10 Questions For The Main Character Of The Video Exercises For Home Exercises

At the start of our training video series Exercises for Home, we asked the main actor of the video series, Jochen Schmidt, 10 interesting questions, which he answered for us as follows:

Why sport?

Because exercise and health are inextricably linked, sport is of great importance for everyone. Mens sana in corpore sano – the old sentence of the Romans applies today at least as much as it did then. Well-being, body awareness, self-confidence, reducing the risk of common diseases, fun, absence of illness are just some of the advantages that regular exercise brings.

What qualifications / experience do you have?

I am a sports scientist with a focus on prevention and rehabilitation (graduated from Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz in 2009) and a sports therapist. I am now in my 8th year as a personal trainer and have been able to collect first-class references from business, medicine and healthcare.

In terms of sport, I originally come from paid football (Oberliga in Germany, last stop in the 1. Liga in Luxembourg). Since I could not develop further there I gave up football at the beginning of my studies and concentrated on triathlon and fitness. During my studies, I started 6 years in the Rhineland-Palatinate League, focusing on sprint distance due to my physical constitution.

Since I am back in the north I have no time for triathlon and for 3 years my great passion has been boxing. Here I am preparing for my first fight.

What is your favorite exercise?

I can’t answer that in general. In classic strength training, I like to train my chest and arms. I always vary a lot here. Since I am currently very focused on boxing, I work a lot in the high-speed area. Everything that gives me sore muscles in my arms is cyclical in training.

Why does personal training make sense?

There are many reasons for people to work with a PT. I also worked with a personal trainer for a while to develop myself further in boxing and to push the limits of performance. The training was simply much more intensive than alone or in a group. In addition, he has timed towards me (with the most important point for me).

The main reasons for my customers are that I take your health into my hands as a coach. You don’t have to worry about anything except appearing on the dates. In addition to controlling training and nutrition, a professional can reach your sporting and aesthetic goals more easily, quickly and safely. I also schedule my customers, which is definitely a decisive factor. With PT, the motivation is very different from “unwinding” its program alone. Another important point is of course the preventive aspect. With an expert at your side, you run far less risk of being hurt by ignorance and headless actionism.

Who is Personal Training for?

For each! Anyone who wants to achieve their goals faster, safer, more effectively and more sustainably. Anyone who wants to redefine their physical limits or has simply recognized that health and performance are a good thing to invest in.


As a qualified sports scientist and former competitive athlete, I know the sunny and dark sides of sport. Sport and health are inextricably linked. Exercise is fun – if it is done properly. It becomes wrong and dangerous when excessive ambition is the engine or headless actionism.

  • Diploma in sports science and sports therapist
  • 10 years of experience as a personal trainer in the high-end area
  • First-class references from business and health care
  • Boxer, triathlete and fitness enthusiast
  • Passion for my job
  • Enjoy empathic communication and curiosity about personalities

How do you keep fit?

I train very holistically 6 days a week. It is a mixture of functional training, classic strength training, box-specific strength and endurance in the gym and outside (Alster, Stadtpark) as well as the actual boxing training. When my schedule is on Sunday evening, I sit down and plan my training for the week.

Where does your personal training take place?

I train most of my customers at Fitness First in Hamburg Eppendorf, where I rented. I go to the kettlebell gym in Barmbek 2-3 times a week and my corporate customers are trained on site.

Do I need my own sports equipment for the PT?

No. I have everything we need in the car or in the gym.

What areas of focus can I focus on at PT?

I actually cover everything in the classic fitness area. Because of the course, the focus is of course on rehabilitation training after injuries. Also triathlon training and boxing.


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