PCOS: Training To Combat Abdominal Fat

Before we look at the best workout to knock out “the belly” , let’s see together what is the correlation between PCOS and abdominal fat. First, let’s start by saying that the fat that is deposited in the abdominal level, around the waist, increases the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, diabetes and severe cardiovascular diseases.
We can say with certainty that the loss of excess weight , and thus also the abdominal fat, are very important not only for the physical aspect , but above all for health . It is for this reason that today we are talking about the most suitable training to get rid of the “belly”.


Types of abdominal fat

The abdominal fat is divided into two types : the sub skin and the gut . Subcutaneous abdominal fat is what you notice immediately, looking in the mirror, and that you can “pinch” with your fingers .
fat , on the other hand, hides deeper, among the internal organs of our body, below the muscles. You should know that in women suffering from PCOS this fat is particularly dangerous. In fact, several studies have led the scientific community to think that it is visceral fat that contributes to insulin resistance and to impair hormonal balance [1].


To understand why many women with PCOS struggle with abdominal fat, we need to step back and look at what happens inside the body.

Excess of male hormones

It may seem a bit strange to you, but in reality for a woman it is completely natural and physiological to have a certain amount of male hormones in her body. Some of these are found in the ovaries and adrenal glands , while others are found in the lipid and skin cells.
In the “right amount”, the female body responds well to testosterone and other male hormones that contribute to a woman’s sexual health.
However, in PCOS the level of male hormones increases beyond physiological values.
This excess is the cause of many of the typical signs and symptoms of PCOS, inducing the development of typically male traits in women.: among these also the abdominal fat.
As we have already mentioned, abdominal fat can in some cases become dangerous to health. It is therefore important to intervene to get rid of it by following a correct and balanced diet accompanied by specific physical training .

How and how much to train to eliminate abdominal fat

Without a substantial lifestyle change it will be very difficult to see results. In fact, visceral fat tends to “go hand in hand” with a sedentary lifestyle.
A 2005 study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology showed that regular aerobic training at moderate intensity (aerobic exercise for 3 hours per week, or 25 minutes per day) leads to a decrease in visceral fat . In particular, the experimental group, made up of subjects who trained at least 3 hours a week, lost 7% of visceral fatin just 8 months, unlike the control group, which, having not practiced any training, saw an increase in visceral fat of 8% [3].

Cardiofitness training against abdominal fat

Practicing cardio fitness is essential if the goal is overall weight loss and to drop the extra pounds on your stomach. In fact, many studies show that aerobic activity is one of the most effective ways to burn calories [4].
It is not necessary to start immediately with high intensity exercises: whether it is a light run, a brisk walk, or a bike ride, the important thing is to practice the training at a brisk pace .
If you are feeling particularly motivated to take a gym membership, here are some tools that can help you with abdominal fat:

The rower

It is one of the most complete tools, as it involves a lot of muscles in the training. In addition to the lats, legs and buttocks, the rowing machine involves the muscles of the abdomen that are worked on in the coordination of the rest of the body. Your heart rate increases as you exercise on the rowing machine, which helps your body burn fat and consequently lose weight. Moreover, this tool has a very low impact on the joints, which makes it particularly suitable for overweight people and for those with joint problems.


The elliptical

Perfect for newbies to physical activity, the elliptical is a tool that allows the weight loss of the whole body , combining the training you generally do on the treadmill with that of the bike. In addition to the legs, buttocks and arms, the abdominals, especially the oblique ones, work to follow the movement of the levers and to maintain balance .


Exercises targeted against visceral fat

Finally, remember that cardio fitness is not enough . To lose weight and localized fat, it is important to tone and increase strength , to increase lean mass . There are several exercises you can do at the gym or at home that are aimed at reducing abdominal fat.


Visceral fat can compromise our health, but with a proper diet, the right training and a lot of patience you can reach your goal. As with nutrition, even in the case of fitness it is always important to contact a specialized and trained trainer, who, based on your physical and health conditions, knows how to help you and guide you in performing the most correct exercises for you.
Targeted advice, along with your motivation and commitment will help you reach your goals faster and better!


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