Rower: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best

When we think of cardio exercises, our first thoughts go to running, treadmill and so on. The truth is, running and jogging are just a couple of the ways you can improve cardio and endurance. Believe it or not, training with the rowing machine also takes a lot of time and breath adjustment.

In addition, it guarantees a workout for the whole body. We all like to talk a lot about when to focus on the upper, or rather lower body, but rowing fits right in between. Specifically, with rowers, you pull a retractable bar close to your body as you extend your legs off the pedals.

As you pull the bar close to you and your legs push you away, your body fully extends from its original position. This is what the whole body workout gives you. This exercise is cardiovascular, because it focuses as much on the regulation of breathing as on the rest of the body.


Cardio Exercises with the Rowing Machine

Before we talk about the rowing machine, what is cardio? A common misconception is that cardio has a lot to do with muscle growth. 

You’d be surprised how many marathon runners could easily overtake and push away those who prefer to train their muscles. This is because cardio involves knowing how to juggle a mind game and focus on the breath.

When you feel like you’re out of breath, it’s not so much because your muscles are exhausted. Your body needs oxygen every second of the day. Correct inhalation and exhalation are a determining factor in a body pushing itself to its limits.


Why Buy a Rowing Machine?

What is a rower inspired by? You may have heard of the sport of rowing, which can be individual or team. It’s a grueling exercise, as pushing the water isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially over long distances and in sync.

A rower is the tool that ensures an experience as close as possible to that of real rowing on the water. You may have seen him at the gym every now and then. The most popular rowing machines on the market guarantee constant and intense training.


What is a rowing machine?

A rowing machine ensures a complete workout for the whole body. Using tools can be comfortable and fun. They are not to be regarded as equivalent to weight lifting, but the idea and concept are the same.

 These electronic, water and magnetic rowing machines focus on improving cardio and sculpting the body, not just building muscle.

You may have already noticed that these rowing machines are designed differently. You can rest assured, however, that your body movement will mostly be the same. The reason rowers are made in different constructions is that each mechanism offers a unique type of resistance.

Most of these rowers have a movable seat, sometimes called a monorail. Unlike rowing machines with weights, this one moves along the track and allows for more full extension.


What to Look for in the Rowing Machine

Rowing machines may seem simple enough, but there are a few factors you should consider before purchasing one.

  • Price: What’s your budget?
  • Accessibility: Can it be folded after use? Can it be easily transported?
  • Resistance: Does it use a flywheel, magnets or real water? Maybe a combination or a hybrid system?
  • Performance Monitor: Does it have the ability to save your stats after workouts?

One of the main questions regarding rowers is whether they pay back the money they spend. Assuming you spend a large sum on a particular tool, what’s the difference between this and the cheaper one?

To answer this question, we will have to combine almost all of the factors listed above. Many of the more expensive rowers have levels of magnetic or hybrid resistance. Various types of resistance will perceive themselves as different from each other. Also, more money means more effort on your part in training. We are not trying to slander any specific model, but some rowing machine models have been built to help you improve and be better than the competition.

Back and forth is okay and easy, but how much with each model can you challenge yourself by walking or stopping and training with different levels of resistance?

Air Resistance Rowing Machine

Compressed air rowing machines are perfect for beginners or those new to the industry. The best thing about an air resistance rower is that it works perfectly for beginners. They automatically adapt to your needs and provide a pleasant breeze of air as you use them.

Magnetic Resistance Rowing Machine

Magnetic resistance rowers are probably one of the most popular varieties of rowers, because they are found in most gyms and fitness centers. They are also very affordable, smooth and durable. They work like air resistance rowers, except they produce little or no sound or airflow.

Hydraulic Resistance Rowing Machine

Hydraulic piston rowers probably make up some of the cheapest models of rowers on the market, because they are not as compact as other models, which takes away some of the comfort and ease of use that other models provide. They work independently, which allows you to engage your arms more in training, which allows you to burn more calories and build muscle mass.

Water Resistance Rowing Machine

Water resistance rowing machines are a relatively new technology that really makes you feel like you are rowing in a river or lake, because they use a water tank with several rotating blades that provide a realistic sense of rowing in an outdoor setting , which is refreshing and relaxing. These rowers are also very quiet, but very expensive. They rarely need maintenance, which makes them more attractive to someone who knows they will be using the tool regularly.


Training with the Rower

Your rowing machine may come with preset programs that you can use to do different workouts. In all honesty, these programs are very ideal for rowing back and forth. Challenging yourself to do more difficult endurance levels will be the key to getting stronger.

Here are some ways to improve your rowing experience:

  • Time lapse
  • Intermittent increasing resistance
  • Slow release of the handlebar
  • Lower resistance / increased reps
  • Increased resistance / repeated decreases

Benefits of the Rower

As you may have guessed, training with rowing machines is one of the most popular exercises for muscle shaping and toning. Lifting as much weight as you can every day in the gym isn’t enough. 

The rowing machine imitates the movement that the entire body makes and thus involves it in the exercise, one stroke at a time in order. You will surely feel better after an intense workout with one of these tools.

Here are some notable advantages of rowing machines:

  • Accessible
  • Tones the body
  • Reliable

In the end, it’s up to you whether you want to stay in the gym or buy a rowing machine. Regardless of where you use it, results are guaranteed if you are able to stick to the routine.


Frequently Asked Questions About Rowers

Are rowers easy to assemble?

Rowing machines are often uncomfortable, but not that difficult to put together. Most of the more expensive models come pre-assembled, but with a basic understanding of mechanical systems, it shouldn’t take you long. While some of the rowers are quite heavy, the individual components are not.

How long do rowers last? Can they be used by those who are short?

Look for a rowing machine between 215 and 330 cm in length. Remember, only the bottom half of your body will be placed on the car, so you’ll only need a 100cm and 182cm gap, and that’s a generous approximation already. Most provide a wide range of features to suit everyone, especially those between heights of 1.45m to 1.95m.

What kind of materials is a rowing machine made of?

In general, the quality of the material varies according to the price. Many magnetic, aerial and hydraulic models of rowing machines use a high-quality nylon string that typically lasts for a long period of time in the right conditions. Obviously, your rowing machine will last longer if you keep it indoors, sheltered from the elements and take care of it.

Where to train with the Rower

It goes without saying that if you’re considering any of these rowers, you’re probably looking at them for home use. Our recommendation is to place it in a garage or empty room that you know you won’t be using in the near future. As with all home gyms, as these machines have no wheels or folding capabilities, they can be very difficult to transport.


In conclusion

Buying a rowing machine is certainly a wise choice that will pay off both the costs and the efforts. Maintaining a machine is even easier than buying it, because it does not require a lot of maintenance and is inherently durable.

 It won’t happen more than once in your life that you have to shell out a little money to buy a rowing machine, but the health benefits it guarantees you will enjoy every day of your life!

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