Stationary bikes altering the body for better

Isn’t it ironic to ride a bike and stay in the same place after pedaling for long? Certainly not. Welcome to the world of exercise bikes!

When on a stationary bike you may not be covering miles on a road but you’d be crossing milestones on your personal health and fitness track. Riding it causes you to exert which in turns burns body fat, cuts down calories and improves the strength of internal and external organs and parts respectively.

In today’s world where health issues related to joints are seeing a spike this bike could be a great way to exercise. Why? Because it does not put the load on the knees

This equipment for aerobic exercise is a good value for money if you are invested in your fitness and weight-loss goals.

Great for heart health, muscles and lungs

Cycling directly impacts the way your heart pumps blood. As a result there is a significant improvement in the flow of blood and oxygen throughout the body. It leads to a number of positive outcomes such as energy and mood boost as well as lower levels of stress.

Quite importantly when the heart is more muscular due to the aerobic nature of exercise occurring through cycling it will throw larger blood volume in each cardiac contraction. That means the blood pressure remains lowered and in the normal range.  Similarly when you use the stationary bike at its optimum speed you pant. That means lungs are at work, and coping with the bodily need of oxygen at a sharper rate. The drill keeps them working well.

Overall the activity is good for the muscles- the ones directly engaged in peddling but also others as the design of the human body is such that it keeps the whole intact, and thus each move draws from and impacts other adjacent muscles.

Toning body muscles, building better legs

The cycling spree is not just good for toning the thigh and leg muscles but also sculpting in shape the abdominal, arms and back muscles. The muscles are to work extra hard when you increase the resistance in a stationary bike.

Back and abdominal muscle strips help you maintain the position during cycling, and are thus engaged. Your quads, glutes, hamstring and calves are all engaged when you are riding it in a routine workout. It shapes up the legs.

Your legs are not just strengthened but also exotically toned after cycling on the stationary bike, if that’s done according to a consistent plan.

Cutting calories

Indoor cycling is specifically good for burning calories. It might create motivation for a beginner to learn that you can lose up to 300 calories through a workout extending over 30 minutes.

When you work out at a high intensity schedule the body burns fats and builds strength. The latter in turns also leads to losing calories. According to nutritional studies it has been learnt that when you use an indoor cycling routine with a low-calorie diet it is specifically good for keeping the weight in check.

Who doesn’t want to lose weight if they are conscious of carrying it in excess. But, only those with a plan and the will to follow through succeed to see it happen. Needless to say that losing weight sparks many other positive outcomes which impact one’s health and wellbeing for better.

Strengthens muscles

When working on the stationary bike we naturally grow familiar with the muscle groups it impacts and how. There are two types of movements in the bike exercise: push and pull.

As you push down on pedals you are strengthening the quads. Whereas while pulling it is the hamstrings. They become stronger with the strokes.

The best part is the muscles are being strengthened without there being extra stress on the knees. Moreover, it is safe.

Perfect for interval training

It is a type of training for the body that alternates quick bursts of intense exercise with rather longer intervals of low-intensity muscle activity. This pattern allows you to burn a large number of calories more quickly.

The bikes make room for a varied spectrum of resistance levels. That means you are free to exercise at low, medium, or high intensities. Thus, creating an ideal scenario to plan it out accordingly.

For these reasons indoor cycling is perfect for interval training which is overall great for the body. It also lifts the cardio training.

They say where there is a will there is a way. And that’s actually right. If you have planned something for the body and you are at it you achieve the desired goals. Many people are not only in need but also in the habit of a routine workout. Which is great. Using a stationary bike to tone up the body, strengthen muscles and get the daily dose of cardio could be an amazing idea.

Happy exercising to all out there!

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