Volleyball Knee Pads Ranking 2020

Since protecting your knees while playing sports is very important, below you will find a guide on how to find good quality volleyball knee pads. We took into account factors such as performance, fastening method and price. Currently, the best model on the market is Asics Performance. This product not only protects the knees well, but is also very comfortable. It is made of durable materials that protect the knee from impact. The inner layer is very soft, so you will not feel much pain when you fall. Knee pads are easy to use – both putting them on and taking them off does not take too much time. In addition, the material provides adequate ventilation, so you do not have to worry about the unpleasant smell of sweat. Cleaning the product is very easy. Knee pads from this manufacturer have all the necessary certificates, which guarantees you safety during the game. The second product on the list is Spokey Mellowin blue. The material of the model is very flexible, so it fits well to the knee. In addition, the thick layer of fabric has been reinforced with an insole that protects the leg against abrasions and injuries.


The best volleyball knee pads in 2020

Since you already know what good knee pads for volleyballers are, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the following list. This ranking of volleyball knee pads will definitely help you choose.


Rank #1: Asics Performance

 To your attention, we recommend Asics Performance, i.e. comfortable volleyball knee pads, which will make playing volleyball more enjoyable and safer. It is a product of a well-known and respected manufacturer of sports accessories, which is why it was included in our list.

The presented model perfectly protects our knees against bumps and sprains. In addition, putting on and taking off is not too complicated. It is also important that the knee pads are made of materials that are breathable. This means that ventilation is good and your leg doesn’t sweat.

It is also extremely important to control unpleasant odors, so that after the game the accessory does not stink. The product is targeted at both women and men. It adapts perfectly to the body, so it is comfortable to wear.

Knee pads have gained consumer recognition for their workmanship, great ventilation and comfortable wearing.

Asics Performance 672540-0900 volleyball knee pads are available in sizes S, M and L. The product is made of synthetic material. The model has a black color and white manufacturer’s logo.



They protect the knees well:

People who decided to buy Asics Performance 672540-0900 knee pads ensure that they guarantee very good knee protection. A special gel insert is of great importance here.

Adequate ventilation:

The product is made of a material that ensures free air flow. Even if you train for a long time, you won’t sweat.


As the manufacturer points out, the knee pads presented are universal. This means that both men and women use them. Protectors will be suitable for amateur and professional volleyball.

They do not cause skin irritation:

The material is pleasant to the skin and does not stick too much to it. This significantly reduces the risk of skin irritation.


The product has a simple design, so it fits into any sports outfit.



They slide off their knees:

Individuals indicate that after some time the knee pads slide off the knees (the material stretches).


Rank #2: Spokey Mellow

 We present you good and cheap volleyball knee pads, i.e. Spokey Mellow. The product is made of a mixture of polyester, rubber and PU, thanks to which it is very flexible and perfectly adapts to our body. This of course provides comfort during volleyball.

A wide range of sizes – from S to XL – means that everyone will find the model that’s right for them. It is also worth emphasizing that the Spokey brand offers us knee pads in various color versions. You can buy the product in black, navy blue, as well as in slightly more intense ones.

The product provides us not only with safety, but also comfort during training and competition. It does not compress the body, does not irritate and it goes well. Consumers very positively assessed the durability of the presented model. In their assessments they indicated that the care of the accessory does not cause major problems, and the attractive price strongly encourages purchase.

Spokey Mellow are very good volleyball knee pads up to 30 PLN. They are available in sizes S to XL and have a blue color.



Thick sponge:

The knee pads have been reinforced with a thick sponge that protects the knee well during a fall on a hard surface. We can take even hard hits, without fear of injury.

They don’t oppress:

One of the biggest advantages of knee pads is that they don’t compress your knees. When playing volleyball, the user is guaranteed freedom of movement.

Very good price-performance ratio:

Taking into account the quality of the product, as well as the cost of its purchase, it must be admitted that this is a very attractive offer.

Several sizes:

Regardless of your physique, you’ll be able to find the right model for you. Knee pads are available in several sizes to choose from. The manufacturer gives the exact circumference of each, which allows a perfect match of sports accessories.



For amateurs only:

The presented accessories are intended for recreational use only. If you are a professional volleyball player, this product will not suit you.


Rank #3: Asics Gel Kneepad

 We would like to recommend you Asics Gel Kneepad volleyball knee pads. They are available in black and white. Regardless of which model you choose, we can be sure that it will match our sports outfit. What is important, however, is not the appearance of the accessories, but the fact that they protect the knees well when they fall on a hard surface.

Knee pads can be bought in sizes S, M and L. The materials used to make the accessories are: polyester, rubber and nylon. The knee protector is made of rubber and polyurethane. Consumers point out that the knee pads are pleasant to the touch and guarantee adequate air flow (this reduces the risk of painful burns).

Positive feedback about them is a confirmation that it is worth buying Asics Gel Kneepad. The vast majority of people who bought accessories indicate that it was a good decision. The material adheres well to the body and does not stretch excessively.

Asics Gel Kneepad are knee pads available in black and white. The buyer can choose the following accessory sizes: S, M and L.



Adequate ventilation:

The product is made of materials that are well breathable, so the skin breathes. Therefore, we do not sweat intensively during training, which increases comfort and protects against the formation of an unpleasant smell.


The knee pads are flexible and adhere strongly to the skin. As a result, they do not slide off their knees and the user is provided with adequate protection during the entire volleyball match.


The product is available in 2 classic colors that match any sports outfit and appeal to everyone, regardless of their preferences.



Outer material:

In the reviews of a few consumers we can read that after only a few uses and falls to the floor to bounce the ball, abrasions appear on the material. This suggests the poor quality of the outer material.


Rank #4: Evolution Professional

 Evolution Professional knee pads are a good and cheap product. You can buy them for a dozen or so zlotys. It should be noted that the quality of the model is considered very good.

The knee pads are made of pleasant to touch material. Even if we have to take a long volleyball training, we don’t have to worry about the pads pressing us. We will have adequate game comfort, which will certainly translate into better results. Knee pads have a special foam that protects the knee from injuries and provides good protection in the event of a sudden fall to the floor.

Why is it worth buying Evolution Professional? The answer to this question is simple. The knee pads we present are cheap, and at the same time they are distinguished by good quality. Accessories are available in several sizes, so you can choose their size perfectly to meet your needs.

Evolution Professional volleyball pads are available in sizes M, L and XL. Cotton and polyester were used for their production.



Gentle to the skin:

Consumers confirm that the knee pads are made of skin-friendly materials. Cotton is soft to the touch and does not even cause slight irritation.


The set consists of 2 knee pads. By spending a small amount, we can equip you with the accessories you need to guarantee your safety when playing volleyball.

Good knee protection:

Evolution Professional knee pads have sponges that provide good protection when you fall to the floor (less risk of even a slight knee contusion).



Poor air circulation:

The material does not provide good air circulation, so after some time of use we start to feel discomfort.

The material stretches:

Some people indicate that the fabric from which sports accessories are made stretches relatively quickly.


Rank #5: Adidas Knee Pad Z37553

 Are you looking for a proven brand product? In this case, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the Adidas Knee Pad Z37553. These volleyball knee pads are white and are available in a universal size. Flexible material allows you to match accessories to the needs of different people.

The model was made, among others made of rubber that is durable and therefore does not stretch. This allows you to believe that the knee pads we bought will serve us for a long time. The material is pleasant to the skin and does not cause abrasions. The fabric also guarantees adequate air flow. Adidas Knee Pad Z37553 are knee pads suitable for both women and men.

To buy sports accessories Adidas Knee Pad Z37553 encourage primarily positive reviews about them. Affordable price and attractive product design are also of great importance.

Adidas Knee Pad Z37553 volleyball knee pads are white. The material has a black manufacturer’s logo. Accessories have a universal size.



A proven brand product:

By buying a proven brand product, i.e. Adidas, you can be sure that you are investing in an accessory that meets the needs of consumers. There is a reason why this manufacturer is recognized by athletes as one of the best on the market.

Convenience of use:

The knee pads are made of pleasant material, so they don’t cause irritation. Therefore, no discomfort is felt when wearing them.



Visibility of dirt:

Adidas Knee Pad Z37553 are white, which is why even the smallest dirt can be seen on them.

Universal size:

Although theoretically the universal size should be a satisfactory solution, one should pay attention to the fact that if a person is very slim, the product may slide off the leg during movement,


Molten Blue

 Molten is a well-known volleyball company that offers a range of accessories for volleyball players. That is why her product could not be missing from our list. Molten blue knee pads provide comfort during games and effectively protect your knees against injuries and injuries.

From the inside, the product was made of EVA foam with excellent anti-shock and shock-absorbing properties. It adapts perfectly to the shape of the knees, thanks to which the knee pads do not move and wearing them is really comfortable.

The material is safe for the skin, stretches perfectly and does not irritate it. Even during many hours of training, you will not feel any discomfort in the knee area. It is also worth emphasizing that the product is solidly made, and its cleaning does not cause major problems, so we can easily maintain hygiene.

Opinions about Molten volleyball knee pads are flattering. The product has gained the recognition of amateurs and professionals. It is considered very comfortable and also durable.


Markartur Meteor Pro

 Markartur Meteor Pro are comfortable knee pads suitable for volleyball players. The product is made of cotton and polyester. Thanks to this combination of fabrics, it is highly resistant to damage, and at the same time easy to care for. You also can not forget that the material breathes, providing us with adequate ventilation.

It is also worth mentioning that the material used has very good elasticity. It adapts perfectly to the body, so training in these knee pads is comfortable. The presented model is available in several sizes, so you will definitely find the one that is right for you.

Many people confirm that these protectors effectively protect the knees against injuries, and are comfortable. Users also confirm that the presented knee pads are very flexible and do not rub our skin. Noteworthy is the fact that the product is unique and easy to care for.


Mizuno Volleyball Knee Pads Vs1 Ultra Kneepad

 Flexible volleyball knee pads Mizuno Vs1 Ultra is a comfortable product, which is related to the use of a mix of different materials. The composition includes, among others, cotton, rayon and elastene. Therefore, the protectors stretch perfectly, are easy to put on and take off, and are considered durable.

Mizuno VS1 Ultra volleyball knee pads provide effective protection against external injuries as well as joint sprains. Thanks to this, we do not run into serious problems while exercising. It is very important that after applying the knee pads do not rub the skin and do not move. In addition, Intercool technology used in the product allows you to maintain comfort during the game.

The product is available in several sizes, it will be suitable for both men and women. Before buying, just measure the knee circumference. Consumers appreciated the availability of the product and its performance.


Asics Performance

Appropriate circulation means that our leg in knee pads does not sweat. The material is very flexible, we easily fit protectors to our body. The product is easy to apply and remove. Perfectly protects joints against twisting and knee skin against abrasions.


If you are just starting the adventure with a net, this model may be discouraging by the price. This is not a cheap product, so you should think carefully about its purchase. Not everyone likes such high built knee pads.


Asics Performance is solidly made protectors. Despite the relatively high price, they are often chosen by volleyballers. Both those professional and those taking their first steps in this sport. The product is available in several sizes. It is made of solid, very stretchable materials.


Spokey Mellow

The first issue that draws the attention of consumers is price. Undoubtedly, this is one of the cheaper, such good offers on the market. The stretchy material adapts well to the body, and the availability of sizes makes it easier for us to choose the right one.


After some time, we can see protruding threads on the edges. Therefore, when cleaning these protectors, be careful not to damage the fabric. Some people think that the foam inside could be slightly thicker.


Despite the slight disadvantages, these are knee pads enjoying popularity, especially among amateur volleyballers, which results from the very attractive price of the product. In addition, the protectors presented are very nice and easy to put on, which also encourages purchase.


Asics Gel Kneepad

Knee pads are very well made, so they do not peel off during training. They provide very good ventilation, so using them is pleasant. The set protects the knee properly and prevents injuries.


For some, knee pads may seem too stiff at first, which is caused by their performance. Many people prefer soft models that allow free movement from the beginning.


The accessory is made of polyurethane and rubber. Knee pads are in sizes S, M and L. The model is black and in the center has a white manufacturer’s logo. It is suitable for children and adults.


Shopping guide

Volleyball is a sport that is very popular among children, teenagers and adults. It’s not about watching volleyball matches, although of course they gather crowds of fans. It is widely known that the successes of the national team always encourage you to follow any sporting events. They also make us play volleyball, both beach and indoor. This sport like any other requires proper preparation. It is not only about buying a good ball, but also additional equipment that will protect parts of our body from injuries.

In the sport of volleyball, ankle sprains and knee injuries most often occur. Frequent jumps up make our joints more exposed to loads, sprains and dislocations. In addition, often volleyballers throw themselves on the floor, exposing themselves to surface damage to the skin. How to prevent this? The knee pads are the answer and will be the subject of our guide. Such a small, yet inexpensive element can effectively protect our knees against sprains and other damage. In the article below, we will try to answer the question: which volleyball knee pads to choose so that they actually protect our knees from injuries that could eliminate us from the game even for the whole season.




How do knee pads protect the joints?

First of all, you should start with the fact that volleyball knee pads effectively stabilize the knees. They keep the knee joint in place and thus it will not twist or break out. In addition, quite thick material in the event of an accident protects the knees from breaking.


Not only for professionals

It is mistakenly recognized that all sports equipment is directed exclusively at professionals, and amateurs do not have to reach for them. Unfortunately, injuries more often affect amateurs because they do not prepare for games, and for this they do not have some behaviors that protect the body from injuries. Of course, the stores will find products for both amateur and professional volleyballers, so everyone will find something for themselves.


Material – which volleyball knee pads are the best?

First, you need to look at what the product we are interested in was made of. Usually they are mixtures of various plastics with natural fabrics. What matters is not the name of the material, because it usually doesn’t tell us much about its properties. First of all, it should be airy, so that the skin under the protector does not sweat. Otherwise, there will be burns that prevent us from applying the protector. Another issue is flexibility – the rigid product will simply be uncomfortable, limit our movements and rub the skin. It is also worth making sure that the accessory has safety certificates that will guarantee that the material used for production is completely safe for our skin.

It is worth making sure that the elements of the knee pads are connected so that the seams do not break. Unfortunately, the stores will find many such products that after a few uses begin to spoil.



There is nothing worse than knee pads, the application of which causes us a problem. The stretchable material greatly facilitates the insertion of such protection. Rather, buying models that have straps or other fastening systems is discouraged because they do not stick to the body as well as those stretched.



In stores you will find products targeted at children, women and men. Manufacturers also offer a wide size for each of these groups. It is worth making sure what circumference we have in the knee and in places that will be covered by the protector. This allows you to better choose the right model.



Although we will find bright models in stores, most people think that the best volleyball knee pads are those with dark colors. Why? Simply darker materials are less troublesome when it comes to care. Some consumers also emphasize that black or navy blue models look more professional.





Inside the knee pads there is a sponge padding to protect the knee from injury. It cannot be too thick, because it will restrict our movements. Too thin, too, turns out to be defective, because it does not protect our knee at all.



It is worth choosing a product whose care will not cause us a big problem. It’s good if the knee pad is machine washable. This allows you to maintain maximum hygiene and safety. If the accessory cannot be washed in the washing machine, at least it should give us the possibility of manual cleaning.


Volleyball knee pads at good prices

The price of knee pads depends on several factors. First of all, the popularity of the brand. If it is often chosen by volleyballers, purchase costs increase significantly. Especially when the producer is a sponsor of some team or volleyball team. Another issue is performance – a low price is often associated with poorer quality, although a product costing around 25 PLN and not having any known logo may also be very good. It is believed that you can buy a good model for around 20-30 PLN. In the stores you will also find knee pads for PLN 200-300.


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