines.







Type of movement

Central draw

Max user weight

110 kg

Console (no. Of windows)






Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

not foldable cm


210 cm


63 cm


51 cm


45 kg

Carton dimensions

L 2.16 xl 0.89 x H 0.17 + L 0.70 xl 0.56 x H 0.60 (L x W x H)



Elegance, refinement and compact frame, WATERROWER rowers enhance your surroundings.


The unique construction of the flywheel associated with the water resistance guarantees a fluid movement and faithful to reality (increase in resistance according to the volume of water inserted).


– STRUCTURE IN BRUSHED STAINLESS STEEL resulting from an original design project initiated by the WaterRower Munich study center (Germany).


The maximum capacity of the tank is 19 Liters but the tank can contain between 13 to 19 Liters.


The water resistance offers exceptional operating silence, only the lapping of the water punctuates your workouts.


An efficient and pleasant workout is guaranteed thanks to a good ergonomic position for rowing, a fluid movement and a solid support for the feet.

S4 monitor:

User-friendly and easy to use.
It displays speed, duration, watts, calorie consumption and also the number of strokes, distance and cumulative duration.


The S1 of WATERROWER is easily stored vertically when not in use.
– After your workout, simply lift the Le S1 fromWATERROWER to store it vertically and conveniently against a wall.
– The low position of the patented WaterFlywheel flywheel makes the machine very stable when stored.
– The integrated wheels allow it to be handled without any difficulty.

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