Ultimate Rowing Machine Combo: Rowing Machine [2021 Edition]

This rower could be a wonderful choice for anyone seeking for a multi-purpose home gym machine. The metal rowing beam ensures a smooth, silent row, while the padded seat can be easily locked in position when cycle mode is desired.

For an all-around fitness training, design components allow you to use the rower to do a variety of resistance workouts such as bicep curls and leg presses.

You may test yourself on eight magnetic resistance settings, while a huge multifunctional LCD monitors your progress and displays information such as calories burned, speed, distance travelled, pulse, and strokes per minute.

A backrest is included in the padded seat to provide additional lumbar support. The handles are foam-padded, and the pedals rotate, allowing for a more natural rowing experience.


 Ultimate Rowing Machine Combo: Rowing Machine – 2021 Updated


It’s easy to switch between the bike and the rower.
Pivoting foot pedals that are quiet
Backrest of the seat
Folds up for easy storage
Frame that is stable
Display on a large monitor
There are eight different levels of magnetic resistance.
Pulse sensors mounted on the seat for use when cycling
It can be used for a variety of exercises.


Some people find the seat to be unpleasant.
Weighing in at roughly 100 pounds
Three-year frame warranties and 90-day parts warranties are available.
There are no pre-programmed options.






Type of movement

Central draw

Max user weight

150 kg



Folded dimension (LxWxH cm)

N / C cm


216 cm


54 cm


68 cm


48.94 kg

Carton dimensions

N / C (L x W x H)


DESCRIPTION OF THE Ultimate Rowing Machine Combo: Rowing Machine

The Ultimate Rowing Machine Combo: Rowing Machine has a unique, robust and clean design, with its central horizontal double fluid resistance reservoir, raised rowing seat and a relatively short frame length!

With its STEEL STRUCTURE and DUAL TANK TECHNOLOGY , the Neon Plus V Black is characterized by its STABILITY and ENDURANCE that allow it to withstand INTENSIVE use !

The Neon Pro V is suitable for all levels, from the beginner to the more experienced user. You will be amazed at how it compares to a rowing experience, thanks to its instant grip and CONSISTENT RESISTANCE throughout the race, made possible by FLUID FORCE FDF TECHNOLOGY .


– 5 adjustable RESISTANCE LEVELS , created by the unique semi-isokinetic property of their patented Twin Tank system for a RESISTANCE GREATER THAN 15% COMPARED TO STANDARD ROWERS ,
– High quality nylon strap with RETURN SYSTEM ,
– Possibility of changing the ergonomic draw bar for a BAR WITH WIRELESS HEART SENSORS (optional)


– Display of distance, strokes per minute, calories per hour, time for 500m, watts, intervals and heart rate.
– Simplified and practically maintenance-free assembly thanks to the pins placed on the seat castors. In this way, the rails are constantly maintained during the effort.
– With its BLUETOOTH you can COMBINE YOUR FITNESS APPLICATIONS including First Degree applications so as not to miss any of your performance.


– Raised seat for easy entry and exit of the device, ideal for people with joint problems but also useful for quick change of exercises. It offers greater comfort by minimizing the space used.
– FOOT STRAP and ergonomic support for better sporting practice.
– Possibility of putting the ROWER VERTICALLY to optimize space thanks to its movement wheels.
– Non -SLIP SEAT texture for better stability.

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