Rowing machine

The rowing machine is the most effective weight loss tool there is. With it you not only train a single body zone, but the entire body at the same time! With every move you burn calories – training with the rowing machine is therefore the ultimate master plan for a dream figure! We will inform you about the versatile effects of the device!

The dark season is approaching and it is getting more and more uncomfortable outside. Your jogging units are getting shorter and shorter because it always looks like rain and storms. And in the cold it is even more difficult to motivate yourself to exercise. Don’t make your training dependent on wind and weather, just swing yourself easily and comfortably at home on your rowing machine! No other exercise bike is such an all-rounder! With it you train all parts of the body and not just isolated regions. But the right technique is also important when it comes to the rowing machine. We’ll show you how to use it to specifically increase your strength and endurance.


Why is the rowing machine so effective?

The strengths of training on the rowing machine have long been known: With this machine, an effective full-body workout is possible that makes you fit from the shoulder / neck area down to the toes! If you want to finish off your bacon rolls, you should accelerate on the rowing machine! Even as a beginner it is possible to burn lots of calories in the process. With 700 – 1000 calories per hour, training on the rowing machine as an effective sports unit should not be underestimated. So you don’t have to be a high-performance athlete to be able to use this machine sensibly. But what makes training with the rowing machine so special? Clearly – with this ergometer the various muscle groups really get going!Almost all of the muscles are stressed and challenged at the same time: arms, legs, torso and back have to show what they can do. A single movement with the rowing machine uses almost the entire muscle mass of the body. In this way, your strength values, your endurance and your metabolism are optimized. Your cardiovascular system is also kept busy – no other ergometer is as versatile as the rowing machine! But for that you need to know how to best use the rowing machine …

Is your brook your problem area? Then you should supplement your training on the rowing machine with these exercises:


Correct movement is very important to prevent damage and to be able to train in a healthy way. The more you train with the rowing machine, the better your feel for the general sequence of movements. If you pay attention to the basic details, nothing can go wrong with your sports units. First and foremost, it is important to work with both arms and legs on the rowing machine. Many beginners draw their strength primarily from their arms and neglect their legs. In order to get rid of fat reserves on the buttocks and thighs, however, it is advisable to include the legs heavily when pulling. The strongest muscles work there. The torso should always be tense with the individual pulls – this improves the power transmission and prevents a so-called hunchback. In this way, the spine is spared and back pain is prevented. Otherwise: chest out, shoulder blades together, elbows close to the body so that the forearms are horizontal. Lean your upper body back slightly to lengthen the pulling path. In short, the following applies on the rowing machine: start with your legs, stabilize your upper body and only finally bend your arms. A clean technique is the basis for being able to train intensively with the rowing machine over the long term. It is good if you have the opportunity to train in front of a large mirror in order to notice possible bad posture in good time.

Training with the rowing machine

If you are still inexperienced on the rowing machine, start with slow, targeted pulls. Relaxed sessions in which you only do slow moves for five minutes and add a break of about two minutes are a recommended guideline. Then increase the units from workout to workout and increase the speed of the rowing movements. Try to keep the increase at a constant level until you continue with the next stage. So your body can get used to the strain step by step. The rowing machine offers a mix of long, moderate units and shorter, harder interval loads. The result is an optimal mix of fat burning and performance enhancement. So that the body can recover sufficiently after the intensive training on the rowing machine, you should treat yourself to a day of rest between the sports units. So you will be fit again quickly to be able to further strengthen your body!

If you want to get fit and trained and want to involve your entire body in this mission, the rowing machine is the right place for you! Three to four units per week with varying loads are completely sufficient to row you to the goal of your “dream body. Whether in the gym or as an exercise bike for at home: the rowing machine is one of the most effective ergometers!

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