Samsung And Xiaomi Offer The Best Activity Wristbands In The Market

More and more people are joining fitness life through healthy activities and the practice of exercise as a mechanism to improve physical condition. Sports trends are booming. With them, a new market has been opened that seeks to improve people’s physical performance and performance.

Part of this market consists of daily activity wristbands, small devices that have revolutionized the sports world, and are used on the wrist. The function of these technological devices is, as the name implies, to track the activity that the user executes during the day.

Several brands have opted to introduce models with different features to the market. The vast majority have basic characteristics such as counting calories consumed, heart rate, stopwatch, and clock. Through these values, the user can track the activity to compare, track performance, and improve it.

Also, many use these bracelets as a mechanism to measure the calories that have been burned and make a personalized nutritional plan. Thus, the bracelets are considered by many people as an aid that improves the quality of physical condition.

Due to its recent popularization, there are many brands and designs available in the market. However, not all offer quality attributes, and few are recommended.

If within your goals for this year 2019 is to improve the physical condition and start a life with more sport to improve health and muscles, an activity bracelet may be the indicated option.

If so, here are some activity wristbands that were recognized as the best in 2018 for their functionality, so that you can know their attributes and the features they offer to control your sports performance.

It is possible that many of these companies update their versions for this new year so that you can expect much more from each of them.


Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Pro

We start with one of the biggest brands in technology, Samsung. On this occasion, the South Korean giant presents the Gear Fit 2 Pro model, a complete and high-end device about performance, which offers the user versatility in performance.

The activity bracelet is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, to be able to connect with the mobile. But even though it has this property, the device can function independently.

Gear Fit 2 Pro represents for the company a flagship model in activity wristbands. Sales of this version have yielded positive numbers and have placed Samsung among users’ favorites because it offers many technological advantages. Also, it links easily with different smartphones and the Android operating system.

The design of the bracelet is elegant and modern. The manufacturer also gives the user the possibility to select from among different colors, which best suits his style and tastes.

This version is waterproof and submersible within its technical properties, so you can do water activities without its mechanism being damaged. It is manufactured to record values underwater, so that you can dive or swim, among other water sports activities. Its technology is very avant-garde in the market and can even detect the specific sports activity you are doing, without the need for the user to specify it.

Therefore, this Samsung model is commonly listed on different measurement websites and among buyers, as one of the best of the year. Thanks to the advantages of this bracelet, many people remain attentive to the news that the new version may bring, which will surely be presented at the IFA in Berlin in September.

Meanwhile, for around 159 euros, you can enjoy all the features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit 2 Proactivity bracelet.


Xiaomi Mi Band 3

The Asian continent has become one of the largest technology providers worldwide. From South Korea, we jump to China. This country is the parent company of the Xiaomi company, a brand that has grown and gained ground in markets across Europe with different products, leading sales in all fields.

In the activity wristband segment, the Chinese brand offers the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 model. This device frequently appears in all lists about the best activity wristbands on the market, because it offers features that allow the user to monitor sports performance In different modalities.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 was introduced to the market in May 2018. At that time, it caused a stir. A few days later, it became one of the favorite activity wristbands models of the users, positioning itself among the most sold by its technological properties for its attractive price.

The bracelet has a sporty design and is highly functional. Its launch brought some improvements to the screen concerning the previous version, being the new Oled technology model and larger dimensions.

Also, this model has a high power battery, sports functions, and supports the option of answering mobile calls within its technical aspects. With all these improvements offered by the model, compared to the previous design, many look forward to the new version, which should be presented to the world market by mid-2019.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 3 is recognized as one of the cheapest activity wristbands that can be obtained in the market since its price is about 30 euros.

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