Which Non-Slip Yoga Mat Should You Choose?

Buying a non-slip exercise mat is a bit difficult, because you need to choose the best from hundreds of products. The market offer is wide, which is beneficial on the one hand, and not entirely on the other. You definitely need to verify the quality of the remarkable exercise mats, for example, by checking reviews of the products that interest you. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our ranking, which was based on buyer comments. Our information shows that Avento M173 X is a good quality exercise mat, which can be bought in gray and pink colors. It has two strings that allow it to be fastened and comfortable to carry. According to the comments, it provides stability during training and works well when performing various types of exercises. The second place in the ranking belongs to the Tiguar Mata Yoga Basis Mat TI-J0008S anti-slip mat . It has metal eyelets for hanging.

A mat is an inseparable element of a yoga practitioner’s equipment, regardless of the type or technique of yoga practiced. Currently, we have a lot to choose from, which are more or less professional. Everyone has slightly different expectations, so it’s worth spending a moment on the right choice. What to look for before choosing equipment for yourself and what distinguishes the best non-slip yoga mat in 2020? You’ll find the answers in our guide.

People starting their adventure with yoga should buy a product that will ensure safety and comfort of exercise. The greater the adhesion, the smaller the risk of the mat slipping. The user’s height should be taken into account, because our entire body should be secured when performing any position, not just part of it. Safety and comfort also depend on the quality of the material from which the mat was made.

There are many yoga mats that are very similar. Equipment available on the market differ primarily by four parameters: thickness, material, length and price. An incorrectly selected product is like uncomfortable clothing. This, in turn, may discourage you from exercising.

Comfort is determined by the thickness, the thicker the mat, the greater the comfort of our body and better insulation from the floor. In terms of thickness, we distinguish standard (classic) products up to 7 mm, light up to 4-5 mm, and the simplest and thinnest with a thickness of 2 mm. The length of the mat is usually between 72 and 182 cm, and the width between 24 and 60 cm. Most mats with basic anti-slip parameters are made of PVC, but some are also made of TPE and rubber.

The best non-slip yoga mats have a surface made of rubber or polyurethane. Due to the fact that the rubber has a rough surface, it provides good adhesion to the substrate. In contrast, polyurethane for a change has a smooth structure, but has adhesive properties, which also provides good adhesion.


Non-slip yoga mats – Ranking

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Rank #1: Anti-slip Avento Yoga Mat M173 X 61 Cm

 If you are looking for a product that will provide high comfort during exercise, the Avento M173 X 61 Cm model should interest you.

This non-slip exercise mat at a good price is made of the highest quality materials that ensure its durability and ease of cleaning. It is very light and flexible, so you can roll it up after training and put it in your backpack. An additional advantage is that it doesn’t take up much space after rolling up.

This model is equipped with two strings with a carrying handle. Its surface is non-slip, which guarantees safe training. Product dimensions are length – 173 cm, width – 61 cm, thickness – 4 mm. It is available in two colors: gray and pink.

It is also worth considering very positive reviews about this model, which contribute to the fact that it sells very quickly. Customers say that the mat perfectly insulates from the ground and is resistant to mechanical damage.



Comfortable carrying:

The mat, when rolled up, is convenient to carry. It has two strings with which it can be fastened. This ensures that it will not develop at the least expected moment.

Training safety:

Non-slip material was used to manufacture the accessory. It does not slide on the floor, guaranteeing maximum stability during exercise.

Brochure included:

A brochure is included in the set. There are examples of exercises that can be easily done. It is worth adding them to daily training and thus diversify it.

Easy care:

According to published reviews, cleaning the mat is easy. Dirt is easy to remove.



Few colors to choose from:

Consumers complain that only the gray and pink color matting is available in the offer.


Rank #2: Tiguar Mata Yoga Basis Mat TI-J0008S

 We present a professional yoga mat that allows you to safely perform all positions. It does not move on the floor, thanks to which the exerciser has adequate stability. The exact dimensions of the product are: 183 cm x 60 cm 0.5 cm. The diameter of the mat after rolling is about 10 cm.

To make this mat, a rubber and PVC mix was used, which made it possible to obtain a solid, wear-resistant product. The mat is easy to clean. On its surface there are metal wheels that allow it to hang freely. The product is available in plum and sea color.

Reading reviews about yoga mats, one can come to the conclusion that it meets the expectations of buyers. The product is considered durable and aesthetically made. It guarantees stability during exercise, which is the most important thing.

Tiguar Yoga Basis Mat TI-J0008S is a non-slip yoga mat with dimensions: 183 cm x 60 cm x 0.5 cm. It is available in plum and sea color.



High quality:

As confirmed by the test of anti-slip exercise mats, this model has very good durability. PVC and a rubber compound were used for its production. The accessory retains a nice look even after prolonged intensive use.

Guarantee of stability during exercise:

The mat was made in this way to guarantee maximum stability when performing various asanas (yoga positions).

Low weight:

The product weighs only 0.8 kg, which ensures that its carrying will be convenient. The mat can be successfully taken to yoga classes outside the home.

Nice shades:

People who decided to buy this product admit that both color versions are nice.



Increases sweating of the hands:

In individual comments you can read that the hands in contact with the mat begin to sweat more intensively.


Rank #3: Exercise mat Sissel Gym Mat

 If you want to buy a durable exercise mat recommended by consumers, see the description of Sissel Gym Mat. The product can be purchased in three colors: gray, red and blue. The exact dimensions of the accessory are: length – 180 cm, width – 60 cm and height – 1 cm.

The mat is recommended for professional use in the gym, but also for work at home. You can’t do all kinds of exercises with her. It has a pleasant to touch surface that is delicate to the skin. Due to the fact that the mat is relatively thick, it absorbs well any impacts. Cleaning the product is easy, it can be disinfected without fear of damage.

The Sissel Gym Mat meets the expectations of those who decided to buy it, as evidenced by positive reviews about it. The product guarantees stability and looks nice at the same time. The Sissel Gym Mat has 180 cm x 60 cm x 1 cm. You can choose an accessory in blue, red and gray.



Easy care:

We often sweat intensively during exercise, so thorough cleaning of the mat is necessary. This product is easy to care for and suitable for disinfection.


We can use the mat properly no matter what type of exercises we choose. Suitable for: gymnastics, fitness, aerobics and yoga.

Soft material:

The accessory is made of soft material that guarantees comfortable use.



Not handy:

Even after rolling up, the exercise mat takes up a lot of space, which is due to the fact that it is made of thick foam.


Avento M173 X 61 Cm

The mat was made of a very durable material, so it will not be damaged quickly by frequent use. It is lightweight and thus easy to carry, in addition it can be rolled up.


There are comments that the number of available color versions is very limited. Only two options are available: gray and pink.


The material used to manufacture the model is PVC. The length of the mat is approx. 173 cm, its width is 61 cm, weighs less than 1 kg. It can be easily kept clean. This model is suitable for yoga, fitness training and aerobics.


Tiguar Mata Yoga Basis Mat TI-J0008S

The model looks elegant, it is decorated with a spectacular pattern. We can choose from two interesting color versions: sea and plum. After rolling, the mat is very comfortable to carry, its diameter is then 10 cm.

As some consumers have noted, the hands, after prolonged contact with the mat, begin to sweat intensively, which can make it difficult to balance (especially during yoga).

The product was made of PVC and good quality rubber, therefore it is not resistant to abrasion or other damage. The mat has metal eyelets, thanks to which we can conveniently store it on a special hanger. The length of the model is 188 cm, its width is about 60 cm.


Sissel Gym Mat

The mat is universal, it can be used for professional training as well as exercises at home. It has a pleasant to touch surface that can be easily cleaned and disinfected.

The product is made of thick foam. Even after rolling up, the mat may not be very handy. For this reason, placing it in a training bag is not always possible.

This is a 180 cm model, which is available in two colors: blue and gray. It has rounded edges. The foam thickness, from which the mat was made, is about 1 cm, which provides good cushioning and insulation from the cold of the substrate. It is non-slip, which is why we guarantee safety during training.


Reebok foam pad

 If you are looking for a mat that combines functionality, reliability and interesting design, be sure to familiarize yourself with the Reebok Karimata product. The exercise mat is intended for people who practice pilates or yoga. Will work during exercises performed both at home and in the club. The product is made of a comfortable and durable material that does not slide over the floor during exercise, provides cushioning and comfort.

The product is quite large, which increases comfort during exercise. The dimensions of this mat are width – 61 cm, length – 173 cm and thickness – 4 mm, which classifies it as relatively light products. In addition, the Reebok Karimata model is easy to clean, it can be easily folded and does not take up much space. It is available in gray with white lettering that give it a unique and aesthetic look.

As consumers say, this product is attractive in price compared to its functionality. It has a very good, non-slip surface and does not absorb moisture. The mat is also valued for its resistance to deformation.


MJ3485 designs

 Mat Patterns MJ3485 is a product designed for yoga, but not only. It will also work during other types of exercises. In addition, it has anti-slip properties on both sides. This non-slip yoga mat at a good price has double-sided anti-slip properties and, importantly, does not deform during exercise and pressure. However, the right thickness is conducive to comfortable and comfortable performing exercises. Regardless of whether they are performed lying down or kneeling.

The product is made of 5 mm thick PVC foam. Mats made of this material are very popular and easy to clean. Other dimensions of this product are length – 174 cm and width – 61.5 cm.

Consumers agree that the MJ3485 Patterns mat is a comfortable proposition that will work well during yoga trainings, in fitness clubs and for exercises performed at home. It is valued for the fact that it can be used not only for exercise, but also as a comfortable mattress for tourist trips.


Avento 173 X 61 Cm

 Avento 173 X 61 Cm is a product worth recommending. Non-slip mat made of good quality materials – guarantees great comfort during use. If you are looking for a product that is very light and takes up little space when rolled up, then the Avento 173 X61 Cm is just for you.

The mat is equipped with two additional strings forming a carrying handle and facilitating fastening. After training, it’s easy to pack it and take it home with you. Product dimensions are length – 173 cm, width – 61 cm and thickness – 4 mm. Both the top and bottom are honeycombs. The material from which the mat is made is PVC. We have two color variants to choose from: pink and gray.

Consumers are very good about this product, for its non-slip surface and easy to clean. The advantage is also that the material from which the mat is made is durable, and due to the fact that it is light, it is very popular among buyers.


Which non-slip exercise mat should you choose?

The exercise mat ensures safety during training, makes it comfortable and pleasant. It is irreplaceable during fitness, yoga or pilates. The ideal model should be comfortable to use, easy to clean, relatively cheap and hygienic. This guide will tell you how to choose a product adapted to your sport discipline. Finally, you’ll also find a ranking in which we’ve placed the three best anti-slip exercise mats.




There are several types of products of this type on the market, among which there are protective, gymnastic, training, yoga and Tatami variants. Protective models are used to stabilize sports equipment, are non-slip and protect the floor from scratches. Training mats are universal and designed for aerobics, fitness training or pilates. Gymnastic types are thick and heavy mattresses used during rehabilitation, corrective or acrobatic exercises. Yoga models are very thin and protect mainly from slipping. In turn, Tatami are traditional Japanese products that use people who train martial arts.

When buying a suitable mat, it is worth paying attention to several important parameters, among which the most important is the thickness. Remember that thin models work well for light recreational exercises, while thicker ones are suitable for more intense workouts and exercises that require more cushioning. There are 40, 60, 70, 100, 180 and even 300 mm thick variants available on the market.

The length of the mat is also important and should be adjusted to the user’s height. The most popular dimensions include lengths of 180 cm and 190 cm and widths of 50, 60 or 100 cm. Before buying it is also worth checking whether the selected product is flexible enough that we can easily roll it up and store it in a backpack.

The best non-slip exercise mat in 2020 should be made of durable and ecological material. It is important that it is easy to clean and hygienic. Models that can be washed in a washing machine work best. A high degree of adhesion to the ground is also important, as it increases safety during training.

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