The Benefits Of The Rowing Machine, But Also The Contraindications

The rowing machine is a widely used tool in home fitness, as it makes it easy to train your entire body, it can make you lose weight quickly and then it can be folded and hidden in any corner of the house.

 It is very popular because it allows, compared to other home fitness machines, to train many more muscles and then it is easy to place in front of the TV to pass your workout in a lighter way.

Workout that can also be performed to the rhythm of music, listening to your favorite songs. Rowing on this tool is a bit like canoeing, with all the pros and cons of the case.

 It stimulates the muscles of the legs, arms and back, stimulating circulation and bringing excellent results also in terms of elasticity of the whole body.

 The rower, also known as remoregometer, faithfully simulates the rowing of a boat or canoe, and is mainly formed by a base, with sliding saddle and footrest, and by sticks, also called oars.


So many benefits

First of all, the rowing machine is a great tool for losing weight. By using this tool consistently and correctly, we will be able to eliminate excess fat and liquids in no time at all.

 It improves the cardiovascular system, stimulating blood circulation and intensifying cardiac activity with movements carried out with the right rowing machine. It tones the body, especially the legs, back and arms.

 The joints are also very stimulated, which derive unparalleled general well-being from this exercise. Unlike running, the rowing machine does not tire the knees and ankles, thus avoiding any kind of problem.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a method to relieve stress, there is no better tool than the rowing machine, which helps to release the stress that accumulates mainly due to inadequate postures, which are maintained all day at work.

 Finally, the body benefits greatly from this type of training, as it allows you to obtain a greater awareness of the situation and of your body, improving coordination. Using the rowing machine correctly, there are many advantages therefore.


But there are also contraindications

The advantages are therefore a strengthening of the muscles, an increase in endurance and power, an increase in muscle mass on the legs, back and buttocks, as well as strengthening the joints and tendons.

 If you have any doubts about how to use the tool, get advice from those who know more than you. In fact, if it is used incorrectly, there are some contraindications to keep in mind. These problems can arise from incorrect posture maintained during training or due to excessive fatigue, beyond one’s capabilities.

Before exercising, it is always recommended to perform a few minutes of stretching, to prepare the muscles for intense training. The benefits are obtained only by training constantly and in relation to one’s abilities.

 The training on the rowing machine must mean a gradual and greater effort from time to time, without exaggerating and going beyond your possibilities, otherwise you will get the opposite effect, i.e. no improvement in strength or endurance.

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